Monday, 29 September 2014

They did it!

Thought I would let you all know walkingthebeat finished their 387 miles journey across Ireland yesterday afternoon. Sore feet and aching muscles were forgotten as they reached the end knowing they had smashed their target for this year.

Over the 4 coast to coast walks of the UK they have now raised in excess of £15,000 for Greyhound Gaps kennel fund!

We are all very proud of the boys LOL.

Thank you to everyone who supported them and donated.

Off for a long weekend on Friday with Dawn to our usual haunt to have a crafting weekend.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Where to start?

Can it really be so long since I blogged! It's been a difficult few months as I have had a foot infection since the end of May and despite months of antibiotics both oral and IV the foot is still infected. I haven't been allowed to have my arthritis injection since the end of May which has meant life has become rather difficult.

Gangley bless her is still with us and enjoying life, I take her out on a mobility scooter I now have and then she has a wander and back onto my lap for the ride home. Just as a princess should be treated.

The other guys are all well and even the brat pack have calmed down to the point Eric can  now walk the 7 hounds in one go rather than two outings.

We've just returned from our first holiday together for 15 years. We spent a lovely week in Sea Palling Norfolk with the front garden right on the hickling broads. All 8 dogs came with us and had a blast.

Eric has been lucky enough to have a loan horse called Brambles and is making good progress with his quest to ride and jump but it takes quite a lot of time each day to visit the stables and do the day to day stuff before the fun stuff LOL hence the need to walk all 7 dogs together. 

My son is currently in the process of walking across The republic of Ireland. It's the final chapter of the 4 planned coast to coast walks of Great Britan walkingthebeat.

THis walk is the longest and hardest 387 miles over 18 days, I can't really contemplate walking 387 miles.

If anyone would like to make a donation that would be much appreciated you can use this  LINK or like their facebook page walkingthebeat all one word. If you don't do FB you can still follow their progress by visiting our webpage and clicking on the blog tag.



Monday, 9 June 2014

I could cry!

I was tidying my PC up as you do and have gone and deleted all the blogs I visit! Shall have to try and find them bums

Lovely day at Bramford crop on Saturday, Janina always makes sure we have a good timer.

Finally finished that's been hanging about for ages for Ben's album.

Weather has turned warm and muggy so dogs quiet during the day then explode into life in the evening LOL.

Sue x

Saturday, 24 May 2014

I'm back!

and what a great time we had! Weather was great except for torrential rain Wednesday evening which didn't effect us LOL. We scrapped loads and even went for a walk each day. Ate very healthy and Dawn is Mother of the bride next month and wants to lose a few lbs lots of salad and fruit yummy! more so as Eric kindly prepared it all for us to take away.

Eric told me Gangley wouldn't eat and lord knows he tried everything then on Thursday Belle became poorly so we put it down to a bug. Had just arrived home Friday feeling totally relaxed and rested when Belle started losing lots of blood from bottom, rushed to vets and she has colic which is apparently common but we've never come across it before. Vet said she probably ate something bad and she had been off lead up the meadow on Wednesday eve. Couple of jabs and she should be back to normal soon. Gangley ate a little last night but I had to hand feed her and she's very frail. Hoping now I'm home she'll perk up. Poor Eric got hardly any of his jobs done as Gangley was "demanding" his words not mine LOL. I have told him she's like that with me but don't think he had realised how bad it is.

Anyway got 9 layouts scrapped one of which had 3 pages! we always take kits from crop as it means we don't hae to take so much stash with us but also we try and put our own stamp on them.

These are kits designed by Janina for Bramford crop

 My Mum as a very young little girl

 Vikki squealed when Eric gave her this bike as an early birthday present LOL

Mum LOL have wanted to scrap this for ages

And these are from Vanessa at Papermaze
except this one which was by lou collins and has 2 pages behind front page

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Off to Norfolk

Tomorrow Dawn and I are off to Norfolk to the same caravan to scrap and chat! We've been going for  9 years now. This time we're going Monday to Friday instead of a long weekend which means an extra day yay! Eric is taking the week off so need to worry about the hounds and hopefully he'll have time to catch up on some of his jobs LOL.

My car finally came home yesterday, two weeks at the garage being repaired after being reversed into by someone not looking where they were going. We had a courtesy car but it was brand new and so posh it worried us both LOL.

A couple of layouts, first ben with his rocket he made, using a kit designed by Janina with a few Suzy's touches LOL.

Then me and Eric on his latest bike, which I might add is very comfortable for passengers. Terrible photo's of layouts I know but for once to much light and I struggled to click the button.

Hounds are all well, some are enjoying the mini heatwave and others aren't, even got the fans out this morning for them.

Sue xxxx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May already?

How did that happen the weeks are just flying by! less than 2 weeks to go before Dawn and I head off for are usual little holiday in Norfolk. This year we're going Monday to Friday which gives us an extra day to craft LOL.

Had a lovely day at Bramford crop on Saturday, extended hours to celebrate National scrapbooking day for those with stamina. Jannina always makes sure we have a great time and everyone wins a prize.

Two layouts, both digi backgrounds and then convention paper.

Bought Eric new jodhpurs for his birthday and he got lots of money for extra lessons. Doing work for Maria in exchange for bum in saddle time is working out well he gets to ride several times a week in addition to the lessons at klub equest, lucky or what! And for those who think he's left it rather late in life to start there's a lady who stables her horse at Maria's who has just started at the age of 70! LOL.

Finally found out what was wrong with Gangley she had a open ulcer type thing at the top inside leg which was why she couldn't walk, antibiotics and cream and it's almost healed and she's back to being reasonably mobile although her appetite is becoming a problem  trying all sorts to tempt her. Of course cake is acceptable.

Other hounds are all well and have been enjoying the better weather.

I had a little meltdown yesterday went to do some work on our walkingthebeat website and it had disappeared, felt sick as I had been doing a lot of work on it but it's back now thank goodness.

sue x

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Weekend!

and what a hectic one it has been. Daughter's long weekend to work and her hubby away on a stag do so we had Ben for a long weekend. Son kindly took pity on us Sunday and took Ben out to Castle Headingham.

Lots of cuddles with dogs

and Elmo slept on Ben's bed making Ben a very happy boy!

Lots of crafting as well.

Of course we had to make a castle today LOL.

I also went to crop, love this photo of Ben.

Also visited my Uncle John who is helping me with family history for my heritage album and we went out for a meal with some friends. One is well and truly shattered.

Dogs are also totally shattered.

Today Gangley has taken a real dip, her left back leg won't work at all and she either falls or just stands but can't walk. Eric is going to try hitting her hard with reiki tonight and we've been giving her some extra homoeopathy stuff, paws crossed, it's awful to see but true to form Gangley is bothered.

Shall be having a very early night.