Thursday, 20 January 2011


Oops can it really be a whole month since I  blogged LOl well I do have the Mother of all excuses.

On Christmas Eve I got carted off to hospital by ambulance (always the drama queen) and not only had emergency sugery on the blasted hand/wrist on Christmas Day and knee aspirated but I was really sick with a major RA flare up caused by that darn chest infection and then getting the flu! so I spent the entire Christmas in hospital. We eventually celebrated our Christmas Day in the New Year with all the family coming around, lots of food and present opening and finally had a good time.

Unfortunately I need another 2 ops on hand/wrist as it's a real mess now, so 10th February I'm going back into have it fussed followed by 8 weeks of being in plaster and then when recovered from that a further op to repair the tendons I have ruptured, hand/wrist is totally useless and spends 24hours in a splint to try and stop further damage but it doesn't cause much pain, unlike the blasted knee that has caused me far more problem's, totally housebound but yesterday I had a steroid injection and am keeping everything crossed it works otherwise we're talking more surgery and quite frankly my diary is a tad full of hospital visits LOL.

So no crafting done at all but I fully intend to start playing with digi stuff soon.

Thank you to everyone who sent me such lovely cards and messages, when you're down and out it means alot!!!!!

Sue xx 

PS Hounds are all okay xxx