Friday, 29 October 2010

digi scrapping

My hand is slowly improving and I even managed to do the hoovering today LOL, I know it's a tad odd to get excited over chores but these little milestones are proof that progress is being made.

Still no real crafting but have been playing with digi again and done a few more layouts


Lucky is off to the vets tonight, she's not been herself all week and last night leaked urine whilst asleep, she's also been drinking more so as she's due her yearly jab thought we would get her checked out. Persuaded Eric to collect a wee sample this morning as it may just be a water infection. Little Rulu became leaky as she grew older but was so small it was easy to manage, well when a great being greyhound leaks you sure know it....fingers crossed it's not serious.

Hoping to go out tomorrow woohoo, just for a wander around town with Dawn. Dawn has been here scrapping today, I watched and attempted to make a card, hurt too much so just chatted LOL.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

SCD challenge

Over at SCD this week's theme is still anything goes with the colour yellow and green!

Green is my least favourite colour and yellow and green is just a no no no, anyone living in and around Ipswich will understand why, for those who don't Ipswich Town FC arch rival is Norwich and Norwich plays in yellow and green.

Maybe it's a coincidence but at the thought of yellow and green my mojo just up and left LOl...

Still can't craft for real, so eventually and I mean eventually managed to produce this, whatever this might be LOL...

Sometimes it's just the taking part that counts and not producing a work of art LOL...

Hasn't helped that my hand hurts like merry hell, guess the healing and bruising and maybe a little over using and all combined together....

Friday, 22 October 2010

Hand update

The cast is off and the drain out, which I might say was over 4 inches long (not that I saw it eyes we shut! ), I now have a light dressing covering the stitches. Most are healing nicely but apparently the ones in the palm of the hand are a bit open (not that I looked). Hand is black, yellow, blue and purple (not that I looked LOL). Back next week to check stitches etc and then will see the surgeon in 6 weeks. I've been told to do exercises but not over use it. FAT CHANCE I want my hand back LOL.

Had a another digi session and did this, not sure if I'm happy with it yet, so may get some tweaking.

Over at SCD this week the colour theme chosen by Ang is yellow and green, OMG all I can think of is Norwich city FC, going to be a toughie I think LOL.

Hounds are all well and happy.!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Well knowing i wouldn't be able to craft for real for a few weeks, I bought myself a little digi programme called ScrapBook Artist 2. Of course I should really have made the effort to learn digi in the big graphic programmes but this programme is just the bees knees and for me it's an easier option, although quite advanced stuff can be achieved on it. Not by me just yet I hasten to add LOL.

Anyway it's the perfect answer when you have lots of little mini books to do and of course you could still add to the layouts once printed out.

So I've just had a play and done this

and then had a brainstorm and realised with a few small changes I could do this, which is for a separate album so being similar doesn't matter.

Off to hospital tomorrow, hoping they'll remove the cast and drain and I'll come home with a smaller dressing.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

SCD weekly challenge

In between visitors I have had a little play and come up with this for the SCD challenge.Digi for obvious reasons LOL. This week the challenge is still to make whatever you choose, with the colour combo of orange and black being chosen by Dawn......which I loved straight away just for a change.

Might have a go at a digi mini book this week as housework won't be on MY list LOL...   Long way to go down the digi road but I'm enjoying it and at least I can still play, one handed or otherwise.

I'm back

thank you for all the emails wishing me good luck!!!!

The op was a nightmare, nerve blocker was evil and I got a migraine only my 3rd ever so despite not having a GA chucked up anyway. Pain has been unbearable but better today.

The good news is they got the gunk out and found 3 pieces of silicone which had leaked out when the replacement wrist broke and hopefully that was what caused the problem, fingers crossed otherwise I'm back in to get the wrist fussed.

Back Thursday to have drain removed.

Mr T said I mut be feeling better today as I've started moaning LOl felt to ill the last two days to even talk.

Onwards and upwards.

Hounds have been fantastic !!!!!!!! and are determined to squash me because obviously that aids recovery LOL.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

SCD weekly challenge

So over at SCD its a free challenge - so you can make anything you like, inchies, twinchies, atc's, arches, cards anything goes...and Carol has chosen this week's colours PURPLE and GREEN!

I've gone with a thrinchie again (3 in x 3in) may still be a plan forming LOL. Background has been done with DI's and them some stamping using TH and Paperarsty stamps and a little highlighting to finish all very simple again.

Well that was a nice interlude now back to the Christmas cards LOL...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Christmas presents

So what with the op next week and not being able to craft for a few weeks there after I thought I had better crack on and have just made these for a friend, some have photo's of her daughters and hounds and some just buttons. They look quite pretty IRL.

Think I had better get on with some Christmas cards and have a few more card orders that I had better do PDQ LOL...
Thank you all for the messages. Dentist wasn't as bad as I had imagined, managed to get myself in a right tizz over it LOL. Feeling a tad sore with wrist and mouth but otherwise I'm okay LOL.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hospital update

First up I want to say thank you for all the good luck messages,

Well it's not everyday you get the Top  Rheumatologist and hand surgeon all to yourself LOL, both top guys I can tell you.

So the upshot it the wrist/hand is filled with a cyst of gungy fluid which is pressing on the nerves! They tried to remove it with needles but the yucky stuff was so thick only a small amount came out.

SO  Friday I'm going back for a pre admission slot and next Thursday I'll have an operation. The plan is to cut in 3 places and try to remove as much of it as they can without damaging the nerves. After the replacement wrist broke and silicon leaked out there  was always the chance that this might happen.

So Dentist tomorrow, tooth broke and fell out leaving the roots in, oh deep joy so looking forward to tomorrow NOT !!!! then back to hospital Friday and again Thursday BUT at least the op will be just day surgery.

Such a fun week and I'll miss Papermaze crop bummer !!!!! hopefully after two weeks I should be able to to start using it...................

Sunday, 3 October 2010

SCD Challenge

So a new month brings a new challenge over at SCD and for October it's ..........................................
Atc or a card or may be a scrapbook layout using the colours the Design Team have chosen and for this week Gez has chosen........  shades of Autumn (oranges, browns, golds).

My "thingy" is 3 inches by 3 inches (may have a plan developing), I've used DI's spiced marmalade, mustard seed, crushed olive, walnut stain and fired brick, some for the background and others mixed to get the colours on the leaves. Then stamped the background script and the tree and then some leaves, finished off with some little cosmo crickets letters.

Took me a while to get an idea but rather pleased with the simplicity of this.Really do enjoy spending Sunday afternoon's doing this challenge.

Today is our wedding anniversary so we're having a Chinese and watching the motorbike racing , who said romance is dead LOL, Mr T did make me a rather lovely card!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Fridays scrapping

A quick simple layout today

Wasn't feeling great and hands were giving me hell due to making 2 decoupage cards yesterday for a last minute order! wish I could say no but the orders fund my cards I make to raise money for greyhound charities.

Sadly one of our girlie's passed away in the night, when we rescued them they were classed as past their best for egg laying (battery hens) and they've been with us for 18 months or so. It's good to know she had a lovely 18 months as a proper hen but still feel quite sad about it.

Bramford crop tomorrow!