Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hospital update

First up I want to say thank you for all the good luck messages,

Well it's not everyday you get the Top  Rheumatologist and hand surgeon all to yourself LOL, both top guys I can tell you.

So the upshot it the wrist/hand is filled with a cyst of gungy fluid which is pressing on the nerves! They tried to remove it with needles but the yucky stuff was so thick only a small amount came out.

SO  Friday I'm going back for a pre admission slot and next Thursday I'll have an operation. The plan is to cut in 3 places and try to remove as much of it as they can without damaging the nerves. After the replacement wrist broke and silicon leaked out there  was always the chance that this might happen.

So Dentist tomorrow, tooth broke and fell out leaving the roots in, oh deep joy so looking forward to tomorrow NOT !!!! then back to hospital Friday and again Thursday BUT at least the op will be just day surgery.

Such a fun week and I'll miss Papermaze crop bummer !!!!! hopefully after two weeks I should be able to to start using it...................


Jane said...

Oh Sue, you do have a rough time, hope it all goes well for you, take care xx

Dawn said...

Awh you have had a rough time I am avaoiding the Dentist same problem as you. I also have an op in two weeks so I can empathize how you must be feeling. Still worse thngs happen at sea and you will be fine I am sure

Love Dawn xx

Janet said...

hope all goes well sue,will miss you at p/m crop,see you at bramford
i'll be thinking of you take care Janet x

karen said...

i do hope things go well with the planned sugery. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you. You must be feeling a little p***ed off at the moment but keep positive, hope to see when things are better.

sending my love karen

Carol said...

oh Sue...really hope that things improve for you soon you must be due some good luckxx

Hope the visit to the dentists wasn't too bad - but, just think, its all over now....xx

Sandra's Spot said...

Hugs to you honey, hope you won't be out of commission for to long. XX