Tuesday, 25 October 2011

One week on

So already a week has gone by since our darling Ruby past away. So many kind messages, cards and flowers have been received and a special poem in memory of Ruby from Harvey our Grandson.

Slowly life begins to settle down and the pack are beginning to go back to normal.

I started this layout at papermaze crop but couldn't concentrate as I was worrying about Ruby and obviously brewing the bronchitis. Decide to finish it yesterday and pack away my crafting things. Layout was designed by Lesley using Echo Park pp's Victorian garden.

Been meaning to scrap this photo of Ben for months, another super class kit from Papermaze using papers from Jillibean soup. Ben played the part of the Inn Keeper in his first school Nativity play and after much coaching at home was word perfect for the performance!

Such sad news about the fire at papermaze, my heart goes out to Vanessa and her family and I hope they can get started again soon. All those lovely layouts that decorated the walls all gone, totally devastating! thank goodness no one was hurt!

Well so much for thinking I was well ahead of the game and organised, my list of things I need to do before losing the use of my hand again seems endless.

Dr says my chest is much better, so paws crossed for Friday. I shall be really fed up if it's cancelled and can only hope for the best.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Two years ago today

Thank you all so much for your kind comments about Ruby, it means a great deal to us knowing people understand and care! A friend sent me this picture which I love of hounds having fun at the Rainbow bridge. Thank you Sue and Song xx

Two years ago today Jim had his leg amputated because he had osteosarcoma. It had been diagnosed in June but we felt because of his size and age amputation wasn’t an option and went for palliative care! however as we also had Sandy diagnosed with the same dreaded condition and because she so desperately wanted to fight and live we went for amputation for her and then decided we had to  give Jim the same chance. Our vet was very reluctant because of his size to do the operation but eventually agreed.

Sadly Sandy only lived another 8 weeks but Jim dumbfounded the vets upon reaching 3 months, then 6 months and here we are 2 years later.

Jim is massive even by greyhound standards and the biggest softie you could wish for. He has been the backbone of our pack for many years and welcomes each new hound with his gentle ways.

Jim is coming up to 12 soon and is beginning to slow down, but is still a loving cheeky hug monster who we adore.

And today for the first time in many weeks he asked to go out with the gang for a proper walk, not a ride in the car followed by a little wander but a proper walk! just the cheer us up factor we needed today. Jim is still bothered by his neck/shoulder problem but seems happier and more comfortable today. Long may you reign as head of our pack big fella.

So the old boy still enjoys a run 

and is as handsome as ever.
Here is the original post of Jim's operation.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sleep tight wooby two shoes.

At 3.40am our beautiful Ruby left us to go to the bridge. No words can express our sadness but we will cherish the last 8 months spent with the most gentle darling Ruby.

This is Ruby's story

On February 10th 2011 I received a call from Liz at Greyhound Gap, asking if we could take an emergency foster girl in and so two days later Ruby arrived.

We were surprised to be told Ruby was just 7 ½ years old as her overall health portrayed a much older dog. Her initial puffing and panting we put down to the stress of being taken away from her family. Then we discovered the terrible condition of her nails, a condition called Onychodystrophy. It was agreed with Greyhound Gap that Ruby would stay on with us whilst we tried to sort out her nails and overall lack of condition, but just as her nails improved she quite suddenly began to lose weight and condition. Our worst fears were confirmed on July 21st when the results of her x-rays were shown to us. Poor Ruby’s lungs were full of tumours, which explained the puffing, and panting and constant chest infections.

From that day on we knew each extra day spent with Ruby would be a precious bonus, Eric did lots of research and started her on herbal and homeopathic supplements to try and boost her immune system and spent hours researching on the internet trying to find ways of improving Ruby’s health.

Ruby was just the sweetest little lady, always gentle and kind never barked or misbehaved and totally adored the grandchildren. Her previous family had children and she obviously missed them because whenever Ben or Harvey came to visit she would be so excited and happy and just loved to sit with them.

Although Ruby was obviously a poorly girl it never stopped her enjoying life and right up to the end she was still keen to go for walks and stop and smell the air or even chasing a squirrel. Towards the end Eric would take Ruby in the car so her energy wasn’t spent getting to the meadow or the green then she and Jim would hop out and have their walk. Jim was her special friend and they would spend hours laying together.

We discovered Ruby loved fish and chips, so each Friday thereafter we would have fish and chips and so would Ruby or “wooby two shoes” as she became known as. On the last Friday before Ruby passed away she actually tried to pinch my fish off the plate, we laughed so much to see Ruby actually being a tiny bit naughty.

Ruby was her Daddy’s girl a bond that was very strong between the two of them and it was always Eric she turned to when she was poorly. Eric would let her just lay in the back of the car when she couldn’t get comfortable indoors, I worried she’d get loose but Eric knew she wouldn’t move. Ruby completely trusted Eric and in her last hours it was with him that she sought comfort.

Ruby was the most beautiful tiger brindle girl we have ever met, as beautiful on the inside as the out and “our wooby two shoes” will be so sadly missed.

Sleep tight little Angel, you will never be forgotten and we feel so privileged to have spent the last 8 months with you.

18th October 2011

Friday, 14 October 2011


Well I am finally home!

Had x rays, surgeon still isn't convinced wrist has fussed he suspects it's the pins holding it. Plan is to take both pins out to be able to do knuckle replacement, then put one pin back in (there isn't room for two and that's why they are pushing out).

Will have to stay in overnight and should all being well come home lunchtime then next day. I'm the only operation he's doing that afternoon as it will probably take 3 plus hours.  He's keen to do it under limb regional  block but I want a GA, so I'll probably have both as the regional block gives 12 hours of pain relief. 3 plus hours awake in theatre wouldn't be nice.

Will have a plaster on for a few weeks then a special made splint that holds fingers in sort of suspended, recovery approx 12 weeks.  Also had swabs and ecg but gave up on the blood tests as they were queuing out the door so shall have to ask Dr to do it Monday!

Made another digi LO using a kit called Be Happy from gotta pixel, based it on a Papermaze class kit which I did here. Not easy making a windmill digitally LOL. Not sure whether to print it as it is or to turn it into a hybrid.

Ruby bright and perky during the day but unsettled at night! still won't lay down indoors unassistanted but will in the car, figure that one out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Papermaze crop tomorrow my last for a while!

PS I've just spotted the spelling mistake whew the beauty of digi! and drum roll Ruby jumped onto the sofa and laid down all by herself, xxxxxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Bobbi and Gerti. Our very old ex battery hen has surprised us by still being  here and so we decided to get her some company but before we got the chance (wanted to get more ex battery hens) we were given these two as a present LOL

This Bobbi she is quite timid and shy.

Gertie who is loud and full of herself.

and old Henerietta who is enjoying being Mummy Hen to the new arrivals. LOL

Decided to do a very quick layout of Ruby as I fear her time with us grows short!

Used a kit la di da Biggle from scrap girls.

Ruby's breathing is still fairly good but her paws remain swollen and she still won't lay down in the house unless Eric lays her down, however she will lay herself down in the back of the car. We have no idea why but she happily spends hours laying out in the car.

Looking forward to Papermaze crop on Saturday, will be my last time scrapping at crops for a while. Off to see surgeon on Friday and then an appt for pre admission checks. All getting a bit to real and close for comfort now.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ruby seems a bit better each day and so far Jim is okay on the reduced dosage of anti inflams!

Eric and friends decied to go out for a bike ride today and whilst he was out I did a quick digi layout of the bike he is riding at the moment! his favourite the Kawaskai GPZ900R is off road awaiting some TLC LOL.

We have two new additions to our family, 2 new hens, 1 white and 1 brown, must remember to take some photo's. We weren't sure whether Henrietta would appreciate some company or not!  but after initially plumping herself up to look very big she decided to take the new young hens under wing so to speak LOL.... phew! we weren't sure if Hen pecked was an old wife's tale or true LOL.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Poorly Ruby

Last Wednesday Ruby began to go downhill and to cut a long story short we decided it was time to let her go! had to wait several hours for vet to come out and when he did she rushed out to meet him wagging her tail. Poor chap was like sorry which dog is ill !!!! examination showed no fluid in lungs or infection, heart sound so off he went leaving 2 embarrassed owners in his wake. However she continued to go down over the weekend and so Monday we took her to the vets, they kindly examined her outside as she is so terrified of going in and discovered she had a temp of 107 and rising, heart still sound and no infection in lungs. She obviously has an infection of unknown origins and we explained her paws kept swelling up because she simply won't lay down and stands for 12 plus hours despite obviously having very sore paws. She's now on ab's and painkillers and has improved but still isn't keen to lay down! all very odd and stressful and ironically her breathing is the best it's been in weeks! Yesterday she did go for a ride and even got out of the car for a short walk so progress!

Jim is much better but still not taking the full weight through the front leg so another week of anti inflams and review next week.

Me I'm just plain old worn out LOL

I had wanted to scrap a layout about Eric being rushed into hospital earlier in the year but didn't know how to go about it, then Janina from Bramford crop made a remark which sparked off this idea (thanks Janina) after I had told her the consultant upon discharging him had said you have the profile of an athlete and so finally came up with this digi LO.  I wanted to record how terribly ill Eric was but in a more light hearted way, although it's not perfect I am fairly happy with it.

Monday, 3 October 2011

 Beautifully designed kit by Vanessa of Papermaze using papers from Authentique Blissful, bit of a challenge for the rubbish hands so made a few changes. Photo's of Vikki, Mathew and Ben at my Cousins son's wedding.
Another kit from papermaze this time by Lou Collins, didn't have the right punch so had to improvise and shan't be doing that much punching again as actually bruised by hands, photo of Mathew and Ben on holiday last month.

Had a nice day at Bramford crop but spent most of the time worrying about Ruby who isn't to good. Jim is more comfortable pain wise but suffering from the high temperatures we are having. It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow, paws crossed!