Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Life one week on!

So in the last week my brain has been mush!, I've cried a lot! eaten a lot! slept a lot! cooked a lot and eaten more. I'm ashamed I haven't been to all the lovely people who left such kind messages about Lucky but as I said brain AWOL. But I do thank you all xxxx

After Alfie's collision with Gangley she had to go back to the vets as her face just didn't look right even after the swelling had gone down. Seems she has suffered a trauma to the nasal passage and tear duct, not as serious as we feared just some eye drops and paws crossed.

I've been to hospital and had my pre admission tests done ready for the 22nd. Have to stop all meds on Tuesday and don't get to start them until two after op. So looking forward to all of that Not!

Alfie has been very quiet indoors but outside has become very dominant when the boys are playing, as he is now senior by the length of time here, maybe he feels he has to be top dog, Jim used to tell him off when he got to dominant before but neither Mojo or poopie can do that. Mojo was very unsettled but seems to be more less okay as does Gangley. Poopie well what can I say, he was super for a few days, very quiet sensing we our sadness etc but the last few days he back to his normal mad self. If anything is missing I can guarantee you will find it under the willow tree where he is gathering his stolen bounty LOL. He has also decided having thought about it for a few weeks that yes he will go into the fish pond as and when he wants to despite my pleas of NO, DON'T YOU DARE etc etc... poor little mite has hurt himself today, he was out playing on his own (so glad Alfie wasn't out otherwise he may have got the blame) I guess he's taken a corner to tight and has a nasty gash in his side. I cleaned it up but when Eric saw he said he needs to go the vets. Great so embarrassing when you break a foster dog! He has also learnt, SIT, DOWN and PAW but not get your **** out of the fish pond! He has also had two visits away from the pack, one with our son whilst I went to hospital and 1 with my parents whilst we went to the dentist, he cries  little when we go apparently but soon settles down. I think it does him good to be away and then come back but poor Mojo is now the one who gets all his kisses when he returns. It did used to be Lucky, Mojo's face is a picture and in his best Eeyore look he says "Oh no you brought him back home" LOL. We had worried how little man would settle at night as he always snuggled up to Lucky and tried to persuade him to sleep in our room with all the other dogs but it seems he still prefers to sleep in the lounge.

I've been doing a little crafting, two layouts of Lucky, here in a digital form but they will become hybrid layouts when I scrap Friday and go to crop Saturday. All that really means is some of it is printed direct and other bits printed separately then layered up

Oh well that was a long waffle! I did say brain was MUSH to be fair LOL

Sue x

So I was just about to hit publish post when Eric and poopie come back from vets, Yes his wound needs a few stitches ans they would have done it there and then except Eric mentioned one side of his face has always looked different to the other ever since he arrived, we assumed a wonky tooth but oh no he has a suspicious growth that has been there so long it has become calcified and needs to removed immediately and sent off for biopsy. I am shaking like a leaf and cannot believe this is happening.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lucky's story

Thank you all for your kind words, it really does help knowing people understand the terrible saddness we feel at losing Lucky. This is Lucky's story.

26/9/2001 – 22/2/2012

In July 2005 Lucky came to us with Dick and Tammy, an emergency had arisen at the kennels we helped out at. Eric spent the night making a large kennel in the garage and an outside run for them.

We already had Sandy and Jim our own greyhounds plus little Rocky and Rulu. In addition we had just that week got Mac our  (then but of course he also stayed) foster dog from Greyhound Gap! Eric was immediately smitten with Lucky. For a greyhound bitch she was huge and covered in scars and cigarette burns plus she had been labelled  “not small dog friendly” as she had allegedly attacked a JRT in her previous home.  To our knowledge she already had 3 homes that year and each time been returned, once because she didn’t like being left alone, the second time for eating a sofa and lastly for attacking the Jack Russell. In her defence she had gone to that home weighing a healthy 35kg but a month later was returned weighing 26kg. Straight away it became obvious that she was not a typical greyhound.  Usually they love to spend their days lazing around NOT Lucky she had so much energy, and was oh so smart.  At the end of their stay when she was due to go back to the kennels Eric asked me if we might also foster her and try and deal with some of her problems so she would be easier to rehome.

And so Lucky came into the house, muzzled and on a house lead which meant she was at all times attached to one of us just in case. Did she ever return to the kennels NO ……

Lucky quickly settled down in the house and never showed any signs of being small dog unfriendly, in fact she decided little Rulu was her Mum and as Rulu was my lap dog it followed Lucky must also be a lap dog, albeit a rather large one! Every day at 12.30pm I would take her outside and throw her ball and off she’d go, running circuit after circuit of the garden until she was exhausted. Whatever demons were in her past she was never able to play or run with the pack and always just watched from the sidelines. It saddened me so much that we never overcame this for her, but in her own way she was happy to have her one to one time.

When little Rulu passed away so suddenly, Lucky was inconsolable to the point where for 18 months she never came and sat with me or played our lunchtime game.  Gradually Lucky came back to us and went back to being such a happy cheeky little girl, if Vikki came to visit she would be so pleased she would nip Vik’s bottom and when Eric would start getting the hounds ready for a walk she would jump backwards the full length of the kitchen and then take up her position. This routine never changed. 

Lucky had a magically way of making everyone who met her feel special! She would gently lean into them and so many people had a huge soft spot for Lucky ducks.

At the beginning of December 2010 Lucky became lame and we immediately took her to the vets, neither the vets nor us could quite believe that like Dill, Mac, Sandy, Jim and Ranger she too had bone cancer BUT it was in the very early stages or so we thought! However Luckys cancer was different and was so aggressive that we had to decide to amputate her leg on the 23rd December. We also had decided to follow up with chemo, which started 3 weeks later. All seemed to be going so well with Lucky getting stronger each day and then out of nowhere she became very poorly in the early hours of Monday 20 Feb.  Eric had to rush Lucky into the vets as she was struggling to breathe. Tom her lovely vet was able to X ray Lucky without sedation and discovered the cancer had spread to her lungs. We struggled on for a few more days hoping the anti biotics would help but they didn’t and Lucky’s quality of life was so poor we felt we had to let her go.

Losing Lucky is the end of an era, our last greyhound, all links with the original pack gone, words can never really come close to expressing the heartbreaking loss we feel at the passing of each hound. We can only be grateful for the happy times, the wonderful memories they leave us with and hope they are all reunited in a pain free place waiting for the day we are all reunited.

Lucky ducks the little lady who just wanted to love and be loved.

And boy did we love you sweetheart xxxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Thank you all for your kind words, sadly Lucky has not improved and is now very weak so we have made the heartbreaking decision to let her go later today xx

Monday, 20 February 2012


Lucky became quite unwell yesterday and at 4am this morning Eric had to rush her to the vets.

They have x rayed her chest and found it to be full of tumours, which weren't there in December.

So despite the chemo the cancer has spread and is very aggressive.

Lucky is back home but the vet doesn't think she will have much time left, maybe a week.

We had hoped and prayed the chemo would buy her good quality time as the stats seemed to indicate, having lost 5 other greyhounds to Osteosarcoma even we are shell shocked at the speed of this.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

What a day!

So Saturday I went off to crop and had a really lovely time, unaware of what was happening back home because where I go there is no mobile reception.

Eric had taken all the dogs out for a walk and Alfie running full pelt smashed into little Gangley (she was on his blind side). Poor little thing was thrown through the air and crashed down very heavily. Eric rushed over to her as she was screaming, blood pouring out of nose, mouth and ears. Rushed to vets and they said they didn't think anything was broken but she could be concussed! This morning she is still leaking watery blood from her nose and we found a piece of bone embedded into Alfie's knee. She's had anti inflammatory jabs and anti biotic jabs, just hope she doesn't need to go back to vets, she has a really nasty graze on her face as well.

Lucky having had a couple of good days is looking quite poorly today with her joints hot and inflamed again. Chemo is booked for Friday so need to try and stabilise her.

Little Ben came to stay last night, he helped his Grandad do the tea and walk the dogs. He went to bed at 8.45 and didn't hear a peep out of him until we woke up. Now he's older and doesn't need help dressing etc it was fun having him here rather than tiring.

So I did two layouts at crop and really enjoyed not being on poopie watch LOL.

First up is of the boys helping me unwrap my birthday presents, not really happy with this one and not sure why! Second is of Ben with his other Grandparents having fun in the snow we had. This is a hybrid LO, which means a lot of it is digi with the flowers printed out and decoupaged onto it. This one I like LOL.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

D'oh !!!!

So yesterday at hand clinic, having previously tried scrapping out stitches that won't dissolve she tried popping them out. Remember being a teenager and squeezing spots well that about sums it up, jeez did it hurt but a few popped LOL. Then she says we'll try silicone gel on the scars to try and get them out, so I'm thinking okay I have a new tube of silicone gel at home, of course she then rolls around the floor laughing at me because her idea of silicone gel is a sheet of medical stuff. Once a crafter always a crafter D'OH !!!!!! but at least she said I could go on the SOS list which means I don't have to go back until after op on 22 March unless I feel I need too.

Cane coped really well with our son but boy was he pleased to get back home and ran around licking all the dogs. Not sure they were quite so pleased to see him return LOL.

Had a lovely day today with daughter and Ben (Grandson), Ben very kindly played with the wee man and tired him out for me. Ben says if I can sort out all poopie's problems he could then go and live with him, cheeky devil. Actually had the postie ask how much I wanted for him today, I said it doesn't work that way you have to be home checked and assessed, he was very very keen, two offers in one morning. Good job he was being a good boy today LOL.

Alfie has been a bit off last day or so but did manage a smile for me.

Gangley is still in deepest hibernation LOL despite the snow all melting

And how gorgeous are these.

Lucky has been out for several walks and is eating well so paws crossed she's turned the corner.

Our friends who were coming tomorrow for a long weekend have had to postpone due to illness, may be a blessing as I'm feeling really tired coping with Lucky and the poopie! We were really looking forward to seeing them but maybe in a few weeks time it won't be quite so hectic here and the visit will be more enjoyable.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Birthday Harvey

Well I'm pleased to say Cane didn't disgrace himself Saturday night!

Alfie on the other hand was very naughty Saturday, Eric was going to take them out on an extra long walk in the hope they would be tired and not be a nuisance with our friends coming over BUT he spotted a hare on the horizon (pretty good actually with just 1 eye) and took off after it. Normally Alfie has excellent recall and is only on the lead to cross roads because with just the 3 legs it's easier to have him off lead. Eric called and clapped but Alfie wasn't having any of it and when he finally came back minus his best coat he had shredded his pads. Upshot of that is Cane hasn't had anyone to chase him around the garden as Alfie is so sore and Cain is being a complete PAIN!

Today our Grandson Harvey is 6, Harvey decided it would be good to get Cane help him unwrap his present, I'm thinking this probably wasn't a smart move in hindsight LOL.

As Cain has been such a pain I decided to make him a kong up in the hope it would occupy him for a bit BUT Lucky decided to pull rank and took it off him LOL.

He did eventually get it back.

Lucky is coping on the reduced steroids and is finally eating better.

I have to go to hand clinic tomorrow and no way can we leave Cane at home alone well we could but lord knows what he would chew, so he's going to our son's for the afternoon. Bet that will please the others.

Friday, 10 February 2012


Best day of the week is Friday because I get to chill out and scrap with Dawn!

Cane wasn't very well in the night and spent the morning doing this

but by lunchtime he felt better and had a mad half an hour doing this

whilst I tried doing this LOL.

Lucky has been back to the vets today and Tom is really pleased to see her looking so much better. Tomorrow we will start decreasing the steroids and keep paws crossed. Before Lucky had her leg amputated she weighed 37kg and was quite stocky for a greyhound, last week she weighed 31kg and today 28kg! we have never seen her look so thin and can only hope the higher dose of steroids kick starts her appetite!

Off for a wander around the town tomorrow morning, then in the evening we have friends coming over for a meal. Hope the little man behaves himself

Thursday, 9 February 2012

An improvement

I am pleased to say at last Lucky is improving! the steroids have made her hungry which is a good thing because she has lost a fair bit of weight. Lucky is also now able to go outside unaided and get on the sofa. We shall still return to the vets on Friday as we need to start reducing the steroids gradually but it will e a balancing act as we don't want the poly arthritis to flare. Here she is finally looking chilled out.

Lucky started having problems 2 years ago after her yearly jabs, poor thing had so many different tests as she lost all the fur on her tail and paws, nothing really got to the bottom of it and best guess is the vaccinations caused her immune system to start attacking her body. The rest we have kind of got under control now but the poly arthritis continues to flare, the chemo isn't supposed to effect it but I will be happier when she is finished with it. 2 more cycles to go.

Cane is and has been a pain in the bum! he's being a very naughty little man chewing stuff ie dining room chair, flower display etc etc etc need eyes in the back of your head. Then he looks at me with those brown eyes.... what a sucker!

I've ordered him a bed, not sure why really as he's more than happy to share everyone Else's LOL.

Hopefully a nice scrapping day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lucky update

Well since Sunday Lucky continued to go downhill and we rang her vet Tuesday,d he wanted to see her straight away so back off to the vets we went! He was horrified at the swollen joints and immediately gave her a much higher dose of steroids through an injection, of course this meant between all the steroids and chemo we had wiped out her immune system so she needed antibiotics as well. We have also increased her daily steroids. Tuesday was utterly miserable for her but today she's brighter and has actually eaten a small meal the first since the weekend and managed to go unaided out into the garden. Hoping this means she's turned the corner and the poly arthritis will calm down.

Cane continues to be a loving mischievous little man, no photo's, just been too darn tired as we had 3 nights with very little sleep with Lucky. We basically took turns sitting through the night with her and syringing water into her to stop her becoming dehydrated. I drank gallons of tea in an effort to stay awake and was most certainly not dehydrated LOL.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Round up

I would say we awoke to this but actually we haven't really been to sleep!

Where to start!

Lucky had her chemo and came home, everything fine. Saturday morning after a restless night she wouldn’t eat and was really off. Eric insisted I go to crop but promised to ring me if Lucky didn’t improve. By the time I got to crop he had sent me a text with a photo of her eating her brekkie, followed by another of her chilling out on the sofa. So I thought okay whatever the blip was is done but I came home early anyway as I still felt a bit uneasy about it and again she wouldn’t eat, had a miserable evening, followed by an awful night. Lucky basically shivered and shook, or puffed and panted. Her temperature was very high so we called the vets first thing as we really didn’t know if the chemo was causing the problems or the poly arthritis, so off she went to the vets. Not easy as we had 5 inches of snow over night.

So the vet is fairly sure it's a big flare up of the poly arthritis and nothing to do with the chemo. He's given her a massive steroids injection which should calm it down and make ducks feel more comfortable!

It seems the little man rather likes the snow and he and Alfie were roaring around the garden like mad things, whilst Mojo and Gangley took one look at it and decided they didn’t need to go out in that.

Eric took these photo’s yesterday, he has been playing around with the settings on the camera in a bid to try and pick up more detail on Cane, being black doesn’t make for good photo’s.

So whilst I was at crop (Thank you Janina had a lovely day) I did 2 hybrid layouts. Some of the stuff is printed direct onto the cardstock and other bits are printed, cut and layered. The first is one of the last photos of Jim. We had called the kids to let them know that Jim would be leaving soon and they both rushed over for a final farewell. I made them both promise no tears, as I didn’t want Jim upset, so behind the brave smiles is a lot of heartbreak! Second layout is the first time I’ve finished my yearly album with a review. 2011 was such a difficult year for us I felt it needed reviewing and putting to bed! Not great photo’s but light here is awful today.

Hoping Lucky might sleep for a while now so Eric and I can catch up on a few zzz’s!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Thank goodness it's Friday!

Most Friday's Dawn comes here and we scrap, chat and chill out, we both spend the week looking forward to a relaxing day and boy did I need it today! Cane was blooming hard work yesterday. Not naughty just full of beans and didn't nap at all.

Lucky had a much better day yesterday so we decided to go ahead with the chemo and she's at the vets now. Hopefully home about 6pm.

So today Cane has been really good and spent the day in the dining room with me and Dawn, sticking his nose into everything of course but at least he was more chilled out and I even got to cut and glue all my pages for the Journal your Christmas. Just need to do a bit of trimming up and then punch the holes and it will be done.

Today's photo Cane being mothered by Gangley this morning, my dining room is very small and on scrap days I have to squeeze lots of dog beds in as well as they all like to be in there with us LOL.

I have been injured! I was throwing the ball for Alfie and Cane when Dawn said how rubbish I was and decided to show me how it should be done, unfortunately for me she found my head ouch! poor Dawn was mortified and said OMG hope you don't get a bruise, well I do have a sizable lump!

I plucked up the courage to nip to the Post Office yesterday, first time Cane has been left,  was only 10 minutes and when I came in he was curled up on the sofa with my slipper as a pillow. I had convinced myself he had probably destroyed the house in 10 minutes LOL. Progress I hope.

Off to crop tomorrow, so Eric can take over poopie watch.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A good birthday

So Mojo started the day with a bit of sunbathing, he's probably think will that darn black dog just go LOL

then had a beef boneand yup there's Cane right next to Mojo.

and finally birthday cake!

Little tinker managed to get a huge bite of it, off the plate, then it was shared out and all gone in seconds LOL.

My daughter surprised me and came over for lunch yesterday (she bought lunch and flowers with her) and took Cane and Alfie in the garden and wore them both out, so I manged to catch up on a few bits, thanks Vik, she really is a sweetheart!

Lucky still very stiff and sore! had to increase her steroids again and given pain relief, she did however enjoy the cake!

Cane continues to be good, learning the ropes and pulling at my heart strings. Of course the time will come when he has to be left, as I have several hospital appts looming, can't crate him, think I'll probably ask someone to come and stay with him but I must start leaving him for a few minutes each day and start increasing the time I'm away. Don't think going out to hens and collecting eggs counts as he follows me from window to window. Smart dog!

Video's of cake demolition!.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy Birthday Mojo

Today Mojo is 10 !

Hard to believe as he still loves to run and play and sure doesn't act his age!

Mojo came to us as an emergency foster dog in June 2010. I was away for the weekend and within 10 minutes upon returning, Mojo laid his head in my lap and looked up at me with huge brown eyes and I knew I was doomed to yet again fail at this old fostering thing. Original story here

Mojo's birthday cake is made and after tea tonight I'll light the candles, of course he will have to share it.

Mojo really is the sweetest little fella and of all my hounds he is the one people want to take home LOL. His greatest joy in life is to run, so each day Eric takes him and Alfie up the meadow and they roar around like loonies, Alfie is his bestest friend.

Lucky is still very under the weather, her wrists are swollen and she is stiff all over, if no improvement by tomorrow I'll have to contact her vet as she's due her 2nd chemo Friday.

Cane is being  a good boy, although I did find him on the kitchen worktop yesterday, told him off and then later actually caught him doing it, just sprung up no bother and obviously he gets a better view out of the window from there, smart dogs can be hard work LOL.

I'll try and get a photo of hounds and cake later but it will probably be a free for all LOL.