Saturday, 29 November 2008

Four become five

Ranger is staying on as a foster dog LOL....

But only if he's OK with Gangly when she arrives tommorow, Ranger still has a very strong need to chase little things and Gangly is little, so fingers crossed.

So today life is good !!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Life sucks !!

Why ?

Because I know I have to let Ranger go Sunday and I simply don't want to!!!

He's made such huge progress in one week and if I wasn't already committed to having Gangly then I would keep him as a foster dog without a second thought. I simply don't have to room for 5 large dogs plus little Gangly and it's breaking my heart. I don't want to think of him in kennels no matter how good they are and so I sit here with tears streaming down my face knowing I have to honour my commitment to Gangly who to be fair has been waiting for her own home for a while but not wanting to part with this beautiful boy.

If he was going to a foster home I would be totally fine with it but he isn't and I'm not !!!

Scrapped with Dawn yesterday as per usual, started with a disaster I was just about to start editing some photo's and print them off when the electric men knocked on the door to inform they were cutting the electric off despite saying the previous day after cutting me off then that they wouldn't need to Thursday. Boy was I short with them. So I had to quickly grab some papers and use this photo which was already printed out and run with that. No robo no expression just plain old scissors.

Anyway I quite enjoyed going back to basics as it turned out and had a good day!

The journaling reads.

I said to Ben "that's a nice hat"

and he said to me

"yes Nanny and it doesn't squash my spikey hair"

and he's not three until 21st December LOL...

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Feeling better

Hooray at long last I feel a tad better and have decided that maybe I don't need to cut my arm off or poke my eye out, keeping everything crossed that I've turned the corner with this blasted shingles at long last.

Today I even managed a short trip out to get a long overdue haircut and tomorrow Eric is going to adjust the grey for me so when I go to a school friends 50th birthday party at the weekend I may look okay LOL...

Ranger is doing extremely well no accidents indoors for two days and now he has a full tummy his food issues are noy as bad. I still wouldn't actually leave food out that he could reach which is pretty much anywhere LOL but can at least eat my lunch without having to crate him or loose it. He has had his first vaccinations, been wormed and frontlined, he weighs 33kgs and should weigh at least 38-40 kgs as he's such a big lad.

Ranger has discovered he loves to be cuddled and has even started to wag his tail, I know this sounds like such a little thing but when he arrived he couldn't even make eye contact let alone wag his tail and today when I came back and let him out of the crate he play bowed at me and then put his front paws on my shoulders and licked my face. I felt like he was saying she left me but came back, I was sad and happy at the same time.

So what happens now, the plan is he goes to Stoke on Sunday but with a shortage of foster homes and a huge influx of dogs it will be to a kennel that greyhoundgap use and not a foster home. My heart aches for him, having tasted life in a home being put back into kennels to wait his turn even though I know the kennels are excellent feels oh so wrong.

Anyway I have a few more photo's of the gorgeous boy.

Snuggling up to me, don't you just wish there was some warning that the camera was coming out, so you could at least brush your hair LOL

And Alfie snuggling up with Ranger on the bed, I had a tiny sliver of bed but have cropped myself out of the shot, you don't really want to be seeing me spots do you.

And another of the boys snuggling up, please note you can see some spots on the one LOL..

Sunday, 23 November 2008


We have snow, started last night and has snowed quite heavy this morning.

Alfie Bear is loving it, unlike the greyhounds who are not impressed!

He's been out playing with his ball and tearing round the garden having so much fun.

Today Eric was supposed to take the greyhound to Stoke and come back with Gangly but Gangly has caught a nasty bug and can't come so the greyhound (now called Ranger ) is still here.

He's not really poorly but is recovering from having his bits off and is very thin and under weight. He's had a few accidents in the house but my feeling is he has lived in a house before probably as an only dog and has very bad issues over food. There's been one nasty incident but luckily Eric was prepared and rugby tackled him to the floor to stop Sandy being attacked, he was told off and put in the crate and seems to have got the message now! I've decided to feed him 4 times a day a) so he's not so hungry and b) so he realises food is coming regularly and he doesn't need to be so food possessive. He's had a bath and will go to the vets to get wormed and started his vaccinations tomorrow. With a bit of hard work someone will end up with a fab dog.

Ranger was born March 2003 and last raced June 2006 so he's been somewhere since he was retired and look at this he can sit, most greyhounds can't do this.

And he squeezed himself into Alfie Bear's bed much to little bears disgust!

Ranger likes to sit with me and keeps out manoeuvring Alfie, so Alfie being the smart fella he is has decided it's best if he just lays on top of me LOL.

Singles is till agony, spots have started to scab over nicely but the pain shows no signs of going and is awful. Wrists out new knee's in doesn't come close to this it is quite simply agony!

And finally the class kit from Otley. Wasn't sure about it at first but actually I love it. Vanessa is very good at using pattern papers in different ways. The photo I have mirrored for artistic purposes LOL but was taken my Eric on his mobile whilst driving (slowly) onto a private estate. Pretty impressive!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Lots of news

Okay first up I have shingles yay for me!!!! hurts like hell. Had felt rotten all last week and when a rash appeared with pain like OMG pain like I've never known Mother finally persuaded me to go to the Dr's and of course Mother was right!!! anyway I have anti viral pills which are supposed to stop it becoming full blown and you can't catch shingles from shingles but you can catch chicken pox from shingles but only when the spots erupt and even then it's not very contagious but I'm staying away from everyone even though I've not erupted LOL.

Second we have a poorly greyhound coming tomorrow who will stay with us until Sunday when Eric will then take him up to Lisa (founder of greyhound gap) and then bring back my new dog. A little whippet girl called Gangly. Seriously that has to be the worst name I've ever heard a dog being called. I'll tell you her story next week, needless to say it's sad!

Lastly I've just found out I won the Scrummy Stash Cafe challenge last week with So eggcited, hooray for me, well it brought a smile to my face in what has been a miserable few days...

Have spent all day making a Christmas present but can't share it with you sorry LOL...

But I can share this layout I've done of Ben proudly showing off his new spikey hair cut.

Hope to feel well enough to scrap with Dawn tomorrow.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Scrummy Stash Cafe challenge

This weeks challenge was set by Rachael here and is gorgeous, I really love Rachael's style and had to do it despite feeling a bit off all week.

I've used a photo of the 4 hounds lining up for their morning treat from Eric, he always cooks two eggs for breakfast one for himself and one he shares out with the hounds and I was lucky enough one morning to get this photo of them all lined and and waiting. I'ved used Basic Grey paper Archaic which went perfect with the photo.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Scrummy stash cafe challenge

Decided to do the challenge again this week as I liked the look of the sketch. Eric kindly adjusted the photo to take out the background that was clashing something wicked for me. Ben loves getting his hands on Eric's tools and helping fix things so had to scrap this for his album LOL..

This layout is the class kit from Bramford crop designed by Ang, such a gorgeous layout she did as well. I've stuck to it quite closely just added an artilicious flower brad instead of some lace and made the title on the robo and triple embossed it with UTT using my new non stick mat. Boy did that make life easier!!! I love this photo of Vikki and Ben, scrapped one similar a few weeks ago but this photo is slightly different and it' going in Ben's album so that's OK LOL.

Off with Dawn tomorrow to do a bit of Christmas shopping in Stow, have a good weekend all.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Bramford crop

Went to Bramford crop on Saturday which is run by Janina (Hot potato), had a lovely relaxing day as always and Ang produced the most beautiful class kit for us.

I did this one layout (terrible photo) using a sketch by Vanesaa from her blog site , using paper from Kay and Co "Hannah".

Must must must do the Christmas cards before I do anymore scrapping LOL...but I really want to do Ang's class kit from Saturday....