Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Lots of news

Okay first up I have shingles yay for me!!!! hurts like hell. Had felt rotten all last week and when a rash appeared with pain like OMG pain like I've never known Mother finally persuaded me to go to the Dr's and of course Mother was right!!! anyway I have anti viral pills which are supposed to stop it becoming full blown and you can't catch shingles from shingles but you can catch chicken pox from shingles but only when the spots erupt and even then it's not very contagious but I'm staying away from everyone even though I've not erupted LOL.

Second we have a poorly greyhound coming tomorrow who will stay with us until Sunday when Eric will then take him up to Lisa (founder of greyhound gap) and then bring back my new dog. A little whippet girl called Gangly. Seriously that has to be the worst name I've ever heard a dog being called. I'll tell you her story next week, needless to say it's sad!

Lastly I've just found out I won the Scrummy Stash Cafe challenge last week with So eggcited, hooray for me, well it brought a smile to my face in what has been a miserable few days...

Have spent all day making a Christmas present but can't share it with you sorry LOL...

But I can share this layout I've done of Ben proudly showing off his new spikey hair cut.

Hope to feel well enough to scrap with Dawn tomorrow.


Gem's Crafts said...

Sue, I think you're doing really well this week, with your scrapping and taking in extra dogs and while feeling rotten. Keep smiling xx

Carol said...

OMG what are you LIKE???????

Firstly, so sorry to hear that you're feeling so poorly - hope that you soon feel much much better, especially with your BIRTHDAY coming up!!!

Secondly, I knew you'd go for Gangley!! just something in your eyes!! you're mad! shame about your "poorly foster baby" tho@'.

Thirdly! WOWIE for you and well done - your layouts are just gorgeous and I loved the one of the dogs waiting and eating their egg! the title was FAB! bless

See you soon xx