Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Belle's been bad!
 yesterday whilst Eric was serving up dinner he turned his back and Belle button reached up and helped herself! well I tried really hard not to laugh and it was so good seeing her be a normal puppy getting into mischief but her Dad wasn't so impressed. We've not had a counter surfer for a while so we will have to get back into the habit of pushing plates back further.

Anyway Belle is now up to 2 full walks a day but doesn't go on the last walk as she is still a bit of a handful and until Eric finds time to do some one on one with her she'll just have to stay home, to be honest she's so shattered by the evening she's not so fussed at the moment.

All the other dogs are doing well and Mojo who I just discovered is almost 11 and not 10 as I've been saying for ages now has a lovely new jumper to keep him warm on colder days.

yesterday my daughter, grandson and  nephew were supposed to come over but Vikki and family all went down with a S & D bug but Lewis still came and had a lovely time with the dogs, I'd promised him in the summer he could come over during half term and didn't want to let him down.

So I'm all packed ready for tomorrows operation, have done as much as I can and the dogs will have Marc with them in the morning and Vikki in the afternoon so at least we won't have to fret about them.

I have finally started on Eric's Christmas present a 8 x 8 album all about the hounds past and present, he worries that one day he will forget all the funny stories and what was their history etc, I meant to do it last year and didn't then it was going to be for his birthday and didn't but yay have made a start It's not always easy raking up memories some of which are still raw but there are happy bits as well.

Hopefully be back in a few days.

Sue x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Drum roll please

A very important announcement LOL.

Please welcome the latest addition to become a permenant member of the Taylor pack!

Belle 007 Taylor

007 because she is number 7 of the current pack and because 7 is a lucky number and this little lady has been so lucky, 14 weeks in a crate waiting for her to leg to heal is a far better fate than that what awaited her if Greyhound Gap hadn't have stepped in! 

Freedom is just around the next corner Belle button xxxxx
and yes I know you all had me down for failure again but in truth right up to the last moment I was prepared to let her go and start a new life until Eric stepped in and said Sue she adores you and you've spent all summer taking care of her why would you want to miss out on the fun part? well let me see self imposed limit is 5 permenant hounds with place 6 for fostering oops exceeded that with Twizzle, cost of insuring another hound well who needs riches when rags will do, so my darling little Belle stays and I couldn't be happier the relief of not having to be parted from her is overwhelming.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Weekly round up

 So 3 hospital appointments, 1 vet appointment and 1 good crafting session with Dawn, that just about sums up this week!

Belle is loving her new found freedom and is so happy and being a typical puppy! IE exhausting LOl, I let her out of the crate all morning and then put her in from 12-2pm just so she has a rest and then she's fully recharged and set to go again.

Twizzle who from day 1 has never attempted to go on the furniture probably because of her sore back has now discovered she can and does leaving poor Mojo rather miffed. There are plenty of dog beds all around the house and lounge but it is Eric and me that seem to end up sitting on the floor, seriously that can't be right LOL.

Yesterday Dawn came for our last scrapping day for a while and I really need to get 4 mini albums (Christmas prezzie's) done and finish off a paper layout from crop, dogs were so good and I got everything done I wanted to.

So last weekend the weather forecasters were predicting a heatwave for the end of the week instead we got a blast of Arctic weather and when I got up this morning there was a very light sprinkling of snow on the car!

Going into town this morning and the big coat and boots have come out LOl..

So this was a double page digi layout but when I printed it out the background totally overwhelmed the photo's and rather than waste ink I cut it out and mounted it onto white bazzil.

Love this page it was a crop kit from papermaze and designed by Vanessa, photo is Vikki, Mathew, Ben and Mathew's nieces at Cleveland Zoo when they visited for their honeymoon in August.  If I get some time I'm going to have a play and see if I can produce something similar digitally.

Sue x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Good news

Little Belle had her stitches out today and our vet is very pleased with her leg, so now we can gradually increase her time out of the crate and she can start to have little walks. Toilet breaks will still be on the lead for a week or two as we don't want her tearing around the garden just yet.

Belle had the first op to plate and screw the break on the 13th July and apart from a week's freedom beginning of October she has been crated the whole time, for such a young dog she has coped so well and rarely made a fuss even when she sees the others playing. It has been a very long difficult 14 weeks but we are so close to total freedom for Belle button now...

Belle has been incredibly lucky, her owner wanted her pts but the vet persuaded him to hand her over and contacted Lisa of greyhound gap have not only paid for her leg to be plated but also paid to have it removed on the advice of our vet, so whilst she has had a rotten few months she is a very very lucky little dog.

Tom our vet was  also very pleased with Twiz on the reduced medication doesn't understand
how it's having such a major effect given her x rays but keep on as is for 3
months and then review!.

A few Taylor hound photo's, in order of seniority in the pack

Alfie Bear is a greyhound suluki x who lost a leg and had his head fractured in 3 places resulting in the loss of an eye, Alfie is now our pack leader! Alf is about 5 years old now

Gangley is 7kg and a pure whippet just very very small but with big attitude! Gangley is 9

Mojo is coming up for 10 and is a greyhound whippet cross who lost half his tail at the hands of humans.

Elmo arrived in January and is about 2 now a whippet cross but crossed with what we have no idea LOL.

Orin is a greyhound yup we actually have a greyhound LOL, usually have 4 or 5 but now we keep getting sent lurchers, Orin is 3

 Twizzle arrived in July and is approx 2 years old another whippet cross possibly with some kind of staffi/bull terrier
Belle Button must be about 1 yeas old now another whippet cross, probably whippet greyhound

We seem to be sent dogs that have suffered abuse at the hands of humans and how we've ended up with all these lurchers instead of greyhounds is beyond me but we love them all no matter what shape or size after all they all fall into the category of sight hounds, okay maybe Twiz is pushing it a bit LOL.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Belle, Twiz and life

I am so far behind on every aspect of life from crafting to blogging, housework, Christmas preparation and so the list goes on and on, suddenly my operation which is next Thursday looms large and has sent me into a tail spin with the realisation that I can't possibly get everything done that I wanted to, ho hum guess the world won't stop revolving LOL.

Twiz is doing well on her meds which we have reduced and will see the vet Wednesday when Belle goes to have her stitches out. Belle has really struggled with the crate this time and I've spent hours just sitting with her trying to console her which is probably why my list went haywire. The last few days we've been letting her out (supervised and she is much happier) almost there.

Hospital appointments galore for me this week such an exciting life LOl.

A few recent digi layouts.

This one is for my hound album which I like to record how each dog arrived and why.
 This is for Ben's album
 This one is for my yearly album which is like a picture diary of things that happen be it big like weddings or small like kids playing etc
 Another for 2012 of Shellie and Kit's visit
 For my Family album a rare photo these days of me and my brothers and sister as Bob now lives in USA
Hope all my blogging friends are well and hope to visit you soon.

Sue x

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Poor Belle

 My poor little Belle is very unhappy being crated again! the bandage is huge but she manages to get outside on the lead ok but does look rather bemused by it!

 Our vet knew Eric would want to see the plate and screws and so gave them to us! we were shocked at out big they are for such a petite little leg, 7screws!

Been a a bit of an odd week really, finished off this paper layout designed by Janina for Bramford crop, I did have to make some changes as my photo was landscape.

This one is for my 2012 album but wanted to record the walk in more detail for Marc's album so digi layouts seemed easier.

The final amount raised with gift aid (and their percentage taken off) is currently £3,850.00 more than £1,00.00 more than we had hoped for.

So with my operation to fuse right wrist fast approaching I decided to make a list of crafty things I MUST do for Christmas eek! not a hope of getting it all done so praying like mad I may have some use of the right hand when it's in plaster LOL.

Printed off the wedding layouts again this time for my album, really pleased with it but did spot a mistake in some journalling and now I've seen it will have to re print it LOL.

We've reduced Twizzle medication and so far she is absolutely fine no screaming when she runs, will probably take Belle to have her stitches out end of next week and take Twiz along at the same time to review.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Belle's operation

Tom our vet has just rung to say Belle has come through her operation to remove the plate and screws,  he's very pleased with how it went and how the leg has healed.

Belle will need two weeks complete crate rest with toilet breaks back on the lead, followed by two weeks of gradually starting to build up her time out of crate but supervised and in enclosed spaces.

Should be fully recovered in 5 weeks.

Feel so mean as she has been enjoying full walks and total freedom for the last 10 days!

Really not looking forward to being dragged around the garden again LOL.


Friday, 5 October 2012

Wedding album finished!

Finally it's finished and I'm relieved to say Vikki and Mathew are  thrilled with it!

The end!

Other news, not only did the boys reach their target but have surpassed it, currently it stands at £3,225 plus gift aid of £700+, we are very pleased LOL.

Little Belle will be going into vets this Tuesday to have plate and screws removed!

My operation to fuse right wrist has been put back a week to 1st November

Just spent  5 lovely days with our dear friends Shellie and Kit, so all in all the last few weeks have been hectic to put it mildly.

Here's Kit being mugged by Orin LOL

and getting a cuddle from his favourite bear

and Shellie handing sweets, boy have hounds been spoilt. Actually so were we as they treated us to a Chinese on Wednesday to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
and ...... Belle going outfor her first walk with the pack, she is in there somewhere LOL.

Off to crop tomorrow for a rest LOL

Sue x