Friday, 5 October 2012

Wedding album finished!

Finally it's finished and I'm relieved to say Vikki and Mathew are  thrilled with it!

The end!

Other news, not only did the boys reach their target but have surpassed it, currently it stands at £3,225 plus gift aid of £700+, we are very pleased LOL.

Little Belle will be going into vets this Tuesday to have plate and screws removed!

My operation to fuse right wrist has been put back a week to 1st November

Just spent  5 lovely days with our dear friends Shellie and Kit, so all in all the last few weeks have been hectic to put it mildly.

Here's Kit being mugged by Orin LOL

and getting a cuddle from his favourite bear

and Shellie handing sweets, boy have hounds been spoilt. Actually so were we as they treated us to a Chinese on Wednesday to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
and ...... Belle going outfor her first walk with the pack, she is in there somewhere LOL.

Off to crop tomorrow for a rest LOL

Sue x


Sue said...

The wedding album is just stunning.

Well done to the lads on such a fab amount.

Polly and I will be thinking of Belle on Tuesday and hoping she recovers quickly.

Looks like the dogs enjoyed having your friends straying:)

Declan said...

Congrats to the boys! Hope all goes well with Belle. Deccy x

gyeong said...

Wedding album looks fantastic. Love that you used pictures in the background on some of them. Congrats on surpassing the goal! Bet the kids loved having guest who give them treats and extra cuddles.

What Remains Now said...

To say I am in complete awe of the wedding album would be an understatement. It is perfect and a treasure. I love how you tell the story and how beautiful everything is. I also love the last few pages were you just line up the snaps.

SO HAPPY for the boys! Looking forward to next year's walk.

Glad Belle is doing well.

You have had a busy few weeks, but sounds like good stuff.

hotpotato said...

Album is gorgeous Sue.

karen said...

great album sue. Are you keeping this one or are you giving it away?
If you giving it away they a very special keepsake and i'm sure it will be treasured

Jane said...

beautiful Sue xx