Monday, 22 October 2012

Belle, Twiz and life

I am so far behind on every aspect of life from crafting to blogging, housework, Christmas preparation and so the list goes on and on, suddenly my operation which is next Thursday looms large and has sent me into a tail spin with the realisation that I can't possibly get everything done that I wanted to, ho hum guess the world won't stop revolving LOL.

Twiz is doing well on her meds which we have reduced and will see the vet Wednesday when Belle goes to have her stitches out. Belle has really struggled with the crate this time and I've spent hours just sitting with her trying to console her which is probably why my list went haywire. The last few days we've been letting her out (supervised and she is much happier) almost there.

Hospital appointments galore for me this week such an exciting life LOl.

A few recent digi layouts.

This one is for my hound album which I like to record how each dog arrived and why.
 This is for Ben's album
 This one is for my yearly album which is like a picture diary of things that happen be it big like weddings or small like kids playing etc
 Another for 2012 of Shellie and Kit's visit
 For my Family album a rare photo these days of me and my brothers and sister as Bob now lives in USA
Hope all my blogging friends are well and hope to visit you soon.

Sue x


Jane said...

seems like you've been busy to me.
take care Sue xx

Sue said...

Lovely LOs.

So glad Belle is almost there.

Don't worry about things getting done. You can only do so much hun.

Carol said...

What gorgeous layouts fab idea all those albums x

Fingers crossed for Belle and Twizzle on Wednesday xx

What Remains Now said...

I'll be thinking of you and sending healing wishes as you go through your surgery and start your recovery. Also thinking of Twiz and Belle. Your layouts are SO BEAUTIFUL. You are so talented Sue. Super talented.

gyeong said...

I think life is always being a bit behind and never being able to quite catch up.