Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Belle's operation

Tom our vet has just rung to say Belle has come through her operation to remove the plate and screws,  he's very pleased with how it went and how the leg has healed.

Belle will need two weeks complete crate rest with toilet breaks back on the lead, followed by two weeks of gradually starting to build up her time out of crate but supervised and in enclosed spaces.

Should be fully recovered in 5 weeks.

Feel so mean as she has been enjoying full walks and total freedom for the last 10 days!

Really not looking forward to being dragged around the garden again LOL.



Sue said...

So hope Belle get's through the next two weeks. Can imagine her hating the crate.

Carol said...

was thinking about Belle today and how it was all going - really pleased to hear that she's ok. The next five weeks will go so quickly...you take care tho'!

What a great picture of the pack sunning themselves!!

Take care xx

hotpotato said...

brilliant news.

Hiking Hounds said...

Glad she did well in the surgery and I hope the 5 weeks fly by.

houndstooth said...

I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. I hope she's up and about soon!

What Remains Now said...

My first thought when I heard Belle's recovery plan was, "Poor Sue!" I am glad the surgery went well and little Miss Belle will be 100% in a little more than a month.

Declan said...

That is good news. You sure are going to have your work cut out! Deccy x

gyeong said...

Glad the surgery went well. It's never fun having to take them out on lead.

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