Saturday, 31 December 2011



I hope you and your families have a Happy and healthy 2012 !

Sue x

PS A photo of Lucky curled up in Mojo's bed, completely out of focus but it shows just how far she's come in a week.I might add Mojo is half the size of Lucky LOL AND she's had 2 short walks today!!

Friday, 30 December 2011

A much better day for Lucky!

Last night Lucky slept on her own without Dad for the first time in two weeks! and when Dawn came round this morning she rushed out to greet her with tail wagging as should would normally AND this afternoon she has been for her first short lead walkjust over the road to the playing field and back and boy does she look happier.

WTG Ducks !!!!!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lucky has been to see Mr vet!

Lucky has been to the vets this evening for a check up and he's very pleased with her progress . Back 5th January to hopefully remove stitches and staples and discuss chemo.

Lucky is now gaining in confidence and can go outside to see to business unaided and vet thinks it's okay to take her out for little walks as soon as we feel she is ready.

Yesterday we had to pop out and when we return she charged through the kitchen to greet us just like the Lucky of old!

So paws crossed Ducks continues to make good progress and keep her poor old Mum and very tired Dad happy.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Eric's Christmas present

Thought I'd share this with you. My friend Lorraine's daughter Emma is an incredibly talented artist and  kindly agreed to undertake this rather big challenge.

I wanted a painting for Eric of ALL our dogs past and present, in total 14! I sent Emma a disk with lots of photo's of all the dogs and then asked that she decide how best to do it and this is what came back.

 A close up of the big fella Jim Buba who we miss so very much!

Eric was totally overwhelmed and very emotional!To say he loved it is something of an understatement! of course the photo doesn't do it justice, Emma has totally captured each dog to perfection, I know she was a bit worried that with so many hounds she couldn't add as much detail as she would normal BUT I have to tell you in real life this is absolutely fantastic.

Emma is quite happy to take commissions and if anyone is interested then please contact me and I can put you in touch with this lovely young lady whois so very talented!

A few more pictures of paintings Emma has done, now wouldn't they just make the best birthday or Christmas present or why not just treat yourself LOL. I'm definitely going to ask Emma to do something of Vikki's wedding in May.

and a few humans

We had to pop out this afternoonand when we came back Lucky rushed out to greet us and looked so much more like herself! was a teary eye moment for sure LOL.

Lucky and Christmas

Well having Lucky home on Christmas Eve was the best present we could have wished for!

She's not been making progress as quick as we had hoped but today is more mobile and now able to wander around and go outside unaided, so a big improvement. but the stump bothers here, maybe the stitches and staples  are pulling. Quite funny seeing the filthy looks she gives it!

We had a good Christmas and are now enjoying a few quieter days. off to the vets tomorrow to get Lucky checked.

Hope you all had a good Christmas as well.

A photo of Gangley unwrapping some Christmas goodies, she was very determined to get into the parcel.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Lucky update

When we collected Lucky she wasn't very with it and it was a struggle to get her to the car. But once home she perked up and the other 3 gave her such a lovely gentle welcome home, it was really quite touching.

Lucky devoured some fish, then scrambled eggs followed by a long snooze. She just shocked us by appearing in the kitchen (first time we had taken our eyes off her) and managed to go outside to attend to some business with a little help

Now back snoozing and looking much more like our Lucky ducks

Thank you all for your kind words and good thoughts for the Ducksxxx

Better get Christmas started after all LOL 


We've spoken with Tom her vet and Lucky isn't eating this morning and has a slight temperature , still can't stand unaided but this may be due to the epidural BUT he feels as we've have nursed 3 post amputee's she will probably be happier at home. so going to collect at 11am.

I don't think he is completely comfortable with this but he knows Lucky well enough to believe she will be happier with us and he is there all day if we need him.

He also said she will require alot of nursing and help for the next few days, feel very worried at her coming home so soon and the burden of responsibility feels heavy but we do both agree knowing Lucky she will be better at home. Fortunately because of all the drugs I take we have good understanding of what we can and can't do, so paws crossed. Feel quite sick with worry but relieved she's coming home.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Lucky update

We have just spoken to vet, in 18 days since first x ray showed very early stages they found it had at least trembled in size and bone was already crumbling. So a much more difficult operation than expected as the vet had to keep going high and higher up the thigh. She’s had an epidural so is still comfortable and has eaten. Vet is pleased with how it’s gone and hopes she may be able to come home later tomorrow..

Thank you all so much for keeping Lucky in your thoughts.

Sue & Eric

Photo taken last night, I know what I was thinking I wonder what ducks was thinking!

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Sad news, tomorrow Lucky will be going to the vets, if chest x rays are still clear they will amputate her leg. She is in terrible pain just 17 days after we were told that x rays indicated very early stages of oteosarcoma. We’re hoping she will be well enough to come home on Saturday and have asked vets to refer us to a specialist so we can follow up with chemo.Not much else to say really, life sucks pure and simple!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Lucky and life!

We're off to the vets again tomorrow, Lucky is very lame already on the leg with bone cancer and her overall health seems to have really nose dived. Considering it's supposed to be in the very early stages we are at a loss as to what is going on! for the first time in the 6 and half years she has lived with us she wasn't able to go for a walk  yesterday. I know she's missing Jim terribly but even so we both feel something else is going on. We so relied on Jim to help us out with poorly dogs, apart from the fact he sniffed out the cancer on each hound before symptoms began to show he also would sniff out other problems and duly inform us. I felt so sad last night watching Eric walk two dogs (too cold for Gangley), just a month or two ago he was walking 6 dogs.

First time today we've had 4 eggs, so all hens except old Henrietta are now laying. I was convinced Bobbi the white one would lay white eggs but they're all brown so bang goes that theory!

Christmas tree is up, house decorated and even the outside lights are up. Usually we're running late in that department but after missing out last year what with being in hospital I decided to take no chances and get them up early LOL. last present has just been wrapped and all cards delivered. I even made my first ever Christmas cake this year before the operation, along with all the usual Christmas food which is in the freezer ready!so why i wonder do I still feel panicked about Christmas. I haven't started my JYC album yet but have made notes each day for the prompts.

Got Ben's birthday party on Wednesday 6 already, now where did that time go?

Now, I am  the lucky recipients of a new award passed on to us by Beyrl and her Mum

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve. As with any award, there is a bit of ceremony involved. In order to accept the award, we must do the following:
1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.
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3. Pick our five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs
And without further ado here are the five blogs I’ve chosen to pass this award on to:-

1. My cousin Sandra who combines her paper crafting with her other hobby sewing and making the most gorgeous projects. She has recently opened in Folksy selling beautiful lace.

2. My friend Jane, we met in cyber space as you do through scrapbooking and have been friends for several years now. We share many interests ans this year knowing how much I love watching her JYC unfold each each gave me a free pass she had won.

3. My friend Carol who I met through going to local crops. Carol is fantastic at altered art and often runs classes. Carol also works for DT's, her work is stunning and inspirational.

4. Sue is a relatively new friend, we came to meet in cyber space when introduced via the coast to coast walk my son did for Greyhound Gap. Sue has the most beautiful BLUE greyhound  and we share a love of crafting as well as greyhound.

5. Is my friend Janina, Janina runs the Bramford crop and puts together wonderful kits for us each month, a very talented scrapper who in my opinion is under recognised! and needs to blog more!

I have done quite a lot of crafting recently but can't share wink wink....

We're going to the church tonight for Carols by candle light, it's always a lovely service and kind of reminds you what Christmas is really about!

Sue x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Thank you

So  many lovely comments about Jim's story, thank you to everyone who took the time to read it and leave a comment. I have tried to visit you all but if I didn't I'm sorry BRAIN is still AWOL!

Friday evening we had the family come over to share my birthday cake, think it did us both good to have some company especially the boys. Eric managed to get the tree up so they could hang some bead men I had bought for them, sadly the tree is still awaiting the rest of the decorations, maybe tonight!

Still researching options for Lucky, not easy when your brain is in shutdown mode! considering how early we have apparently caught the bone cancer we are shocked at how lame she is already. Her vet is off this week, so we have a little breathing space to come up with a course of action.

Eric got this lovely photo of Lucky with our daughter Vikki and grandson Ben on Friday evening. Mum is in the background with Mojo and Alfie is on the right, Gangley was sitting on my lap and I was trying hard to stay out of the photo's, when you know you look rough it's not good to have a reminder of it LOl.

Went to crop Saturday (thank you for a lovely day Janina) it was good to go out for a few hours.

Made this LO about the hens digitally here

then printed it off separately and turned it into a hybrid here.

Hand has started to play up !!! few things I'm not happy with and are worrying me so good job we're  going to hospital Tuesday.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Jim's story

So here I am again, saying thank you to so many lovely people, some of whom I don't know for all the kind messages about Lucky and Jim. It truly is a comfort knowing people care

Jim leaves behind so many wonderful memories and a huge hole in our life and hearts. This is Jim's story.

                                                         2/3/2000 to 6/12/2011 
Two weeks after adopting Sandy from Kama’s cave we were back walking the hounds and noticed Jim had a new kennel mate. A young greyhound puppy that was driving him mad, jumping up and climbing all over him but dear Jim just took it all and not once even growled but he looked so sad, we already knew what a lovely boy he was and decided there and then to take him home it was November 2004. Sandy was not amused! And 100 yards down the road we had to stop the car and muzzle her, she so didn’t want Jim to join her and Dill.

Jim had been raced for 2 years amassing 89 races in that time and then handed into Kama’s cave, unlike most ex racers Jim had not been mistreated and had no hang ups or problems he was from the very start just the most beautiful gentle dog. House training was interesting, in those early weeks his water pistol as it became known would go off whenever he got excited and he liked to help us in the daily chores! Everything we attempted took 10 times longer with his help, mainly because we would be laughing so hard at his antics. Sandy did soften to him, especially after Dill passed away 6 months later and they formed a very strong bond.

When Mac arrived as an emergency foster from Greyhound Gap he had so many problems and Jim’s quiet steady ways really helped Mac. I remember speaking to Lisa about Mac’s separation anxiety and she said put him in a room for a few minutes at a time on his own, well I did and he would howl and howl and then appear, I was stumped as to how day after day he got out, finally I twigged it, Jim was pushing the door open and letting Mac out and so The Blue’s brothers came to be.

Not much ruffled Jim’s feathers with the one exception, 9.20am every Sunday the church bells would ring and up he’d jump roaring outside to give them what for, he barked so much his front paws would leave the ground so funny to watch. Then Mac taught him to howl his head off when the telephone rang and wasn’t answered quickly, so by the time you got to the telephone you couldn’t talk because of laughing so much.

Jim loved to have his Dad sit on the floor and lay in between his legs and watch the motorbike racing. Jim only once put two paws on the sofa and after that decided never again, way to scary up that high, so the floor it was. At night time he slept in his bed at the base of our bed and when he was settled he sort of made this happy flubbery noise, which signalled all, was well.

Jim as were all our hounds together with Eric well known around the village and he helped many children over come their fear of dogs and quite a few owners who used to turn away when seeing Eric with all the hounds. Jim who believed everyone was either his friend or wanted to be, would bound over and the owners soon started to realise this large pack were not to be feared and started to let their dogs join ours in runs on the meadow. Jim had no prey drive and once even picked a bunny out of the hedge to give to his Dad, completely unharmed.

In the summer of 2009 Sandy, Jim and later Ranger were all diagnosed with bone cancer. We had decided to treat their pain until it couldn’t be controlled but Sandy’s zest for life was so strong at the 11th hour she had her leg amputated and then 2 weeks later Jim also arrived at that point where the decision had to be made. Having given Sandy the chance we couldn’t deny Jim even though we were all concerned how he would cope because of his size and not being as mentally tough as Sandy. Whilst Sandy did really well initially Jim didn’t, he became very depressed and we were at a loss as to what to do. Eric came up with the idea of a beef bone. Our butcher kept us supplied with bones and Jim’s daily teat was a bone and from that day on he picked up physically and mentally.

Sadly Sandy only lived another few weeks and on her final day she sat quietly with Jim giving him a wash and brush up and looked at him as if to say, “Jim I have to go now so you must now step up and be the main man” never have we witnessed anything so touching but heartbreaking.

Jim did indeed step up and with his quiet gentle ways led his pack, eventually he was able to start walking with again and this only stopped in the last few months, then he would go for a ride in the car, followed by a little walk about.

Jim will always remain in our hearts, a truly gentle giant with not a bad bone in him, he had 2 extra years after the amputation that we cherished, life will never be the same without the big fella but last week we discovered the cancer had returned in his shoulder and yesterday it became obvious that it was time to let him go. Sitting in his Dad’s legs surrounded by his pack munching on his favourite sweets he left us to meet up with all our other hounds.

We will always love you Jim and be so grateful for all the happy years we shared together, run free Buba xxx


Yesterday Jim deteriorated very suddenly and we made the decision that it was time to let the big fella go. So last night his favourite vet came and laying n between his Daddy's legs eating his favourite sweeties and surrounded by his pack Jim left us.

There are no words to describe the utter desolation we feel.

Monday, 5 December 2011


On Friday Lucky our 9 year old greyhound went lame on back leg, wasn't too worried as she gets poly arthritis now and then so gave steroids as advised by vets, got worse Sat and Sun and today can't weight bear.

Took to vets at 12 noon and he said classic site for osteosarcoma (knew that as that was where Sandy's was inner thigh high up), Eric discovered a swelling there last night!

Vets kept her in for x rays and have just rung to say she has Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). 

Can't quite get my head around the fact that another of our precious hounds has got the cruel evil disease, Eric just gone to collect her and then we shall have to decide what to do. My heart feels as though it's been broken and stomped on.

Jim is holding his own and is bright and cheeky AND sleeping through the night, after weeks of not being able to.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Jim update

Just a quickie to reassure everyone Jim is okay and even slept all night last night for the first time in weeks. We're spoiling him and cherishing every extra day!

Haven't had time to start my JYC Album yet but I've loaded a digi kit and bought a notepad, so I know what I want to do for each prompt so far, just need to find some time LOL.

Had a lovely evening with crafting friends last night, we went out for a Christmas meal, I was unsure whether to go as it's hard not to feel sad about Jim. Eric said I should go and celebrate the extra two years we've had, so I did and got through  the evening without crying and actually really enjoyed myself. Thank you Carol for organising it!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Journal your Christmas

I have always admired the Shimelle classes my friend Jane does but never seem to find the time to do any. Jane won 3 passes for this years Journal your Christmas and was kind enough to give me one!

Well having been on the forum I see veryone seems well prepared! so I guess I'll be playing catch up a bit and being totally clueless might slow me down but I shall do it as a digi album and can surely find a few minutes each day to play along.

Jim was very poorly yesterday and we had decided to make the call to the vet today but he had a good night and is much improved today, thinking about it I guess being pulled around at the vets and having to jump in and out of the car added to it all. So as long as he stays comfortable and has good quality of life .......... we shall take it day by day and at the first sign of trouble will let our beautiful big giant hug monster leave with the dignity he deserves. Each day is now a bonus and a blessing.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy gotta day Gangley

Today is Gangley's 3rd gotcha day, every year around this time something awful has happened and her special day has gone by, so even though my heart is in pieces today with the devastating news about Jim I am determined to make an effort to celebrate Gangley's special Day.

Gangley is a strange little lady, bossy in the extreme, won't allow the boys to play unless she says it's time a very frustrated Mother, gives the impression she doesn't given a dam but actually she is a very special little dog who is very intuitive to what's going on and breaks her heart when I keep disappearing into hospital for all the bloody hand ops. As soon as I get home she washes me from head to toe and stays glued to my side. Sometimes I think we don't have a clue what makes her ticks, life with Gangley is never dull or quiet!

So my special little one Happy gotcha day, love you loads sweetheart and I know you love me too

and in true mothering mode Gangley trying to help Jim feel better..................

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Had to take Jim back to vets today as has had increasing pain and found it harder to get about this week.

Vet is certain that Jim has a very aggressive ostersarcoma in shoulder, having lost a back leg to ostersarcoma all we can do is control his pain. Vet thinks maybe a week or two at most, no point putting him through an x ray.

Even though we had our suspicions having them confirmed has completely knocked us and we are numb.

Jim has been the backbone of our pack for over 7 years and the thought of life without our gentle giant is unbearable.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Remembering Sandy

Two years ago today our darling Sandy lost her fight against the bone cancer! We were all devastated as she fought so hard to beat it and had such a zest for life. Sandy was a very withdrawn little girl when we first adopted her but she fell head of heels in love with Dill our greyhound, sadly Dill also passed away from bone cancer some 6 months later and Sandy's world fell to pieces. Dill had been her support and comfort and she closed right down again. It took a long time but eventually Sandy decided it was okay to enjoy life and boy did she, the cheekiest funniest little lady. Her special person was our son Marc whom she adored and it is in memory of Sandy that Marc decided to do the coast to coast walk to raise money for Greyhound Gap, so they could help others dogs like Sandy.

Here is the post I did recording her story 2 years ago.

Gone but never forgotten Miss Sandy woo! xxx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Funny old week

Well it's been a bit of a rubbish week!

Jim has seen the vet and had a new pill added to the mix but ideally the vets need an xray to see what's going on. We had decided it was too risky at his age but vet says he could just get Eric to lay him down and keep him calm and take a quick one, wouldn't be as good as normal but all the pulling around he would suffer wouldn't do him any good, so we are now seriously thinking about it. He has really struggled to get about but remains happy and full of cheekiness.

New hens have settled well, slight problem Thursday evening, one had disappeared, spent an hour searching but couldn't find her, up at dawn and Eric found she had got over the 7 foot fence into hedge behind and had roosted there all night, needles to say she will be having some feathers clipped today! Getting plenty of eggs

Hand clinic very pleased with progress!

Went to Dr's as felt unwell, infection so ab's which means no humeria this week and to add insult to injury I had a high blood sugar reading so had to go back the next day for a fasting glucose test, thankfully it came back normal. Always a concern because my Mum and her Mum have/had diabetes.

Yesterday was a good day, scrapping with Dawn then in the evening off ut with Vikki and Ben to see Christmas lights switched on, met up with Marc, Rach and Harvey and had a great time. Flippin battery on my camera died so luckily Vik took some photo's on her phone. We met Prancer a 3 year old reinderr, he was gorgeous and so friendly, apparently they live upto 10-15 years, spend 4 weeks a year working and the rest of the year running free on a farm. Their coats protect them from the cold but also the heat. He was so chilled out and just after this photo laid down and went to sleep LOL.

Ben, Harvey and me, boys were not cooperating with photo's as they were so excited.

Finally finished the digi DLO, has taken me ages to get it as I wanted, have decoupaged some of it but the photo I took was awful. Photo's are from my Cousin Sandra's youngest son's wedding in July. We all had such a great day and I wanted to use lots of photo's, we had a similar class kit from papermaze last which I sorted of adapted for this.

Monday, 21 November 2011

New additions

Yesterday we had 2 new arrivals!!!!

No not dogs before you all start yelling at me LOL.

Rescue battery hens. Our son was going to collect 4 for himself and talked us into having another 2 and then he got talked into taking 5 for himself LOL. As always they are very scrawny but with some TLC should perk up quickly.

Haven't chosen names yet so hen 1

hen 2

and a few of our others with one of the new ones so you can see the difference and  see what they should look like.

had to share this photo with you, Eric had cooked some meat for the dogs and had their full attention, Jim was sitting in the hall waiting for room service!

Off to the vets later to see if any other medication might help Jim as he is struggling again.

Had a lovely time at Papermaze crop on Saturday, it was so good to see Vanessa and Lesley and be able to give them a hug after the awful time they've had with the fire. Managed to finish this LO at last! designed by Janina for Bramford crop using papers from Bo Bunny. There is some hidden journelling behind the photo that tells how stupid me hadn't tried my dress on and my the time I did it was too late to have it taken in, so on this photo my cousin Sandra (it was her son's wedding to Jenni) grabbed the back of my dress and pulled it in so it at least looked like it fitted one one photo!

Decided to decoupage some of the bits of this digi LO so it's now a hybrid, which I think is where my heart probably lies these days.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

2 years ago today

Two years ago today Ranger our beautiful brindle boy passed away. He had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had his leg amputated, sadly Ranger never really recovered from the operation and passed away a few days later at the vets.

To say we miss that great big lovable rogue is an understatement. He was with us for just 364 days. This is Rangers story here

Gone but never forgotten, hope you're having a ball at rainbow bridge big fella with all our other bridge babies.