Saturday, 26 November 2011

Funny old week

Well it's been a bit of a rubbish week!

Jim has seen the vet and had a new pill added to the mix but ideally the vets need an xray to see what's going on. We had decided it was too risky at his age but vet says he could just get Eric to lay him down and keep him calm and take a quick one, wouldn't be as good as normal but all the pulling around he would suffer wouldn't do him any good, so we are now seriously thinking about it. He has really struggled to get about but remains happy and full of cheekiness.

New hens have settled well, slight problem Thursday evening, one had disappeared, spent an hour searching but couldn't find her, up at dawn and Eric found she had got over the 7 foot fence into hedge behind and had roosted there all night, needles to say she will be having some feathers clipped today! Getting plenty of eggs

Hand clinic very pleased with progress!

Went to Dr's as felt unwell, infection so ab's which means no humeria this week and to add insult to injury I had a high blood sugar reading so had to go back the next day for a fasting glucose test, thankfully it came back normal. Always a concern because my Mum and her Mum have/had diabetes.

Yesterday was a good day, scrapping with Dawn then in the evening off ut with Vikki and Ben to see Christmas lights switched on, met up with Marc, Rach and Harvey and had a great time. Flippin battery on my camera died so luckily Vik took some photo's on her phone. We met Prancer a 3 year old reinderr, he was gorgeous and so friendly, apparently they live upto 10-15 years, spend 4 weeks a year working and the rest of the year running free on a farm. Their coats protect them from the cold but also the heat. He was so chilled out and just after this photo laid down and went to sleep LOL.

Ben, Harvey and me, boys were not cooperating with photo's as they were so excited.

Finally finished the digi DLO, has taken me ages to get it as I wanted, have decoupaged some of it but the photo I took was awful. Photo's are from my Cousin Sandra's youngest son's wedding in July. We all had such a great day and I wanted to use lots of photo's, we had a similar class kit from papermaze last which I sorted of adapted for this.


Carol said...

wow a real reindeer - those boys definately look excited! bless

Really hope that Jim's x ray goes ok...paws crossed xx

beautiful layout....gorgeous piccies - what a lovely memento

Lovely seeing you earlier...xx

Sue said...

I hope you can get Jim sorted. Song and I are sending him huge hugs (((Jim))).

Glad the hens have settled. Lucky the fox didn't find your escapee.

Hope the meds soon help you feel better.

GHlad you had a nice day yesterday and met Rudolph:)

Lovely LO.

Sandra's Spot said...

Oooooo that is a fantastic LO I love it. What a lovely reminder of the day.XX Looks like you and the boys had a fun evening. Hugs to you and Jim hope you both feel a little better this coming week. XX