Wednesday, 30 January 2008

GREYT news

Jim has been discharged from the vets, despite their initial predictions of him needing further surgery and months to heal after his horrible accident on Christmas Day. Just one tiny patch to granulate so he still has to be bandaged to keep his tongue off it but he's almost healed up.

Our Christmas present to each other arrived today....... OUR NEW DIGITAL CAMERA, after loads of research and the disappointment of me not being able to hold any of the SLR and operate them we settled on the Olympus SP 560 Ultra Zoom, had a quick read of the manual but I'll probably stick to the auto setting LOL but there's lots of bells and whistles for Eric to experiment with.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Been busy

Two more layouts I completed this week to finish off my 2007 album.
This first one is based on a sketch from the Design Collective team by Jane Dean. Although I loved the sketch i really don't like this finished LO at all, the paper was to strong for the photo's and I case it just reflects how I felt about Christmas 2007.

The second one I love and is a gorgeous photo of Ben taken in November at one of these places that set up in shopping centres. I had seen several LO's in scrapbook magazine with Christmas wreaths and came up with my own interruption. The holly leaves I drew on the craft robo and cut loads out, and just highlighted with pens.

Jim is healing beautifully although he did manage to get his tongue to the wound yesterday, when his bandage fell off in the garden but no real damage done, he's off to the vets again tonight.

I popped to Dunelms yesterday and picked up some fabric to make new dogs beds. Well really I want to make some new curtains and cushions for the lounge but it's so long since I had the machine out I thought I'd better have a go at something simple first. I'm really rubbish at sewing LOL.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Yet more

This is definitely the last "TT" LO's LOL.

As I have been doing a 2007 scrap album I wanted to include a LO about Eric's holiday even though he has his own separate holiday album. Ended up doing a DLO at crop on Saturday, never scrapped a LO of LO's before.

I didn't include every LO I did but it has quite a few of them LOL.

Yesterday I made a start on my entry for the DC Sixer CJ, I have Cath CJ here "The year you were born" and actually managed to finish it off this morning, way ahead of schedule for a change. Have also design and cut out all the bits for Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary party invites, just have to find a bit of time to sit down and make them now.

Makes a pleasant change to be ticking a few jobs of my "To Do" list LOL.

Thursday, 17 January 2008


Is life so darn hectic....

Monday housework and washing, Tuesday went to Ipswich to have my feet pampered at the Scholl shop and then on to Lakeland to spend vouchers I got for Christmas. Stocked up on lots of essentials plus a few treats, some border stamps, new ink pads and loads of glitter oh and a tidy tray! after the fiasco of spilling glitter all over my keyboard LOL. Wednesday I spent the day designing 50th wedding anniversary invites for Mum and Dad's party, but haven't started to make them yet and also prepped some LO's for crop on Saturday. I don't know about everyone else but if I don't have work prepped I would just sit and chat all day and eat cake!.

So today Dawn and I have had our scrap day, the one day of the week when I get to chill out USUALLY.... but today all 4 dogs have a tummy bug so in between clearing up Rulu's throwing up session and letting dogs out and wiping muddy paws it was less chilled than usual.

Scrapped some photo's of Ben from his 2nd birthday last month. Used a sketch I spotted on Sharons blog site using a sketch from UKS RickRack Ravers. First time I've worked with a sketch and really loved it. Made the title on the craft robo and then glazed it and used my new border stamp around the photo's. Quite pleased with the result.

Tomorrow I have my cousin coming over as she is just getting into scrapping and wants some tips and then Vikki is bringing her car over in the afternoon so Eric can do a pre MOT check.

Jim is well on the road to recovery and the vets are so pleased with the healing, and acknowledge it's really down to Eric changing his dressings daily and keeping the wounds clean.

I've finished the AB's for chest infection today and do feel a lot better.

Oh and finally found time to play with my BIA Eric got me for Christmas, figured out how to use it all by myself LOL and made a notepad. Couldn't set eyelets with my crop a dile which was really upsetting but Eric is going to try and make some extra leverage for it. Still checking out camera's as the Nikon D40 was beyond my physical capabilities, looking at the Olympus SP-560UZ now.

So apart from all the usual jobs on my "TO DO LIST" I must do my CJ entry next week for the DC Sixers, I have Cath's journal here "The year you were born" some beautiful work in it, so thinking cap on..... and I have to start the invites and so it goes on.....

Friday, 11 January 2008

A good day scrapping

Dawn and I got back into our normal routine of scrapping on a Thursday yesterday yay !!! only managed one LO as my wrist is sore but it was a lovely class from Karen Leahy aka Scrapdolly on The Design Collective called "Hide it all away"

First time I've attempted faux stitching and loved it! under the flap there's a photo of Vikki's car and journaling about how we bought her a car for her 18th and she wasn't ready to drive and now 9 years later she decided it was the right time, so Eric built her a PC so she could do practice theory tests on line and bought her a little car as an incentive. We were so proud of her passing both the theory and driving test first time.

Off to the Dr's this morning, think I may have a chest infection.

Might try and go out at the weekend to look at camera's, quite liking the Nikon D40 but would have to hold it so I can see if it's to heavy etc for me. Bit more expensive than we had thought of paying but it has some excellent reviews.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Muddling on

Or that's how it feels, just can't seem to get to the bottom of my "to do list", not helped my feeling wiped out. Combination of all the stress and upset which is guaranteed to flare the RA and incubating a cold me thinks.

Really would like to tart up this old blog having seen other peoples but a) don't have the know how and b) where would I find time LOL.

Just spend a lovely couple of hours spending a £20 gift voucher at ATDML that I won on the Design Collective. No skilled involved LOL just for every Lo we uploaded from 31/10 to 31/12 got us a draw ticket and I won. woohoo

Jim is doing really well and now has all the stitches out. Eric changes his dressings daily and just takes him down the vets every few days for them to check the wounds are clean etc. best of all he can now go on quiet walks. We are all still missing Mac terribly and still trying to adjust to such a small pack of 4 dogs.

Managed to do my entry for the DC sixers CJ this week and two LO's.

Photo's were taken when we went to watch the Christmas lights in Stowmarket being switched on. Journaling tells how Vik set herself a goal to drive over and pick us up when she started learning to drive in May.

I loved this photo and just wanted that to be the main focus of the LO. Both LO's are based on classes from the talented girls on THE DESIGN COLLECTIVE.

LO's are better IRL but camera is getting doggier by the day.

If anyone has suggestion/recommendations please let me know, we want something that's not to heavy for me to hold but not so small that I can't get hold of it. Has to be idiot proof for me but have some bells and whistles for Eric to play with. Tall order?