Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Yet more

This is definitely the last "TT" LO's LOL.

As I have been doing a 2007 scrap album I wanted to include a LO about Eric's holiday even though he has his own separate holiday album. Ended up doing a DLO at crop on Saturday, never scrapped a LO of LO's before.

I didn't include every LO I did but it has quite a few of them LOL.

Yesterday I made a start on my entry for the DC Sixer CJ, I have Cath CJ here "The year you were born" and actually managed to finish it off this morning, way ahead of schedule for a change. Have also design and cut out all the bits for Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary party invites, just have to find a bit of time to sit down and make them now.

Makes a pleasant change to be ticking a few jobs of my "To Do" list LOL.

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Sharon said...

What a fantastic idea for a layout.