Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Muddling on

Or that's how it feels, just can't seem to get to the bottom of my "to do list", not helped my feeling wiped out. Combination of all the stress and upset which is guaranteed to flare the RA and incubating a cold me thinks.

Really would like to tart up this old blog having seen other peoples but a) don't have the know how and b) where would I find time LOL.

Just spend a lovely couple of hours spending a £20 gift voucher at ATDML that I won on the Design Collective. No skilled involved LOL just for every Lo we uploaded from 31/10 to 31/12 got us a draw ticket and I won. woohoo

Jim is doing really well and now has all the stitches out. Eric changes his dressings daily and just takes him down the vets every few days for them to check the wounds are clean etc. best of all he can now go on quiet walks. We are all still missing Mac terribly and still trying to adjust to such a small pack of 4 dogs.

Managed to do my entry for the DC sixers CJ this week and two LO's.

Photo's were taken when we went to watch the Christmas lights in Stowmarket being switched on. Journaling tells how Vik set herself a goal to drive over and pick us up when she started learning to drive in May.

I loved this photo and just wanted that to be the main focus of the LO. Both LO's are based on classes from the talented girls on THE DESIGN COLLECTIVE.

LO's are better IRL but camera is getting doggier by the day.

If anyone has suggestion/recommendations please let me know, we want something that's not to heavy for me to hold but not so small that I can't get hold of it. Has to be idiot proof for me but have some bells and whistles for Eric to play with. Tall order?


Sharon said...

Never mind your "to do" list....you concentrate on keeping your strength up. Your list can wait!! Now that's my lecture for today over :):) hehehehe

Sorry Sue I can't help on the camera front, best to go to a shop like Jessops and try them out.

Heather said...

Your LO's are just fab, its so nice to see members enjoying the classes and actually doing them :D You look after yourself and who needs a fancy blog, just something to read and see eh?