Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year

Christmas ended up being very subdued for us what with losing Mac we thought that was as bad as it could get but Christmas Day poor Jim ended up having emergency surgery, Eric had let him off lead for a treat in 150 acres of enclosed land and what did he do but try to run through a cattle grid and tore his leg down to bare bone. So the day was spent anxiously waiting on a call from the vets. Luckily for us little Ben arrived and cheered us up. He was so in to handing out the presents and opening most of them that he took our minds off Jim for a short while.

Jim faces months of recovery with visits every other day to the vets to have dressings changed and may still require further surgery.

Tonight we will as usually spend the night at home with the hounds as they get so frightened with fireworks going off. We plan to watch Shrek 3 and pig out on sweeties. Not that I should, scales have been very unkind to me!

New years resolutions, to make decisions on where to hang pictures and photo's that have sat on the floor in the study gathering dust for to long, to crack on with getting the conservatory built and to sort out the garage that contains boxes from the last two house moves. It's a huge double garage with workshop and is stuffed full.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.


Jane said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope it will be a better one for you, take care, Jane x

Guinevere said...

Hoping 2008 will be a much better year for the hounds Sue. Love to you and yours - Maynrys as Blien Noa as they say here - Happy New Year.
Jennie xx

Sharon said...

Happy New Year Sue. May you and your family, including the greyhounds have a healthy and happy 2008.
Much love