Monday, 17 December 2007


Mac and his pack have been on the receiving end of some parcel's bearing goodies, thank you so much to Shellie and Lorraine our friends from greyhound gap.

Please note the tiny black greyhound on the back of the sofa, that's for me from Lorraine and named Herbie after one of Lorraine's lovely dogs. Lucky wants to eat it LOL.

Not such a great night with Mac last night and he's off colour today, Lucky is on the mend and we have a mouse, well I'm hoping it's a mouse and not something bigger. First heard a few days ago in the loft but last night it started to chew it's way through the airing cupboard door in the kitchen. The price you pay for living next to fields I suppose and not the first time I might add. When we first moved out here and discovered them in the garage we bought humane traps with the idea of releasing the little critters much to the villagers amusement we've since learnt they just come back and destroy everything in their path. Last time they destroyed and I mean destroyed Christmas decorations in the garage and moved a very large bag of fish food into a leather satchel Eric had for work tools. Lord knows what's got it this time.

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