Saturday, 8 December 2007

Good thoughts needed

Mac has been to the vets today and I'm so sad!

After lengthy discussions it has been decided to x-ray Mac under GA on Friday to try and see exactly what is going on with the lump. It was x-rayed a few months ago and the vet thought it was bone, growing like a callous over the plate and pins he had put in after the leg fell to pieces two years ago. He has extremely stiff hips to add to his problems. Normally the vet would want to amputate at this point but it isn't an option for Mac who with his stiff hips and age simply wouldn't be able to cope. The vet also thinks to open the lump up would be opening a can of worms, does this mean he now thinks the tumour has become cancerous? are we to lose another of our beloved greys to the blasted bone caner?. Vet thinks the only option even before seeing the x-ray is to keep him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. How long is that?

We are reeling from the visit today and simply can't think of a way out of this for Mac. Can't face putting the tree up tonight that's for sure, just want to crawl into a hole and howl. Will have to try and pull myself together tomorrow as lots of family visiting for my birthday.

Please send all good thoughts to this very very special grey. Mac has endured so much and deserves to be healthy, happy and grow old disgracefully.


Lorraine said...

Hi Sue..only just found this again ..lost it when we got a new computer.
Have left another message for you on Gap.
Am so very very sorry to hear about Mac....fingers crossed that he can still pull through this set back.
You know where I am if you need me Sue.
Update when you can...sending you all hugs and a special kiss for Mac!

Lorraine x

Karen said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts Mac's way - he's a lovely little chap. xx Hugs for you too. x

Jane said...

so sorry Sue, hope you had a good birthday despite everything x