Friday, 29 June 2012

A difficult week

So life has decided to play mean this week! second week into chest infection means I am struggling and yet again can't have arthritis injection so that's decided to jump on the band wagon and flare. Back to Dr's yet again Tuesday to check on me.

Projects on desk going nowhere fast!

Hounds all well and happy (she says touching wood - which to our American friends means sort of don't tempt fate) LOL.

Awoke to an email on Tuesday confirming my payment via paypal to some chap I've never heard of for £470, nearly died of shock, bank have been very unhelpful and money has been taken from my account but paypal have it and won't release it to either me or this villian until they investigate, which can take up to 30 days! so could do without the aggro and stress.

Finally plucked up the courage to do a wedding layout, putting so much pressure on myself that it became a complete block but this literally took under 30 minutes last night and I love it LOL.

Back to town tomorrow as I need to collect new glasses, only a very slight deteriation but as they had a special offer on I've treated myself to some new ones, the optician did say my eyes were very inflammed and dry, I had put it down to needing stronger glasses but she thinks it's more likely the RA which as I know has flared up.

Hope next week is a better one, still being a bit off has meant I've had the perfect excuse to watch lots of tennis at wimbledon yay!

Sue x

PS The new header isn't my work I found it as a freebie and then just tinkered with it a bit and added the photo's but it is on my to do list to do one, the previous one I made but had it up for ages so decided it was time for a change.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Weekly round up

Another week zooms by a week of sunshine and showers! now I know us British are obsessed by the weather but it would actually be nice to have more than 2 dry days before rain returns especially with Wimbledon starting on Monday.

Sunday Vikki and family came over for Father's Day and Ben persuaded me and his Dad to play football. Lord knows what I was thinking, talk about stiff as a board later that day and not helped by Mr T saying I looked like those clips you've seen on you've been framed where some old dear is trying to act young before they have a accident, well at least I didn't fall over and Ben was happy LOL

Hounds are all well and happy (touching wood) and Orin's insurance is sorted and I've registered him at the vets, he has calmed down a bit the last few days. So funny when he's happy he gets so excited he doesn't know what to do LOL. Think Mojo has started to age, he still runs like the wind but spends most of the day sleeping in between walks. Going white suits him I think.

 Elmo and Orin best of buddies
 A girls got to keep warm some how

Doesn't he grow more handsome by the week

When we first moved here there was a cockerel on the garage but Eric decided it would be more fitting to have a greyhound so from a photo of Dill our 2nd greyhound he made the weathervane clever right, anyway a little chaffinch has sat up there all week singing his heart so finally we decided we should take a photo, sometimes he sits underneath and it looks like hes serenading Dill.

I forgot to show the flip books I made in their finished state so here goes

Each book is made from just one sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock as is the next project, little maze books, sometimes called meander books or brag books anyway they're for keeping in your handbag. I've made one for me and Vikki and one for her Mother in Law, so next time someones asks if I have any photo's of the wedding I can whip it out LOL.

So I'd best clean up my desk now and then I'm ready to start the final project before getting stuck into the wedding album.

No scrapping with Dawn today as she's off for a long weekend which means when I go to town tomorrow I must remember she won't be there to carry my shopping LOl also having an eye test tomorrow have a strong suspicion I need stronger glasses for reading and close up stuff.

Sue x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Okay so it's not much of a surprise!

But as from today this little man is now officially called


didn't see that coming did you LOL, how could we not keep him, he's still shy and nervous but is gaining in confidence and totally adores Elmo and Elmo adores him. We kind of like him as well *SNORT* so yay another new addition to the Taylor pack.

Made some mini flip book albums for the bridesmaid and bride of the wedding, all very similar but personal to each one,so here's a few pages.

Next on the list 3 little maze books for me Vik and her Mother -in Law to keep in handbags to if anyone asks if you have photo's of the wedding you can say YES LOL.

Vikki and family came over yesterday to visit for Father's Day and I was explaining how I would do her wedding album IE a traditional photo book But she really surprised me by asking if you could have a digi scrap album and even Mathew said it would be lovely to have something different with photo's and words that tell the tale of the day. Boy was I shocked LOl that's what I had planed to do for myself but didn't think they would want that so was rather pleased.

Better get planning.

Elmo is much better and almost back to his normal self and none of the others went down with whatever was ailing him thank goodness.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

A poorly Elmo

Elmo is poorly, Monday lunchtime he became very lethargic and had a very high temperature so off to see Mr vet! vet suspected an infection and gave him jabs for antibiotics and anti inflammatories. Back yesterday and as he had improved vet said it obviously is an infection and he now has antibiotic pills.

Orin has barely left his side!

Finally got around to doing a thank you card for my hand surgeon. That man is such a superstar and even interrupted his Christmas Day in 2010 to perform emergency surgery on my hand, so I wanted him to see some before during and after photo's LOL.

So have just about finished all outstanding projects and can turn my thoughts to wedding stuff, still waiting for professional photo's! but do have some really good ones that Eric got.

 That's me with my parents
and I love this one of Vikki and Ben, hadn't really seen that he has his Mum's gorgeous eyes before!

Since we were told about the hose pipe ban back in April it has rained and rained, yesterday the hose pipe ban was lifted hooray! Eric has several jobs that require using a hose pipe and it's been very frustrating. yesterday and today we have sun but then more rain is forecast. Where my brother and family live in Colorado they have terrible fires, way to close to them as well, shame the rain can't be redirected!

Off to crop on Saturday.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rain rain go away AND DON'T COME BACK!

Well apart from the weekend our daughter got married it's rained pretty much non stop for weeks and weeks and now it's turned cold just to add insult to injury. Everyone is well and truly fed up with the weather here and the fact that we still have a hose pipe ban is ********.

So last week during half term we had a whole hour without rain and the grandsons along with my son Marc and daughter Vikki tried out the new swingball I bought!

Marc managed to get Harvey to be a mascot for Blackpool's final home match in April, Marc has supported them since he was a young child and truth be known would have loved to have been the mascot himself LOL. So I thought I'd make Harvey a quick album about his lovely day, turned out to take ages as I wanted to add lots of info to it! My quick projects are never quick LOL. Here are some of the pages. I kept the pages very simple as you can see.

Finally got a nice photo of Orin,

 Orin continues to be very happy and has discovered how much fun it is to play with toys and Elmo but still remains scared of new people and situations. This morning I had to go to hospital for hand clinic and it was the first time we've had to leave him, I was worried that a) Elmo would go into dark destroyer mode and b) Orin would be scared silly but we came home 2 hours later to no damage and Orin quite chilled out! A good result.

 Mojo has been quite grumpy this week, he's 10 now and I think he's getting a bit fed up with being sat on or having the two youngsters continually playing and roaring about. When they have their walks Alfie and Mojo are allowed off lead and get a good run sadly the 2 that need it aren't able to go off lead yet, NO RECALL LOL!
Grumpy but very handsome  Mojo

So here's Orin trying out which hound he prefers to sit on LOL.

 maybe Alfie
 or Mojo - maybe not!
Yup that's perfect Mojo!

He hasn't dared to try and sit on Gangley you notice, smart move Orin!

hand clinic okay, keep on with exercies and back in a month.

Sue x