Sunday, 3 June 2012

Weekly round up

Well most of the week has been spent recovering from the wedding LOl, have done a couple of layouts and am trying to finish off several projects before starting on the wedding stuff.

First up the boys and the egg hunt on Easter Sunday

and this of our dear friends who doggy sat for us, shame only 4 out of the 5 hounds are in it.

Mojo had his yearly check up and jabs this weekly and was told he's in excellent shape for an old boy, he sure doesn't act like a 10 year old LOL. Also had his renewal for insurance this week and was horrified that it's gone up another £15 per month, of all the hounds he's the only one whose never had a claim

Elmo's training books and clicker have arrived but he's been too busy to read them yet, really really have to get serious and start this week. He's still being good and loves his new best friend Orin, boy do they roar around the garden like loonies.

So Orin is continuing to do well, when we have visitors he's ready to say hello within a few minutes now and is currently acting like a 3 month old pup having discovered how good life is. We're really pleased with how he's coming along and decided to introduce him to beef bones this week. Normally they all have one in the morning but because we didn't know how he would react we stopped for a bit. Thursday they got on each with us in the room and again Friday, as there were no problems they had one each again today and we sort of hoovered in the next room and still no problems. In all honesty Alfie usually causes the upset as he KNOWS  bones, toys everything belong to him solely and is always pinching Mojo's bone, Mojo just comes in and tells me and I go and get it back for him. Will continue with bones and keep a watchful eye, don't want any handbags thrown about.

Went to crop yesterday and had a lovely time, including a cream tea to celebrate the jubilee weekend, so kind of Janina and very much appreciated.

Dawn's first daughter gave birth to her 2nd child early Saturday a sister for Jude called Isla Rose.

Think that's about it, other than me and Gangley popped into Ipswich today, she knows when it's Sunday and Sundays she expects to go somewhere anywhere just so long as it's just me and her. We've bought some bedding plants and hope to do the pots and baskets tomorrow. Mr T is putting in an watering system for me so i can just turn a tap on and they get watered, now that's what I call clever!


What Remains Now said...

What a lovely week...sounds like life is good and you deserve it, my friend!

Declan said...

Glad that things seem relatively stress free! Deccy x

hotpotato said...

Ah, thanks Sue, so glad you enjoyed yesterday's crop.

gyeong said...

Sounds like everyone was being good, so you could recover in peace :)

Sue said...

Lovely LOs.

Glad Mojo got the ok from the vet. I haven't got insurance for Song because it was ridiculous.

Song is frightened of a clicker:) Hope Elmo is a fast learner.

Glad Orin is enjoying life. Can't see you splitting him and Elmo up.

Many congrats to Dawn on the birth of Isal Rose. Another grandchild to cherish.

Glad Ganley got her 1:1 with you. With a house full of males I should think she ws glad to get out.

Hope you get your plants in.

Carol said...

what gorgeous photos and vicki and Matthew, and Ben, had such fab weather - so glad that all the plans fell into place for the big day.

Great pictures and layouts - Saturday was a lovely day wasn't it!!

Take care, xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Your LO's are beautiful Sue :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Hi Sue, I had a catch up on your blog a few days ago but don't think I managed a comment:( So glad Orin is coming round to visitors and that he's fitting in so well. Heck, I can't give Beryl and Frankie bones when they're together, your guys do very well! Elmo will probably love the clicker. Beryl and Frankie do, although Frankie is much quicker to catch on to things than Beryl. She tends to want to put her own slant on how things should be done and gets bored very quickly.

The wedding photos came out very well and looked like a great day for everyone:)