Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rain rain go away AND DON'T COME BACK!

Well apart from the weekend our daughter got married it's rained pretty much non stop for weeks and weeks and now it's turned cold just to add insult to injury. Everyone is well and truly fed up with the weather here and the fact that we still have a hose pipe ban is ********.

So last week during half term we had a whole hour without rain and the grandsons along with my son Marc and daughter Vikki tried out the new swingball I bought!

Marc managed to get Harvey to be a mascot for Blackpool's final home match in April, Marc has supported them since he was a young child and truth be known would have loved to have been the mascot himself LOL. So I thought I'd make Harvey a quick album about his lovely day, turned out to take ages as I wanted to add lots of info to it! My quick projects are never quick LOL. Here are some of the pages. I kept the pages very simple as you can see.

Finally got a nice photo of Orin,

 Orin continues to be very happy and has discovered how much fun it is to play with toys and Elmo but still remains scared of new people and situations. This morning I had to go to hospital for hand clinic and it was the first time we've had to leave him, I was worried that a) Elmo would go into dark destroyer mode and b) Orin would be scared silly but we came home 2 hours later to no damage and Orin quite chilled out! A good result.

 Mojo has been quite grumpy this week, he's 10 now and I think he's getting a bit fed up with being sat on or having the two youngsters continually playing and roaring about. When they have their walks Alfie and Mojo are allowed off lead and get a good run sadly the 2 that need it aren't able to go off lead yet, NO RECALL LOL!
Grumpy but very handsome  Mojo

So here's Orin trying out which hound he prefers to sit on LOL.

 maybe Alfie
 or Mojo - maybe not!
Yup that's perfect Mojo!

He hasn't dared to try and sit on Gangley you notice, smart move Orin!

hand clinic okay, keep on with exercies and back in a month.

Sue x


Declan said...

He looks like he's settling well. I wish Mum would get another friend for me! Hardly room as there is, though! Deccy x

hotpotato said...

He's such a handsome fellow.

Sue said...

Had to laugh at Orin. Looks like him and Elmo are best buds.

Fab LOs for Harvey. Bet he was one thrilled little boy.

Gem's Crafts said...

It was a shame that it rained over half term, I'm sure it started the day after I bought summer tops for Alissia! Love your LO's, you've been very busy!

What Remains Now said...

And here we are, dry as a bone and wishing for rain!

Your layouts are incredible. You are so talented! Super talented! What a treasure for Harvey.

Orin looks like a real snuggler. What a sweetie. Glad that you were able to go out and not come home to any "surprises."

gyeong said...

Should send those rain storms to the forest fires in the Western U.S. where they would appreciative it. Looks like Orin is definitely finding his place in the pack.

Carol said...

that scrapbook for Harvey is FAB can't quite make out who enjoyed that day more???? roflx - loads of info in there no wonder it took you ages.

What great pictures of the pack - hope all are well x and how proud must you be of the two new Taylor dogs xx lol


Jane said...

My dad came from Burnley, so I'm afraid my heart is still with them :)