Thursday, 28 April 2011

two posts in two days!

Made this for Mr T's birthday tomorrow, has taken ages despite being digi LOL and as for the covers well lets just say that was Easter LOL...

Lucky is off to vets tonight, paws crossed her review of cushings medicines is positive!

Got the family coming for a birthday tea tomorrow so had better get cracking with the preparations...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Oh dear!

What a bad blogger I am, sometimes life just gets in the way LOL....

I've been busy doing loads of stuff for the charity coast to coast walk, sponsorship forms are doing very well as is the response to 150 plus letters I sent out to local companies. Lots of lovely prizes have been donated for the raffle which will be held on the quiz night. I have been asked to do a blog so people can keep up to date as it unfolds, the boys had a nice piece in the local paper last week with a follow up interview planned! so watch this space (well it's on my to do list).

Lucky has started medication for Cushings, all very scary and needs very careful monitoring but after several weeks of being very flat she has perked up a bit this week.

Mr T continues to improve but still tires quickly and has more hospital appts than me, now that's saying something LOl. I'm still in plaster and off to the hospital next Tuesday so fingers crossed.

I wanted to make the lovely lady who brought her greyhounds over for the photo shoot a little thank you present, so going back to Carol's class I made this frame. A lot more basic than I would have liked but one handed and all that LOL...

Sue x

Monday, 11 April 2011

Just giving

Marc and Steve who are doing the coast to coast walk in June would like to announce their just giving page has now gone live and is ready for donations LOL. I have placed a widget on my blog if anyone fancies sending a few pennies. Lots and lots od fund raising activities will take place over the next two months, so paws crossed they can raise lots of money.

Muggins here now has over 100 letters to send out on their behalf LOl...

Many thanks Sue x

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Photo shoot

What do you call a group of 11 hounds............. HEAVEN and CHAOS LOL

So finally last night we got the photo's taken for Marc and Steve to launch the publicity for their Coast to Coast walk in June. They're hoping to raise £2,000 for greyhoundgap, more details to follow when FB page and Just giving pages go live.

So a few photo's of the shoot.

First up son Marc and colleague Steve wearing their specially designed t shirts.

and 11 hounds, not one single grump or growl from any of them. 7 of these gorgeous hounds owe their lives to greyhoundgap! 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

At last

Eric finally came home last Tuesday and just in time as I was totally exhausted from the worry, lousy cold, chest infection etc etc etc LOL and far from me looking after him I all but collapsed and poor Eric ended up looking after me, totally embarrassing and not the home coming I had planned LOl.

The hounds were ecstatic to have Dad home and have quickly settled back into their routine, Eric is taking it easy and is still getting very tired, so I think it will take him longer to come back up to full strength than either of us realised BUT we are just grateful he's home.

Nothing on the crafting front LOL but the cold finally seems to be releasing me from it's grip and today I actually feel a bit better.

Got a nice new clean plaster cast yesterday and the follow up appt for the ulcer was okay, nothing sinister from biopsy's, still not allowed to take the anti inflammatories nor will I ever be allowed by the looks of it but at least it's all calmed down and for that I am very grateful.....

Might have some photo's to share tomorrow as we have 5 greyhounds coming tonight so we can take the photo's to start the publicity and fundraising of Marc's coast to coast walk in June to raise some money for Greyhoundgap.....more of that later as they say.....

Many many thanks for all the messages and support we've received, to say this year has been challenging is an understatement but hopefully it's onwards and upwards from here on in....

Little Ben had Kenny Bear popped over Sunday 

(Kenny is the class bear who gets to go home with whoever has been the best behaved child)

So many lovely photo's to scrap!!!