Friday, 25 September 2009


Sometimes you make handmade gifts for people and they just don't get it and other times like today they do!!!

Dawn's daughter Hollie is 30 today, I've known Hollie since she was 3 years old and not only is she like a 2nd daughter to me, she is also Vikki's best friend and godmother to Ben. Hollie is smart, funny and such a lovely girl so I wanted to make her something special, especially as Matt her fiancee is away in Afghanistan. I made her a word book with photo's with all the milestones in her life. At 8am this morning she rang me up in tears. SHE LOVED IT!!!!!

I won't post all the pages as it's personal to Hollie but this is the front. It's actually much more gorgeous in real life.

Also been scrapping and did this layout at Papermaze crop on Saturday. Photo is of Marc doing his first half marathon.

and yesterday I scrapped at Dawn's house for a change as Mr T is at home working on the conservatory and did this LO of Eric out walking with his six pack.

i was really pleased with the photo as I took it on full zoom when they were coming back from a walk across the village playing field.

Sandy is still very well, Jim has had a couple of iffy days but seems to be settling down again.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


OMG I actually did a layout today! first one in over 3 weeks as
a) I've been poorly
b) I've been working on a coule of little projects for prezzies for people and
c) hounds are keeping me fairly busy LOl.

So today I got up extra early, rushed round doing the chores and seeing to animals then quickly printed off a photo and grabbed some paper and headed into the dining room to wait for Dawn.

We had a really relaxing day and I actually started and finished this

it's a very simple layout but I wanted to record the conversation I had with Ben, he was so excited to go out with Uncle Marc and and spent months reminding Marc that he had promised to take him to Dinosaur land. All paper and embellishments are from Basic Grey Archaic range.

Just need to sort something out for papermaze crop Saturday now LOL.

Sandy and Jim are both still well and fairly stable. We occasionally have to tweak pills and potions as things progress but the vet is happy with them both.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Count your BLESSINGS

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when the world changed forever. On the 11th September 8 years ago I was in hospital on 3 weeks bed rest, when Dawn came to visit and said "I've just heard something odd on the radio, turn your tele on" and so we watched on in horror and disbelief as the awful events of that day unfolded.

So today I count my blessings

I live in a small but lovely bungalow in a beautiful village

with these guys who mean everything to me

This man is working his socks off to build me a conservatory after selling his favourite motorbike to buy it (2nd hand) and spends hours trying to figure out how to build a porch, extend the conservatory and get 3 different roof lines to work.

and having my son

my daughter and little Ben, happy, settled and getting on with lives is a blessing.

So tomorrow I'll remember that my heart breaks over Jim and Sandy's deteriorating health, that my good knee is becoming bad, and that I can't seem to shake off this flu blah blah blah ...


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Good news

Jim is improving, slowly, he looks less pained and has eaten small amounts of food, all hand fed of course.

He can't have any pain relief for the Osteosarcoma for a week as the tummy meds need time to start repairing the ulcer.

This morning he has gone for a walk and looks so much more comfortable. He's obviously not out of the woods yet but boy does life feel a zillion times better than the last two days.

Thank you to everyone who has sent so many get better soon thoughts.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jim is very poorly

Last night Jim suddenly started to vomit blood and lots of it, Eric rushed him to the vets and they suspect a gastric ulcer caused by his pain medication.

He is a very poorly little man and any good wishes you can send will be most gratefully received.