Tuesday, 24 September 2013

 Back from a lovely weekend in Norfolk, my favourite place in the world! Came home feeling recharged and relaxed!

 Didn't last long Alfie had a set to with a cat yesterday and came off worse result £96 to Mr Vet arrrgh  Must remember to take a photo of poor Alfie's face it is so swollen from the cat incident!

Got quite a lot of crafting done over the weekend. I had saved crop kits so didn't need to pack so much of my own stuff LOL. Did manage to add my own touches to them though.

First up a photo  of my daughter and Sarah her sister in law and all the children. Vikki and Sarah were school friends, Sarah later moved to America when she got married and Vikki is now married to her brother Mathew. Have to check the date of this but think it's July 2010

 Photo of Ben when he stayed last month. Kit was from papermaze crop and designed by Lou Collins, again a lot of digi stuff in background. I love doing it part digi part paper/real LOL.
 Wasn't sure whether to scrap this photo as I had put it with the kit before Orin passed away but I'm glad I did. Simple layout designed by Janina, with my own spin on it.
 Love these two, photo's of my Mum and Dad. I did the background stuff on the PC. The frames were sissiz dies that were cut out and rubbed with glitter paste. Kit designed by Janina for Bramford crop

 Eric on his new push bike, also designed by Janina.
 A very old photo of my parents myself, sister and brother.
 Also made a maze book for a friend but haven't taken photo's yet.

Came home to a spotlessly clean house, and 8 hounds very pleased to see their Mum LOL.

A perfect weekend and homecoming! one complaint though it went too fast. Couldn't believe how hot it was yesterday about 24 degrees on the coast in late September wow!!

Sue x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


So life is pretty much to normal now the walk has finished just a few loose ends to tie up, donations are still coming in and currently the total with gift aid is £3,431which is fantastic! BUT even better combined with the money raised on the first two walks brings the total to £10,011. £10,000 was the target we set ourselves to reach over 4 walks so with 1 walk still to go we've already achieved our goal.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, donated or bought my cards.

In the weeks leading upto then the walk and then  a week or so after it pretty much dominates life around here so I am really looking forward to going away Friday with Dawn. As usual we're off to Norfolk in the caravan where we will scrap, chat and chill. Perfect timing. Have a stinky cold so hoping it goes quickly.

I've made this digi layout and framed it to post to Lisa the found of Greyhound Gap, she enjoyed walking with the boys so much on the final stretch that I wanted to give her something to remember it by. Hope she likes it.

The fields behind us have been harvested and the season has definately rolled from summer to autumn but my baskets are still looking quite good. The watering system Eric installed is wonderful I just turn the tap on and set the timer, really has made a difference as this year.

The twins LOL Mojo and Indy who look so alike even down to only having half a tail now have matching collars, Rocky also has one on order.

Rocky was really effected by the passing of Orin and totally withdrew but is on his way back and is showing signs of being really cheeky. Gangley continues to do well and is fast approaching the day when she will want to walk further than I can manage. I've just ordered her a new jumper as it's turning chilly, to think when I came back from my weekend in May I was in tears to see how wobbly she had become. I know it's down to Lori's treatment which she has daily and making her walk twice a day has improved her muscle tone. We call her Madam Yip as she is always yipping at something or yipping to wind the others up LOL. She's a little monkey but I am so grateful to still have her.

My brother and family live in Longmount Colarado, Kelly's work is flooded and they are pretty much cut off from the terrible floods last week. 11 inches of rain in 3 days! so sad to see the video footage.

So hope everyone has a great weekend, I intend too LOL.

Sue x

Monday, 9 September 2013


Totally overwhelmed and very emtional as I woke up this morning to find the target was almost reached and an hour later had been reached!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, followed the boys on facebook and here.

A few more photo's from last night, if your of a nervous dispossition you may not want to look. Ned's at it again! LOL.

 I love this photo of my son and am very proud of him
 this time with the gappers and Ned is in the photo
 and yes he did strip off and swim in the Irish sea! Ned totally bonkers
but fab for morale, good job he's a retired police officer! if Marc or Steve had done it they would be in hot water LOL.

 And finally Sandy woo in whose memory these walks are dedicated to

  Sandy the motivation of www.walkingthebeat.co.uk

so far the money raised is £2,615 plus 578 gift aid
 making a total of £3,193 for this years walk!

Sue xxxx

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 8 Bodfari to Prestatyn 15 mile

Sunday 8th September -  Day 8 Bodfari to  Prestatyn 15 mile

Just a short hop skip and a jump to Prestatyn today.

Started off with a late breakfast as they  had plenty of time to walk 8 miles to a village called Rhuallt and meet up with Lisa the founder of greyhound Gap. Lisa and a few other brave gappers then walked the final 8.5 miles with the boys.

 First glimpse of the Irish sea today
 Getting closer
Ned mad as a hatter socks hanging off his ears!
Unlike Marc and Steve this is Neds first long distance walk, he described himself as "the weakest" link, well far from being the weakest Link Ned has been a star, ill equipped (his choice) brilliant and improvising and not once did he complain bearing in mind he is a RETIRED police officer. Ned has been a fantastic addition to this years walking the beat team.
Steve who has walked every step of the 3 coast to coasts with Marc

Steve has been with Marc every step of the way since they came up with this madcap idea of walking the four coast to coast routes that make up Great Britain. Steve has as always provided Marc with continued support and boy has that been needed this year.

getting closer

two miles to go

and they're finished the official monument to mark the end of Offa's Dyke 180 miles!

a warm welcome from gappers

Lisa walked the last 8.5 miles with them (founder of GG)

and as they left the beach a rainbow maybe all our bridge babies giving them the thumbs up!
Current total raised £2,805 with gift aid but usually a bit more goes in afterwards.

Boys travel home tomorrow and poor Steve has to be on duty at 6pm!

Thank you all for sharing this years adventure, and to everyone who donated.
 I shall be back later in the week for a round up and other stuff.

sue aka walk coordinator signing off  from year 3 of  walkingthebeat's  coast to coast walks.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day 7 Llandegla to Bodfari 17.5 miles

Two photo's from yesterday

 Ned's wet weather gear consisted of a plastic poncho!

 and the co friendly pod which was their accommodation last night.

7th September 2013 -  Day 7 Llandegla to Bodfari 17.5 miles

Today's update from Marc
Departure time for the penultimate day is 0830: 17.5 miles between us & Bodfari
The guide details the Clwidian range as undulating ups and downs from 800ft to 1800ft so it would be an accurate assessment that the pace will drop considerably, however a 1700hrs arrival would still make it out earliest arrival! With no real need to rush as every mile rings closer the last day

Village fete today and lots of scarecrows around

 We spent the day trying to keep ahead of the dark rain clouds so walked at a hard fast pace. Got their first sightings of the sea in the distance, which is always a good for morale. Result of fast pace, they arrived at Bodfari 2.5 hours earlier than expected!
 Jubilee tower ahead and then view from the top of the tower
 Quick stop for lunch

First sighting of the North sea with Prestatyn in the distance our end point tomorrow

Land lady of B & B said a) she’d never had anyone stay with her before who had completed the walk in less than 11 days never mind 7.5 LOL and b) couldn’t believe how early they arrived at 3pm ish. Steve and Ned may just be a tad tired but luckily pub is only 30 yards away so expect they will manage to crawl that far.

According to Marc it’s just a hop skip and a jump to Prestatyn and spirits are definitely HIGH tonight LOL.

Have added link in case anyone would like to make a donation for the kennel fund.

sue x


Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 6 Trefonen to Llandegla 24 miles

September 6th 2013 - Day 6 Trefonen to Llandegla 24 miles

Marc's update for today

"Long days walking commenced at 0845 & concluded at 1835!

Getting lost was not part of the agenda! Mainly down to what can only be described as rights of ways on farmers fields and signs being taken away we decided to descend back to civilization to do the sensible thing and ask / walk the road to pick the path back up..... However the local farmer promptly sent us off in the wrong direction (maybe on purpose?!?) & it took miles and minutes to recover

Having said that we only accumulated an extra 3 miles but time lost  Once back on the path the canal once again proved a picturesque walk..... The weather began to close in and waterproofs came out, Ned once again proved good for morale with what can only be described as a ‘poncho’, which I’m guessing, came free with HMV bag!
The ruins of the castle high above Llangollen would have made a great place to stop and admire but the wind was picking up, moorland Forrest and quarries followed before arriving wet through (bringing back memories of Scotland last year)

Tonight we stay in an Eco pod, picture to follow shortly
On any of the first 4 days it would be lovely with a decor outside area and a stream 10 yards on front of the pod but it seems Wales weather has returned to what I guess you'd expect at this time of the year !
To put the walk into perspective we have so far covered a total of 150 miles in 3,566 minutes"
Doesn't look like they will reach their target this year for the first time but we'll keep trying LOL
Donations can be made here thank you
sue x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 5 Foredon to Trefonen 23.5 miles

5th September 2013 - Day 5 Foredon to Trefonen 23.5 miles

Here's Marc's update on todays walking.

Cracking days walking in much cooler temperatures, further assisted by the flattest terrain of the walk. Followed the dyke for much of the morning (although King Offa really needs to have a word with his soldiers as its fallen into ruins in places!!)
Picturesque scenery and a good speed kept all 3 in good spirits
Ned got carried away during lunch time and went for a swim in the river (which turned a very mysterious colour! & apparently it was freezing, luckily for him he didn't get caught out by the strong current as neither Steve or I had any intention of going in)
A few climbs in the afternoon were easily overcome, never venturing over 1350ft
The weather turned cooler towards Trefonen and as we arrived the wind ripped up & it has just started to rain.

We will brave ourselves for whatever comes our way tomorrow!
Last difficult day tomorrow (24) miles so a little earlier start.
That's it for this eve apart from to thank all the people that have left comments they really do genuinely assist.  We do make it sound fun but on a more serious note this is a hard walk (I would suggest in hindsight another day would have made it easier) however all walkers we have met to date have planned out anywhere from 11-14 days, so 7.5 has brought some strange glances as well as some respectful glances

" we'll get it done"

 End of Marc's report........... and  some lovely photo's from today.

View from their room early this morning
 View from the hill fort of Beacon hill back down to Welsh pool
 Some fellow walkers travelling the opposite way take their photo
 Steve cracking on
 A nice shady spot by a river for Scarlett Bear to enjoy lunch
 Oops stray ball on golf course
 Criss crossing the English/Welsh border
 Following the canal for a few miles made for easy navigating
Link to Just giving for donations

Tomorrow is the last longggggggggg day at 24 miles, rain is forecast but as they are walking through Wales that's only to be expected

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Day 4 Knighton to Forden 20.5 miles

A few more photo's from Day 3

 With 4 miles to go yesterday this hill had a rather unexpected 700 ft climb behind it

 Rather quaint accommodation last night at the Horse and Jockey inn.

4th September 2013 - Day 4  Knighton to Forden 20.5 miles

Climbing back above the cloud line
But were they on the right track LOL

Must have been as they passed the half way sign of the walk always a welcome sight

 A picture paints a thousand words!

The boys feature in the local paper yesterday

Another blisteringly hot day with yet more steep inclines, at one point so bad that if they tried to stand still they started to slip backwards! All pleased to see the half way point earlier in the day as from that point on they can say they're on the home leg LOL.

Tonight they're staying at Brandywell Barn, nearest pub to eat is 7 miles away but they've been offered a lift thank goodness, there are no extra miles in their tired legs!

Tomorrow sees a long day with 23.5 miles ahead of them into some very rural areas miles from anywhere and the shop they had hoped to buy food supplies in today was closed, well that's often the case in rural Great Britain on a Wednesday afternoon, oops! Guess they'll be buying lots of crisps at the pub tonight.

Spoke to Marc as they finished tonight at 7.30pm and despite being hot and tired spirits were high.