Saturday, 7 September 2013

Day 7 Llandegla to Bodfari 17.5 miles

Two photo's from yesterday

 Ned's wet weather gear consisted of a plastic poncho!

 and the co friendly pod which was their accommodation last night.

7th September 2013 -  Day 7 Llandegla to Bodfari 17.5 miles

Today's update from Marc
Departure time for the penultimate day is 0830: 17.5 miles between us & Bodfari
The guide details the Clwidian range as undulating ups and downs from 800ft to 1800ft so it would be an accurate assessment that the pace will drop considerably, however a 1700hrs arrival would still make it out earliest arrival! With no real need to rush as every mile rings closer the last day

Village fete today and lots of scarecrows around

 We spent the day trying to keep ahead of the dark rain clouds so walked at a hard fast pace. Got their first sightings of the sea in the distance, which is always a good for morale. Result of fast pace, they arrived at Bodfari 2.5 hours earlier than expected!
 Jubilee tower ahead and then view from the top of the tower
 Quick stop for lunch

First sighting of the North sea with Prestatyn in the distance our end point tomorrow

Land lady of B & B said a) she’d never had anyone stay with her before who had completed the walk in less than 11 days never mind 7.5 LOL and b) couldn’t believe how early they arrived at 3pm ish. Steve and Ned may just be a tad tired but luckily pub is only 30 yards away so expect they will manage to crawl that far.

According to Marc it’s just a hop skip and a jump to Prestatyn and spirits are definitely HIGH tonight LOL.

Have added link in case anyone would like to make a donation for the kennel fund.

sue x


Sue said...

Nearly there lads.

What Remains Now said...

The poncho and the pod! and a view of the sea. A good day.