Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mojo and Lucky

Mojo somehow managed to rip his side on Tuesday, possibly on the radiator in the porch as all six were pushing and shoving to get out the door when Daddy got home! Result trip to vets, GA to stitch him up and he was supposed to stay in overnight but by 9pm they had had enough of his howling and he came home! and then howled all night and kept us all awake. He's much better today thank goodness, I've never known a dog to be as accident prone as Mojo.

Having stopped Lucky's cushing medication, we then started her on low dose steroids to try and reduce the inflammation in her joints, two days later she looks much better but latest tests have still thrown up no clues as to what is causing her problems. Her tail is again open and sore!

Just had a long call with the insurance girls at the vets, talk about complicated, with 3 of them having claims at the moment, daren't even think about how much excess I have to pay but thank god they are insured.

Some photo's of Ducks, tail, face and paws.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Otley crop

Had a super day at Otley crop and managed another hybrid layout plus a card LOl.

Photo's are of Eric, my Dad and the boys playing footie at Eric's birthday do.

I used a digi kit from Scrap Orchard called just for kicks ans this is how it started off, had a brainwave and decided to do the usual 12 x 12 but instead of wasting the rest of the paper (A3+) put my embellishments underneath it.

And then another brainwave phew two in 1 day! sprayed the embellishments with this stuff to make them look less home made LOl

Photo's printed separately as usual onto gloss photo paper

 and finished up with this.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday scrapping

Another week rolls by, where does the time go. had a lovely chilled outday scrapping with Dawn.

Another hybrid layout of the boys having fun with a treasure hunt on Eric's birthday. Digi kit from Scrap the day - Happiness.Have since taking photo added a few butterflies so it balances out with the golf page from last week.

When I do a hybrid page I design the basic page then print off the photo's and elements I then want to layer up much as you would in a normal LO. So much easier than hunting around for papers etc and so much easier when you are slightly hindered with a poorly hand LOl...

Off to Otley crop tomorrow.

Lucky is now 6 days without cushing meds and is much happier, eating better but her stiffness and swollen paws remain as bad! at least we feel like Lucky is back with us and I'm keeping a diary of how she is day by day, hoping it will throw up some clues as to what the heck is going on with her.

Tonight is the big quiz night to kick start the fund raising for the charity coast to coast walk, so fingers crossed we get off to a good start.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Normal Friday service resumed!

For the first time in ages Dawn and I managed to have what was our usual scrapping day. What with me in hospital and then Eric and then bank holidays it just hasn't happened in ages.

My layout is a hybrid one using a digi kit called "happiness" from Scrap the day, I saw a LO on UKS and loved it so although that was totally digi I sort of scraplifted it but made it different IYKWIM LOL..

Photo's are Ben and Harvey taken a  Eric's birthday bash.

So Lucky's results finally came back after we chased them, they had been sent to the wrong surgery, still same company,  I am really angry, sick dog waiting on results poor show! Tests, were normal, so both us and the vets are at a complete loss as to what is going on! One possible side effect from the cushings drugs is swollen joints which she has but on the other hand as Cushings has never been confirmed (tests are always inconclusive) it could be her steroid levels has been reduced so low that an underlying problem of arthritis has surfaced. So round and round we go, still no nearer to finding out what is wrong with poor old ducks! We have decided to stop the cushing drugs for a week and keep a daily diary to see what happens, she has no appetite, is stiff and sore and continuing fur loss. HEARTBREAKING.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The launch of a new blog - Marc & Steve's coast to coast walk

 Plus a re design of this one LOL!

Ok as many of you know my son and his colleague are doing the coast to coast walk to raise funds for Greyhound Gap, Eric and I have been involved with gap for over 7 years now and fostered several hounds for them (and kept most of them hehehe) currently 4 out of the 6 hounds here are gap dogs. Whilst discussing it all with Lisa the founder of gap she asked if I would do a blog so gappers could follow the walk and fundraising etc. Marc does have a FB page but of course I don't have access to that so agreed it was a good idea and have duly created said blog LOL.

So  here it is, if you would like to become a follow that would be great and if you fancied putting it on your blog and passing it about that would be fantastic. To those of you who have already given me donations thank you so much!

So Mr T went to Norwich hospital today and had ecg and xrays etc, and was given the all clear re heart virus, has to go back again next month for respiratory check up, he's much better and gets stronger each week.

Still waiting for Lucky's results!!!!!!!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

NSD Crop

Had a lovely day at Bramford crop yesterday, thank you Janina!

There was a really relaxed atmosphere but being the lightweight I am we left mid afternoon, I wonder how many lasted to 8pm. Managed to finish off two layouts,I've worked on them several times but both were a bit fiddly with iffy hands so pleased to finally finish them off.

Both are class kits from Papermaze crop and designed by Vanessa. The first one had a background done by spraying glimmer mist through a mask, no way was I attempting that LOL but did managed a very similar effect digitally.

Lucky has had more test and were hopig for the results tomorrow, she's been very quiet all weekend and shocked us both today when she refused her brekkie, unheard of for the ducks....

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wrist update

Hospital yesterday!

Well the good news is I came home minus the plaster cast!

The not so good news is I have a splint to wear 24/7 but I can take it off to wash it and cream it yay!

The next bit is complicated, there are two pins that go through the bone to fuse it (not fully fused yet), the constant pain I have is because there basically isn't enough room and one is being pushed up and out so the smaller pin (when I say smaller it's still about 6 inches long) needs to be removed but we have to wait at least two months (unless it comes out through skin by knuckle, then it would have to be done immediately) so the wrist can carry on fussing a bit more.
The knuckles also need replacing and the two fingers with ruptured tendons need repairing but that means going back in the area that's had 3 recent ops and risks damaging the nerve further, so surgeon thinks he could cut a tendon from other fingers and attach to ruptured fingers (you have two tendons apparently), complicated isn't it.

Anyway this would mean being in plaster for the next year! Which apart from not being fun wouldn't do the hand any good so surgeon is going to do some research and see if it's possible to combine all the ops!

So today I had the best ever naked hand shower LOL....and if you see me at crop don't ask to see the hand cos I'm not showing anyone it is totally gross and makes me feel sick looking at it!

Last night we noticed Lucky's paws had swollen up and she could barely walk! just as she seemed to be responding to the cushings drugs, so off to vets this morning and the vet is mystified as to whats is happening, so she's going in tomorrow for more tests, poor little love never makes a fuss, it is absolutley heartbreaking, seeing her like this and not being able to get to the bottom of it.

I love this photo of Lucky taken last summer before all her problems started, she really is the sweetest, most gentle little girl.....

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mr T's birthday bash

Well the weather held and Eric had a super birthday with all the family coming round. And yes he loved his album and also got some kit he was very pleased with (tools LOL)....

Eric getting some help to unwrap prezzie's

Ben and Harvey amused themselves for ages playing golf

and then we had a treasure hunt

followed by a game of fottie with Eric and great Grandad

Marc and Rach

Vikki and Mathew

Me and Eric

Me Mum and Vikki
 Hounds getting in on the act LOL

A good time had by all! and lots of scrapping potential LOL.....

And then in the evening I collapsed and watched the high lights of the wedding.....