Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mojo and Lucky

Mojo somehow managed to rip his side on Tuesday, possibly on the radiator in the porch as all six were pushing and shoving to get out the door when Daddy got home! Result trip to vets, GA to stitch him up and he was supposed to stay in overnight but by 9pm they had had enough of his howling and he came home! and then howled all night and kept us all awake. He's much better today thank goodness, I've never known a dog to be as accident prone as Mojo.

Having stopped Lucky's cushing medication, we then started her on low dose steroids to try and reduce the inflammation in her joints, two days later she looks much better but latest tests have still thrown up no clues as to what is causing her problems. Her tail is again open and sore!

Just had a long call with the insurance girls at the vets, talk about complicated, with 3 of them having claims at the moment, daren't even think about how much excess I have to pay but thank god they are insured.

Some photo's of Ducks, tail, face and paws.


Gem's Crafts said...

Your dogs aren't having much luck at the moment. Hope they start to pick up soon xx

Carol said...

oh Sue poor babies...xx hope that the excess isn't too bad! and as you say, good job they are all insured.

Hope things improve and you have a good weekend. xx

Janet said...

Hope they are both feeling better,
with your love and care I'm sure they will both be fit and well again.Have a good weekend.
Janet x

Winnie said...

Oh dear, the hounds really have been in the wars lately, haven't they? Big hugs for all of them and hope they all get better soon!