Thursday, 2 June 2011

Round Up

Good grief where do the days go!

Mojo has had his stitches out, bit tricky as he shook so bad LOL.

Lucky also visited the vets and he was totally astounded at how well she is since starting the steroids. So the plan is to continue on same dose for two weeks then reduce for two weeks then back to the vets. Lucky is back to being her normal happy bouncy self, still has the horrible fur loss but we think there may be a tiny bit of regrowth coming.Just wish we knew what's behind all the problems!

Ruby has snapped another nail, blow me if not 5 minutes before Eric said her nails are starting to improve just one dodgy one left. Well the one dodgy one snapped, loads of blood and her foot is really sore.

Having spent all of Saturday and Sunday working on the dog mobile, the old Volvo is back in service phew! we are totally lost without it  lord knows how long Eric can keep resurrecting it LOl.

I'm off to the hospital tomorrow and am hoping the surgeon will agree to giving me another month to carry on healing before we start the next lot of operations. The darn pin has moved again and now the knuckle and finger are dislocated but other than that it's starting to feel a bit better.

No scrapping last Friday or tomorrow BUT loads the following weekend as Dawn and I are off on our yearly chill out weekend. A caravan in Caistor where we scrap, chat, eat loads of maltesers and drink earl grey. BLISS!

Not much to share but don't think this has been blogged, Vikki's birthday card. Another hybrid project.

Going to be a busy few days a Marc is moving tomorrow!


Jane said...

hope the hospital appt goes as you want Sue. Lovely card xx

Sandra's Spot said...

Gorgeous card you made for Vikki. Mum and I are off tomorrow to our craft weekend. Hope you enjoy next weekend and make sure you just Chill and eat plenty of malteasers LOL you deserve it. Hugs Sandra XOXO

Janet said...

Hope all goes ok tomorrow,good to hear the dogs are all on the mend.have a great weekend next the card.see you soon
Janet x

Carol said...

I think that the Taylor household are due some good luck!! Good news about Lucky - fingers crossed she continues to improve - and as for Mojo - big hugzxx
Good ol' Eric hey - what a jack of all trades he is...
I really hope that you and Dawn have a fab weekend - fingers crossed that the weather holds for you....see you when I get back xx