Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Days 3 and 4

27th June - Day 3 Grasmere to Patterdale

Should have been the shortest day but actually turned out to be a long difficult day after they came across a group of girls doing their Duke of Edinburgh award. One of their party had collapsed and neither they nor the boys had any signal on the mobiles. As police officers they have basic first aid skills and were able to put the young girl into recovery and decided it was a severe case of heat stroke and de-hydration along with massive panic attacks. After calming her down and re hydrating her they then had to set about bringing her off the mountain. Eventually once the signal on their mobiles came back they rang her support vehicle and found a place that the van could reach but it was some 3 miles away and took another 3 and a half hours to get her there. Once they had safely handed her over she was rushed to hospital! Once they had actually finished the walk they headed to the nearest pub and were met by a round of applause from people also walking the route who had seen what they had done. So far from the shortest day it ended up with two exhausted hero’s, well that’s what a group of Americans said LOL.

Photo taken at Grisedale Tairn

28th June - Day 4 Patterdale to Sharp
The official route was 16 miles today but they added in the extra 3 taking the walk from its 197 miles to the 200 they wanted. Not counting the 1 and a half-mile they took a detour on due to bad navigating Lol.

Today they climbed to he highest point of the walk Kidsty Pike at 2,650feet!

Resting stop for the night was rather aptly The Greyhound Inn, where hopefully there was a bath for them to soak their tired feet in. 5 days to go and both boys are shattered! from now on in they will be stepping up the daily miles to an average of 22 per day but the terrain does now start to flatten out which should make it a bit easier.

68 Miles done!


Jane said...

good job they were there to help

Carol said...

Well Done boys...Good Luck with tomorrow.

Hope you're ok Sue xx