Sunday, 27 March 2011

Did I say normal service

What a stupid thing to say talk about tempting fate!

When I got home from crop last Saturday I found Mr T really poorly in bed with chest pains, things got worse and worse until finally I had to call an ambulance and after ecg tests etc they thought he was having a heart attack and rushed him off to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital our hospital no longer deals with hearts.

Anyway to cut a long week short it wasn't a heart attack but the heart itself is inflamed and he also has pneumonia! the first few days were very scary as he was so poorly and I was told if he wasn't so fit then he would have been in serious danger!

Thankfully eric has turned the corner and although still on intravenous antibiotics etc is much better and the Dr's will review the situation tomorrow. Sadly the ward sis now in quarantine due to S & D bug so no visitors.

I went to hospital Friday fully convinced my plaster cast would come off but no after xrays etc it was decided to leave on for another 5 weeks. I was not and am not HP!

It's been a long difficult scary week not made an easier by having the filthiest cold possible but I have been very lucky with all the help I've had. So many people have driven me to the hospital which including visiting is at least a 4 hour round trip and the dogs have been walked etc etc etc.

Would really really lie Mr T to come home and life to return to some kind of normailty. PLEASE ............

Friday, 18 March 2011

Normal service

At last a normal Friday spent scrapping with Dawn!

A beautiful layout designed by Janina for Bramford crop using cosmo cricket cogs papers. Photo is of Harvey on his 5th birthday last month.

Papermaze crop tomorrow, hair coloured, airing cupboard done. Life is ok today LOL...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

arrgh! 3 hospital appointments later

Sometimes life is just so arrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything I touch goes wrong at the moment! the house is a mess as we had a new boiler fitted and had to take everything out of the airing cupboard, who would have thought so much could have been shoved in there. So Mr T has a filthy cold and due to lack of pills I look and feel like an old girl (please don't say it I know) so not only is it all waiting to go back, I have a huge grey streak awaiting a colour job and neither of us have the energy for any of it. And as for my PC and printers well lets just say I could scream, talk about being difficult, I'll ask Mr T to sort it all when he feels better but until then arrrgh!!!

Anyway 3 hospital appointments since last post, hand is ok and is now on it's 3rd plaster cast and ulcer is starting heal, that's the good news, the bad bit is it's unlikely I will ever be able to go back on my RA pills and that just sucks! and even when cast comes off hand will still be useless due to ruptured tendons, I can't decide if it's hurry up and do the next op to fix them or oh god give me a break from hospital. LOL.

Have managed to make this little mini album, it's a digi kit called hoo loves you, just needs putting together.

Really looking forward to going out Saturday to crop and have even got stuff sorted.

Ruby continues to be happy and settled but has broken another nail, so I'll leave you with a few hound photo's from this week.

Ruby looking pretty and cute

3 in a bed

spot Mojo

and Mojo breaking his heart because his Dad went out to take Jim for a ride to the meadow and he got left behind LOl he went on the 2nd run so don't be worrying he missed out LOL.

and Gangley and Jim just because!

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Spent Friday scrapping with Dawn and did this very simple Lo designed by Wendy McKee with a few changes LOL, I added the border digitally and the photo is of Ben an Harvey. I had forgotten it was still in my bag as it was part of a kit from Henley last year.

Then yesterday had a lovely day at Bramford crop and did this layout which is a hybrid. The papers are printed direct onto bazzill, then I've added the photo IRL and the embellishments were printed out but then cut (by Mr T) and added to it, the digital kit is called Little boy from Echo park papers and cost me a whole dollar to download....

One of the scars on my knuckle has been really red and angry for several days and last night it erupted oh yuck !!!! hoping it's just the stitches and not an infection, so I'm covering it in germolene and praying I don't end up having to go the the blasted hospital tomorrow!

Ruby or Ruby two shoes as she gets called is very happy and settled. Plans for re homing her have been put on the back burner until we get to the bottom of her problems with breaking nails.  can't say I'm disappointed because she is such the perfect house guest LOL...

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy Birthday Jim

Today is Jim's 11th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No way did we ever dream or dare to hope that we would get to celebrate his 10th birthday last year after being diagnosed with the bone cancer in August 2009, and having to amputate his leg in October that year.

Yet here we are some 17 months on celebrating the big handsome fella reaching 11  

Jim is such a big happy fella and we truly do treasure every day with him.

So Happy Birthday big fella we love you loads xxxxx
So handsome

enjoying being mothered by Gangley (I think)

and tucking into his daily beef  bone.

Nothing can spoil the joy we feel today but have to admit hospital was a bit of a shocker yesterday when I was told there was nothing else I can take to replace the anti inflammatories I have had to stop because of the ulcer! have to keep everything crossed it starts to heal and doesn't need surgery. Apparently it is already bleeding and is very painful and blasted joints are so sore and stuff with out the medication. Hand is healing nicely though.

Sue x