Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday again already!

Another busy busy week. I feel like I've spent most of it in the kitchen cooking Sandy's new diet, baking with Ben and making the most delicious ice cream with added choc drops, crunchie, biscuits and honey roasted nuts served with butterscotch sauce for Marc's birthday tea. OMG it was, well it just was fab! LOL

Sandy loves her new diet and the others would quite like a taste as well LOL.

Sandy has been much more active this week and back to being a cheeky little girl. Lump continues to grow. Back to vets Monday with Lucky as well as her gingivitis has come back.

Post Pat cakes - The sequel

Ben and I had a great time baking the cakes and he said to me "Oh Nanny they're PERFECT I love you, you're so pretty and clever" LOL only 3 years old and already knows how to play me...

Finished antibiotics for chest infection but still feeling under the weather !!!!!

Finally finished the DLO, it's sat on my desk for 3 weeks waiting to be rescued. The photo's are from our trip to the Mid Suffolk Show at Stonham barns in April. The whole layout was ill conceived and just didn't work !!!! hey ho guess they can't all be master pieces.

Eric has started to concrete the conservatory base and Alfie Bear has been threatened with all sorts if he comes in with little concrete booties.....


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sandy update

Sandy started to struggle walking last Tuesday and hasn't got any better actually her front wrist (her always iffy one) is very swollen from taking the extra weight so getting about is difficult for her BUT she does still look good and her zest for life is as strong as always. Life is not fair.

Eric has come across an experimental alternative cancer drug called CV247, hellishly expensive (may be able to claim) but it has to be used with a special organic diet as follows.

20% raw fibrous veg -carrot lettuce apple pear banana
20% cooked fibrous veg - cabbage cauli broccoli
20% baked fibrous veg - oat flakes brow bread
20% cooked starchy veg - potatoes rice pasta
10% cooked animal - poultry veal rabbit
5% slightly cooked animal - egg fish
5% slightly cooked animal - liver not duck or goose

Now that takes your brain to a whole new level of OMG !!!!!!

Larger breed dogs such as greyhounds are more prone to getting bone cancer, quite often it appears on the site of an old injury and as most ex racing greyhounds have had injuries this ups the ante even more BUT we have also discovered that the high protein diet they are fed on to maximise their racing abilities is also another factor!

So yesterday I spent hours cooking up this new diet and working out the percentages not easy for one who is mathematically challenged, I've made up enough for several days.

I actually got round to starting the Jessica Sprague photo editing classes and altered the photo of Sandy. Only another 12 to go LOL. I am trying to do to much to free up some of Eric's time as he is busy working on the conservatory base, combined with a chest infection and horrible antibiotics has left me feeling worn out and frustrated at not going things done that I want/need to.

Brain is still AWOL, this morning I decided to make mushroom and chickpea pie for tea, got half way through and no mushrooms !!!! Talk about kicking a girl when she's down LOL.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Brain missing in action

I seem to have a itsy bitsy little problem with my brain going AWOL!!!!!

Yesterday i was scrapping with Dawn as per usual on a Thursday and had spent some time making a fancy border wrapping ribbon neatly round it etc and then glued it on the right side and couldn't figure out why it was sticking to me and not my page d'oh !!!! and that's not the only incident this week. Wednesday i said to Eric you didn't win the lottery, only for him to text me later in the day to say Sue the lottery is tonight oh dear oh dear.

Progress on the conservatory base is going well and Eric is now filling it up with the first layer of hardcore, 2nd layer today then sand then foam sheets and finally concrete or something like that LOl.

Sandy hasn't had a great few days, the lump has grown and is making the mechanics of walking with that leg difficult. She is still extremely interested in food and walks and still looks great. Eric has been doing some research and come across a new drug, our vets don't use it so we're trying to find out more information. Apparently it has to be used with a special diet regime so I'm going to make some phone calls today.

I decided to do the UKS weekly challenge which was to use a LOVE theme, use pearls and something recycled. I was a bit stumped as I didn't have any pearls left but found some on an old birthday card and carefully lifted them off.

Papers are from BoBunny Alissa.

Marc's certificate and medal from completing the Gurka challenge.

and a photo of them having a pit stop.

After he had finished he said never again! but by the following day had decided to do it again next year. Souns like child birth LOL.

Have made loads of cards this week, mainly for forth coming birthdays so can't show but this one is a just in case.

Right off to do some baking, have to keep Mr T's energy levels up !!!!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Very proud!

I am having a proud Mummy moment (yup even happens to me). Marc my son was part of a 4 man team with other police officers entered into the Gurkha challenge. The challenge is to run/walk 66 miles over the South Downs in 30 hours. You have to start and finish as a complete team. Marc has been training for months, although to be honest started off from a way above average platform anyway. The team exceeded their own challenge of doing it in under 24 hours and managed 16 hours 39 minutes. Out of 537 teams that started they have finished some where in the top 50 and raised lots of money for charity. Please let someone have taken photo's !!!! When they crossed the finishing line and got present with their medals it was of course pitch black.

After months of trying to persuade Vikki that being a bruenette does nothing for her she's gone back to blonde. Looks gorgeous.

So goiong to have to scrap this photo.

Crop was lovely yesterday, although I did have to do a major rescue job on my layout. After 2 hours of sewing I decided it was YUCK! and switched to plan B. Not easy when you're working with a few left over scraps of paper. LOL.

Still haven't done my photo editing classes, have saved all the emails and hope to do them this week (she says) I've done day 1 and that was good LOL and I've seen what Jane my team leader on UKS has done, seeing Jane's photo's is spurring me on to try and find some time to do them ....

Friday, 17 July 2009

Storms, rain, car and no electric.

Interesting week!!!

Sunday we had a power cut from 9.20am to 2.20pm and then from 5.20pm on and off mostly off until 10pm. Not funny when the washing machine, dishwasher and breadmaker were all in full swing. Ended up with salad for tea!!!!

Poor old Volvo and I mean old "F" reg had to have an MOT this week, we have to keep it rolling along for transport of the hounds and unbelievable it only needed a new break pipe THANK YOU LORD !!!!!

Eric has spend hours digging out the main pad for the conservatory base now the outer part is bricked up, but after last nights storms and torrential rain it looks like a swimming pool. He's not a happy bunny!

Thundering again now! girls are fine but the boys get very upset and agitated.

Scrapped with Dawn yesterday and finally got round to using some photo's of Vikki's birthday BBQ in May LOL

Crate paper "Lemon grass collection". Loosely based on an old Papermaze class kit by Wend.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

These are the days!

As it says on the layout, these are the days.That's just how I feel at the moment. Life is good!

Foot is progressing well and getting out and about in my little car makes all the difference.

Hounds are all well, chickens are happy and laying four eggs a day.

Eric has started on the conservatory base.

My lettuce and herbs are doing well in the greenhouse.

Vikki, Ben and Matthew are looking forward to their first holiday next week and Marc is ready to do the Gurkha challenge at the weekend. Run/walk 66 miles in under 24 hours. he's part of a police team and has been training hard for months. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan as they have to run and finish as a team.

And the weather is agreeable which of course makes all the difference LOl.

I love this photo of Marc with Lucky and Sandy, taken down Felixstowe last month. Sandy looks so well and happy! Papers are from October Afternoon.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Busy bee!

That's me a busy bee LOL, I have finally started to pick up and feel much better. I've been out and about driving and gone for little walks whilst remaining mindful of trying to stay non weight bearing as much as possible.

No scrapping to share this week, Dawn and I did scrap yesterday but I'm working on a DLO which isn't finished, so I'll share these little books I made for a friends birthday.

Inside the address book

Inside the birthday book

Sandy woo is still doing very well and is enjoying life. Her lump is growing but not at the rate we had feared. Her quality of life is still excellent and she is a happy woo.

I have been to nursery today LOL well Ben's sponsored fun run at his nursery school. The kiddes were asked to wear home made fancy dress and fortunately my Mum his great Nanny is brilliant at that kind of stuff.

So here he is the scariest pirate you ever did see LOL.

Or maybe the cutest pirate ever

notice the sword is now missing, he was a little to enthusiastic with it LOl.

Ben had a whale of a time roaring round and not really following the intended course and he collected other kids to join his breakaway group, little tinker!

And finally a family photo....

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Foot Update

After a very long hospital visit yesterday I have my cast off YAY! but have to stay non weight bearing for another 6 weeks as the consultant isn't sure how good a purchase the screw has. So back in 6 weeks for more x rays and a decision on whether to operate again to remove the screw or not. Hopefully or not LOL. Felt very deflated when I got home as I had the vision of popping on a shoe and walking off (ever the optimist) anyway we've cut my blue surgical shoe thingy around and it now feels like I have more support and had a very very long shower so foot feels much more comfortable.

So overall not as good as I was hoping but so bad either .....

I did a very quick layout yesterday and I mean quick, only took about 1 hour unheard of for me LOl. It's from an online class here

Bad photo it is straight really. Photo's are of Ben and my brothers boys Lewis and Owen. Neither photo was good enough to use on it's own but together they show what fun they were having.

Sandy is still very well!

Jim is moulting mega time, Eric took him outside and brushed him for over 30 minutes and filled a carrier bag full of white hair but still there is white hairs floating around the house like a snowstorm because of the fans...and why is it that all 6 dogs have decided they simply have to sleep in our bedroom in this heat!