Friday, 10 July 2009

Busy bee!

That's me a busy bee LOL, I have finally started to pick up and feel much better. I've been out and about driving and gone for little walks whilst remaining mindful of trying to stay non weight bearing as much as possible.

No scrapping to share this week, Dawn and I did scrap yesterday but I'm working on a DLO which isn't finished, so I'll share these little books I made for a friends birthday.

Inside the address book

Inside the birthday book

Sandy woo is still doing very well and is enjoying life. Her lump is growing but not at the rate we had feared. Her quality of life is still excellent and she is a happy woo.

I have been to nursery today LOL well Ben's sponsored fun run at his nursery school. The kiddes were asked to wear home made fancy dress and fortunately my Mum his great Nanny is brilliant at that kind of stuff.

So here he is the scariest pirate you ever did see LOL.

Or maybe the cutest pirate ever

notice the sword is now missing, he was a little to enthusiastic with it LOl.

Ben had a whale of a time roaring round and not really following the intended course and he collected other kids to join his breakaway group, little tinker!

And finally a family photo....

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Jane said...

great photos Sue!