Sunday, 19 July 2009

Very proud!

I am having a proud Mummy moment (yup even happens to me). Marc my son was part of a 4 man team with other police officers entered into the Gurkha challenge. The challenge is to run/walk 66 miles over the South Downs in 30 hours. You have to start and finish as a complete team. Marc has been training for months, although to be honest started off from a way above average platform anyway. The team exceeded their own challenge of doing it in under 24 hours and managed 16 hours 39 minutes. Out of 537 teams that started they have finished some where in the top 50 and raised lots of money for charity. Please let someone have taken photo's !!!! When they crossed the finishing line and got present with their medals it was of course pitch black.

After months of trying to persuade Vikki that being a bruenette does nothing for her she's gone back to blonde. Looks gorgeous.

So goiong to have to scrap this photo.

Crop was lovely yesterday, although I did have to do a major rescue job on my layout. After 2 hours of sewing I decided it was YUCK! and switched to plan B. Not easy when you're working with a few left over scraps of paper. LOL.

Still haven't done my photo editing classes, have saved all the emails and hope to do them this week (she says) I've done day 1 and that was good LOL and I've seen what Jane my team leader on UKS has done, seeing Jane's photo's is spurring me on to try and find some time to do them ....


Jane said...

well done to your son Sue, what a proud mum you are!!!!

Carol said...

Wow, well done Marc and the team - what a fantastic achievement! and now wonder you've got a proud Mummy head on...xx

Glad you enjoyed the crop and got results - just like me!! roflxx

Great photo of Vicki and Ben xx