Tuesday, 14 July 2009

These are the days!

As it says on the layout, these are the days.That's just how I feel at the moment. Life is good!

Foot is progressing well and getting out and about in my little car makes all the difference.

Hounds are all well, chickens are happy and laying four eggs a day.

Eric has started on the conservatory base.

My lettuce and herbs are doing well in the greenhouse.

Vikki, Ben and Matthew are looking forward to their first holiday next week and Marc is ready to do the Gurkha challenge at the weekend. Run/walk 66 miles in under 24 hours. he's part of a police team and has been training hard for months. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan as they have to run and finish as a team.

And the weather is agreeable which of course makes all the difference LOl.

I love this photo of Marc with Lucky and Sandy, taken down Felixstowe last month. Sandy looks so well and happy! Papers are from October Afternoon.

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Jane said...

glad you are feeling so good Sue!