Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Mojo went back to vets yesterday, poor little chap almost shook himself to death with fear! vet was surprised to see him looking so well considering that he has a serious heart problem. He had asked us to try and count his beat each day, well we tried but neither of us could because it's so erratic and even the vet with his stethoscope couldn't do it so we felt a bit better at our failure. Back next Wednesday for stitches out and then he'll go on the ECG machine to see if the meds have helped. We are confident they have as he's so much happier and more like his usual self.

Gangley is going out for daily walks and has really started to enjoy them, yesterday she had a little run without stumbling but does become less coordinated towards the end of the day when she's tired! We (actually I) shall start to try and slowly increase the distance we go, suspect it's probably doing me good as well. Bit of an effort but once out it's nice getting some fresh air and spending some one on one time with her.

Orin has improved not quite himself but much better than he was.

I'm mostly on the mend but by tea time feel shattered, guess it's post viral.

Now the snow has melted we are knee deep in mud! seriously everywhere is yet again water logged and we seem to spend hours cleaning paws!

Have been  making some cards but still nothing on the scrapping front, wish my mojo would hurry up and return LOL.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Difficult times

The last few weeks have been tough! I've felt ill for what feels like forever with various infections and then on Monday Orin and Mojo had a spat, in fairness to me I was feeling ghastly and it took me some time to realise Mojo has lost a piece of fur about 3 inches wide and 3 inches long came off just like he had been scalped. I had to call Eric home and he rushed him to the vets, worse was to follow they discovered he had a very erratic heartbeat and was hooked up to a ECG machine and then heart scans where they found big problems, his wound had to be stitched under a local as they couldn't risk a GA. He's now on medication and there is an improvement but when we told the vet he roars around the meadow without any signs of being out of breath he was quite shocked. Hopefully it can be kept under control with medication.

Gangley also had her yearly appt and we mention the stumbling about and sadly he thinks she has either a tumours on her brain or spinal column but more likely a wasting degenerative disease. I think we were half expecting something like this, she's on steroids which has perked her up and she's quite happy in herself but the prognosis isn't good.

Just felt like one kick in the stomach after another this week and Orin has been flexing his muscles and being a bit naughty, he obviously feels good about himself and is no longer the nervous wreck but we will have to sit on him as we don't want him becoming so dominant. Poor little man has been Billy no mates all week as the others haven't wanted to play with him and I know I shouldn't but have felt so sorry for him, paws crossed he gets the message and goes back to being the lovable clown.

Elmo really is the first choice of playmate and sleeping partner of all the hounds, he has such a lovely temperament, still lacks any recall though LOL. Couldn't resist taking this photoof him and Twizzle snuggled up.

Eric made this weather vane of Dill many years ago and has offered on the GG auction to make one for the winning bidder, it's proving very popular after just one day.

Hand is making fantastic progress and I even managed to make a few cards this week in between dying, although I did cut my finger rather than the paper with sharp scissors d'oh.

Yesterday the snow finally began to thaw and today it's gone leaving mud! what a blessing the snow was whilst I was busy dying, no muddy paws LOL. Today it is a very muddy paw day already!

Here's hoping a quiet week follows.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


We have snow! and it is very very cold! Eric got in the car this morning at 9am and it said temp outside was minus 9. I don't think we've ever had it that cold since we lived here. I hate wearing socks because they hurt my feet but have had to put them on today, of course the upside is no muddy paws LOL. Dogs love the snow and go all silly and giddy, tried taking a few shots but still blurred as I still can't really hold the camera.

I did get a good shot of the willow tree though!

and I'm really disappointed this is blurry, we have decided to have a family photo each January of me Eric and the pack, just haven't figured out how yet LOL.

Spent yesterday determined to finish the time line for Eric's hound album, I've been faffing around with it for weeks and just couldn't figure out how I wanted it to look, anyway it's done now and I'm quite pleased with it.

Gangley is still wobbly and we can't get her into see our preferred vet until Monday, not that she'll be venturing out in the snow LOL.

Decided today to cook! haven't cooked or baked since operation and had ripped out a recipe from a mag for goulash, substituted the turkey for quorn and made it, oh yuck not my cup of tea at all Eric said is was good so he can have it tonight LOL. How disappointing.

PS Forgot to show you this clock that Vikki and  Mathew bought us for Christmas, finally got around to adding the photo's all 18 dogs past and present, took a lot of figuring out I can tell you and it would have been better to take a photograph before hanging it up BUT I love it!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Oh dear!

What a bad blogger I am! no real reason for being AWOL except by the time I've done all my chores and wiped 27 muddy paws several times a day I've just been to tired. Like everyone I know I've been a bit under the weather.

Good news on the hand front, went to hand clinic Tuesday and she was so pleased with my progress says I don't need to go back unless a problem arises, otherwise I'll see her in the summer after next op. So I continue being good and doing the exercises and wearing the splint.

Each year I do a yearly scrapbook which is one of my favourites as it's a visual diary of our year, big stuff and just general life, I also add to the grandchildren album and the kids album and mine and Eric's album. This year I am starting some new projects.

1st Ben's first few years, My very first scrapbook was of Ben's first year with lots of hidden flaps etc and letters for him to read when he's 18 on how I felt etc, I gave it to Vikki and she can pass it on, so it suddenly dawned on me I should do another album for myself.

2nd I want to do an album of the renovation to our home, when we moved in it was awful and we camped in two rooms for many many months and I thought it would be nice to see how it changed.

3rd I did 2 albums for my parents golden wedding anniversary (my 2nd foray into scrapbooking) and have decided I want to scrap all the old photo's of past generations and my early years.

4th I made several little mini albums for my sons wedding  but as they had an official wedding album left it at that but have decided I want an album of their wedding much like I did of Vikki's.

So I think that will keep me going LOL.

As most January's I've been busy sorting and tidying the house, always happens when the decorations come down the urge to put the house IN order, I've assigned one grotty task per week.

I'm busy making lots of cards as greyhound gap are holding an emergency auction starting 26th January, they currently have 100 plus dogs some in kennels and some in foster homes, Lisa announced last week she was having to close the doors to intakes as all foster homes are full and the kennel bills are crippling BUT since then another 6 emergency hounds have had to come in, so all hands on deck as they say.

Hounds are all well with the exception of little Gangley, we've noticed she's stumbled once or twice recently so trimmed her nails and checked her ears nothing but since yesterday it has got worse so will be ringing the vets on Monday.

Sue x