Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Jim goes to see Mr Vet

Yesterday we took Jim to the vets, after a long examination the vet has concluded that the back leg is buckling not due to lack of strength as we thought but pain in his lower back. In addition he has discovered as we thought that he is unhappy to put any weight through one of the front legs due to pain in the shoulder. This could be caused by him having to use his front legs to pull himself up more and more or it could be the cancer has returned!

We started him on anti inflammatories yesterday and he already looks much more comfortable and relaxed. Soooo paws crossed.

Next month will be his two year anniversary of having his leg amputated due to the bone cancer. To survive this long is very rare! Jim is such a dear gentle boy who is adored by everyone.

Today Ruby looks tired, she was keen to go out for her walk but wasn't interested in her brekkie. Although when her Dad cooked her eggy bread she did eat that!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Proud Mum

Today my son Marc and his colleague Steve received an award from Suffolk Police, after the Father of the young girl they rescued (full story here) took the time and trouble to write in.. He didn't know their names and all he had to go on was they were Police Officers in Suffolk just goes to show some people do care.

So today I am a very proud Mum, both boys are highly embarrassed and would you believe it no photo's were taken! I shall have to take a photo of the award myself to scrap, don't suppose there's any chance of getting him to put his full dress uniform on as well LOL.

Poor old Jim is off to see Mr Vet tomorrow, two wheels on his wagon isn't good, wish we knew what the heck was going on with his 3rd leg.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thank goodness for Friday's!

Well all in all it's been a very stressful week! My daughter Vikki had an operation on Monday, so of course I was in full Mummy worry mode but it all went well and she's slowly feeling a bit better each day, Marc's knee goes from bad to worse and it seems he may now need an operation and on top of that Jim is in big trouble, remaining back leg is getting weaker and now he's having a problem with front leg/shoulder and is struggling to get around which is so stressful. Ruby remains stable thank goodness.

So with all that going on I've been a bit stressed out and flat all week and really needed my Friday play day with Dawn!

Finished this one off, photo taken at Mum's 70th birthday BBQ, always seems wrong a family photo minus my brother Bob who now lives in USA.

and .....started and finished this one of our friends Shellie and Kit who came to visit in June.

Rubbish photo's as per usual but really struggling to hold the camera with poorly hands.

Going for a wander around town tomorrow with Dawn and may have to have some retail therapy LOL.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Had a lovely much needed scrap day with Dawn Friday, followed by Papermaze crop Saturday, doesn't get much better than that does it LOL.

Made a DLO of grandsons enjoying the summer holiday, all papers were left over scraps so no idea what makes they were LOL.




Ruby remains fairly stable but poor old Jim seems to have hurt his shoulder so he's trying to avoid putting any weight through it with the result he balancing on front and back lack on one side, not good for a tripod!

Feeling a tad worried as DD is going into hospital tomorrow for an operation and of course being a Mum we worry don't we. Shall have to keep busy all day!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Another canvass

For my friend Joan I decided to make her a canvass with a photo of her beautiful Granddaughter Maddie.

Papers I bought 2nd hand at Bramford crop and are DCWV Linen Closet, the poem I found on the Internet and just played around with it a bit and Eric helped me de clutter the photo so I could add the poem to it!  Title was done on the cricut and then had glossy accents added to it.

I like it but don't love it, something is wrong and can't figure out what LOL. I think on reflection it's a bit to busy, hey ho all stuck down now.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Finally the date for op

Hospital rung and finally gave me the date for next op on hand 28th October, they were concerned that it's a way off and apologised but I was really pleased LOL. Means the wrist has another 6/7 weeks to carry on getting stronger, just have to nurse that pin that keeps on trying to get out. Have to go and have all pre admission checks redone and see surgeon again as he hasn't seen hand since July but at least plans can now be made!

Ruby and Jim are both okay (touches wood and throwing salt)......

Monday, 5 September 2011

Busy Bee

Still no date for op! may have to bite the bullet and ring hospital this week and one pin is getting close to breaking through the skin but I'm pleased I've held out this long as the wrist has become much stronger the last few weeks.

Made two more Christmas presents, first is a 20 x 16 inch clip frame for son all about the walk with the Suffolk Police press officers write up in the middle. Rubbish photo because it has a protective film over it.

Second is a canvass for my dear friend Shellie, photo from their last visit in June, and woohoo they're coming again this weekend.

Then two layouts from Bramford crop, first is of Mum aged sixteen, love this photo and the kit was perfect for it.

Then a rare photo of me and Eric at Mum's 70th birthday BBQ, such a simple layout but I love it.

Alfie Bear has conjunctivitis in his blind eye and has been really out of sorts for the bear, Jim has good and bad days with his one remaining back leg, seems to be the knee not locking out. So of course his Daddy takes him for a ride around the village when he's not up to walking, my hounds are not SPOILT ARE THEY lol
Ruby had a miserable day Friday with the heat and humidity but now it's cooler she back to being full of beans, other than her rapid breathing and being a tad skinny she looks so well,  it's hard to think just how ill she is.

So on to the next Christmas project LOL....