Friday, 29 November 2013

I is poorly

Legitimate excuse for not blogging I have a sick note LOL. Chest and water infection guess that's buy one get one free. Strong antibitics so starting to feel better.

Very pleased to announce Herbie is well and truly on the mend and is now going for 2  - 5 minute walks a day and is finally sleeping through the night, his poor Mum Lorraine is exhausted.

We're taking Ben out tonight to see the Christmas lights beingswitched on, we've done it every year since he was born but suspect it will soon be un cool to go out with the wrinkles so  had better make the most of it. Ben will be 8 on the 21st December how time has flown.

All the hounds are well (touching wood) just fed up with the constant rain and mud as are we!

I have decided to sell my Cricut Expression, I've had it since 2008 and only used it enough to wear out the original cutting mat, with it comes four cartridges,plantin school book, home decor, home accents and accent essentials, so if you fancy buying yourself a Christmas present it's going for £75.00.

Monday, 18 November 2013


I've held back until today to post about Herbie as he has been terribly poorly. He had his amputation and all seemed to go fairly well and the following day he went home. Once home he went down hill very fast and was eventually admited into a vet hospital. It seems his vet never gave him a anti clotting injection and as most greyhound owners know their blood really doesnt clot very which following surgery can be very dangerous. Herbie began bleeding internally and it has taken all weekend for them to stabalise him. He has however now turned the corner and god willing will be home in a few days. All of gap world have been sending him massive good thoughts and weve all been on tender hooks all weekend praying ee would pull through. This morning his Mum (Lorraine) rang me as she wanted reassurance that she would cope when he comes home, I told her it is stressful and you remain on red alert for months but they are so well prepared I feel sure they will cope. Lorraine is a strong woman and I know she will do just fine. Milo one of her other dogs is now not eating at all no doubt missing his brother and Lorraine's austric son can't understand why they just don't go and get Herbie. It's been hell for all of them and I hope and pray that happier days lay ahead for all of them.

A lovely photo of Steven and Herbie

Today my Dad received a call from the hospital to say he is booked in for his replacement hip operation on Decemeber 12th, it had to be put on hold earlier in the year  whilst they tried to find out about the other problems, so looks like Dad will be spending his birthday in hospital. I've made him a card, it is a card on top of a card and has a beautiful poem about Dad's. Terrible photo as per usual.

Had a wonderful relaxing day at crop on Saturday and did this layout of Eric, then yesterday we went out and bought him boots and jodphurs, the man is totally hooked on riding LOL.

Hounds all well and were so good yesterday when we not only did a bit of shopping but even had lunch out together LOL.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Happy hounds and sad news

 Belle Gangley and Twizzle a few weeks back catching the last of the sun
 Rocky and Indy
 Mojo and Elmo
 Twizzle with Daisy May my sisters puppy who is a whippet chihuahua cross
 Belle getting in on the action
 Belle isn't very big so it gives a good idea of how small Daisy May is
Dasiy is adorable and I love her.

Finally probably the worst photo I've ever taken of a layout recording this years walk. Lots of hidden journalling. Layout is actually quite nice and used papers from a Bramford kit, tried to follow Janinas design but as my photo was landscape had to make a lot of changes.

A week or so ago I had all but decided to stop blogging as I have so little time with 8 dogs and feel like nothing of interest to say or show really but then one of my dear friends I've known through greyhound gap for over 7 years rang me to say her greyhound Herbie had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Herbie is greyhound gaps most loved hound and such a clown and the news hit everyone very hard. Whilst talking to Lorraine I remembered I'd blogged when Jim, Sandy, Ranger and Lucky were diagnosed with the dreaded bone cancer and went back to read it. After going through lots of tissues I realised what a source of information this was and passed it onto Lorraine so she could read a blow by blow account of what happened how we felt and coped. So that said I've decided maybe the blog is of use to me if no one else and will carry one LOL.

Lorraines daughter had drawn me some hounds to use in card making that I had called Herbie, I think previous post has some pictures so please send loads and loads of positive thought to dear Herbie and Lorraine. Herbie is at the vets for amputation as I type.

I apologise for not visiting my blogging friends but will try to soon.

sue x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bad blogger

Seem to have got out of the habit of blogging and have to rely on my Mum to remind me LOL.

Operation went okay and have had stitches out.

We lost the electric during last Mondays Storm for 11 hours but considering a week later some people still don't have any we were lucky and didn't sustain any damage just a few branches down.

Not much happening here, hounds are all fine (touches wood) totally fed up with the constant rain as am I and also missing their evening walk do to the dam fireworks. Hoping last night was the last lot!

Haven't done much crafting but have started designing some new cards, well two actually, note to self must try harder. Now the clocks have changed I don't seem to be getting as much done.

Herbie was drawn for me by my friends daughter Emma, Emma is very talented and has her own website It was Emma that painted this for my present to Eric a few Christmas's ago. If your looking for a special present Emma does take commissions.

Meet Herbie, I intend to make more cards featuring Herbie, it was so kind of Emma to draw him for me.

A few photo's of the hounds
 Mojo in his new jumper
 Indy looking chilled out
 Belle and Twizzle always together, Twizzle is just adorable and takes care of all the hounds despite only being 3  years old.

Right well hopefully I won't leave it so long next time LOL.

Sue x