Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bad blogger

Seem to have got out of the habit of blogging and have to rely on my Mum to remind me LOL.

Operation went okay and have had stitches out.

We lost the electric during last Mondays Storm for 11 hours but considering a week later some people still don't have any we were lucky and didn't sustain any damage just a few branches down.

Not much happening here, hounds are all fine (touches wood) totally fed up with the constant rain as am I and also missing their evening walk do to the dam fireworks. Hoping last night was the last lot!

Haven't done much crafting but have started designing some new cards, well two actually, note to self must try harder. Now the clocks have changed I don't seem to be getting as much done.

Herbie was drawn for me by my friends daughter Emma, Emma is very talented and has her own website It was Emma that painted this for my present to Eric a few Christmas's ago. If your looking for a special present Emma does take commissions.

Meet Herbie, I intend to make more cards featuring Herbie, it was so kind of Emma to draw him for me.

A few photo's of the hounds
 Mojo in his new jumper
 Indy looking chilled out
 Belle and Twizzle always together, Twizzle is just adorable and takes care of all the hounds despite only being 3  years old.

Right well hopefully I won't leave it so long next time LOL.

Sue x


Sue said...

Glad your mum reminds you to blog:)

Fab cards.

Loving the photos of the hounds, especially Twizzle and Belle.

genji said...

Glad to see your back, and the pups are doing just fine. Sometimes I like to take a sabbatical from blogging too.

What Remains Now said...

Good to catch up with you and know that all is well with you and the hounds.