Friday, 29 November 2013

I is poorly

Legitimate excuse for not blogging I have a sick note LOL. Chest and water infection guess that's buy one get one free. Strong antibitics so starting to feel better.

Very pleased to announce Herbie is well and truly on the mend and is now going for 2  - 5 minute walks a day and is finally sleeping through the night, his poor Mum Lorraine is exhausted.

We're taking Ben out tonight to see the Christmas lights beingswitched on, we've done it every year since he was born but suspect it will soon be un cool to go out with the wrinkles so  had better make the most of it. Ben will be 8 on the 21st December how time has flown.

All the hounds are well (touching wood) just fed up with the constant rain and mud as are we!

I have decided to sell my Cricut Expression, I've had it since 2008 and only used it enough to wear out the original cutting mat, with it comes four cartridges,plantin school book, home decor, home accents and accent essentials, so if you fancy buying yourself a Christmas present it's going for £75.00.


hotpotato said...

hope you soon feel better Sue, you do nothing by halves do you!!!!

Sue said...

Hope you are soon fighting fit, but until then you take it easy.

Herbie looks good. Hope he continues to improve.

Glad your pack are doing ok.

Enjoy the lights tonight.

Hope you sell your Cricut.

gyeong said...

Hope you feel better soon. Glad the pups are well.

Andrea Kuska said...

Get well soon!

Carol said...

Hi Sue

Sorry to hear that you're poorly - really hope you begin to feel much better soon - how was the lights outing?

Good Luck on selling the expression - I've hardly used mine either!!


Declan said...

Feel better soon x