Friday, 13 December 2013

My Dad

 On Sunday we took Dad and Mum out to Sunday lunch as Dad will be in hospital for his birthday on the 14th. Dad had his hip replaced yesterday and will hopefully be home Monday. Poor Dad has had a really difficult year with health problems and we're all hoping this operation will be the beginning of better times for him.

I was asked to design the Greyhound Gap DVD cover and disc which should be on sale soon. I had helped a little bit with information on dogs and the walking the beat stuff and apparently I will be in the acknowledgements LOL. All very exciting. Amanda who is making the DVD sent me this photo and said do you know whose dogs they are and are they gap dogs of course I knew it's Gangley and dear Orin what a coincidence she chose that photo.

 A friend of ours in the village is very involved with German Shepherd rescue and had two gorgeous boys of her own so for Christmas I've done these which are now framed and wrapped.

I've also down some new pages for the Hound album I made Eric last year of Indy and Rocky's arrival.

And the biggest shock ever is we have the tree up and the house decorated. Normally we are very late doing this LOL. I wasn't going to have the tree up (we didn't last year) because of the 3 young dogs but Eric got it out and left it bare for a few days and as they showed no interest we decorated it last night. I am still not convinced it will survive!

 A few other photo's

 Mum made these lovely ducks for me
and the stockings which I've had for years.

and all our bridge babies are remembered even more so at Christmas time with thee lovely things Mum made for us, last night as we hung them up we felt quite sad especially adding Orin who at just 4 years old should still be with us. Such a wonderful way of remembering each hound that once shared our lives.

Off to Christmas crop tomorrow and have just made a malteser tray bake yummy!


gyeong said...

Hope your dad's surgery goes smoothly. I hear recovery from hip surgery is pretty quick these days.

hotpotato said...

Maltesers cake, oh yummy.

Sue said...

So glad you dad is recovering and hope he is home monday and his life is much better.

The German Shepherd LOs are smashing, as are the ones for Rocky and Indy's.

How lovely Orin and Gangley will be on the CD cover.

The ducks and stockings are lovely, as are the dog hearts. I have mine up all year.

Have a lovely time at the crop tomorrow. If there's any cake left, you know my address:)

What Remains Now said...

I can't say it enough how incredibly lovely your work is. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to your dad. I hope 2014 will be a great year for him. Congratulations on your decorating. Everything looks so beautiful. I've done NOTHING this year. I'm just grateful for my new job...but that's all I do at the moment, my new job.

Carol said...

Hope your dad is doing well and came home today xx malteser cake oh I missed that!, 😢 hope you all had a good time xx