Sunday, 28 August 2011

Oh dear naughty blogger

Good excuse as usual though been a poorly poppet! anyway after two weeks I'm finally feeling better.

Ruby had a very bad few days and we thought it was time to let her go but then remembered a friend and told us to try steroids so we did AND boy have they made a difference, she can breath much easier and is full of beans. Of course the vets can't say how long it will last and we have now exhausted all options so when she begins to go down again sadly we will have no choice but to let her pass. Each day is becoming a wonderful bonus and we catch glimpses of the dog she should be if not suffering from so many tumours in her chest. Far from being a sad time we are all making the most of each day she has.

Jim also had a few off days where he could barely walk but has slowly recovered and the two spend lots of time together. It's a great comfort to us knowing Ruby has a special friend in Jim.

So having finished all the birthday cards and Christmas cards, I've pressed on and made all the wedding invites etc for DD wedding in May, so when I finally get a date for the op next month i won't be worrying about not having done stuff.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Been a busy old week making up birthday cards for the rest of the year and also making Christmas cards, yup I did say Christmas cards! No choice really as next op in September will put a stop to all things creative for quite a while, so being the organised little thing that I am I've designed, written and adressed all of the cards. All the cards are very simple digi ones and not what I would have preferred to do but hey better than nothing LOl. 

Alfie Bear's blind has been a worry all week with white gunky stuff coming out, we have to be extra careful with the eye as the socket is so sunken, suspect a grass seed got in but seems better now!

Ruby has had a good week, we seem to have stopped the weight loss for now and she's a happy girl, even chased a cat this week.

No scrapping on Friday as Dawn is away, so I've made a start on a few Christmas presents and now have to start designing and making Vikki's wedding invites.

Looking forward to Otley crop next week, as I don't have a date for the op in September yet every crop is becoming precious as I doubt I'll be able to go to any after it for a while.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bramford crop

had a super day at crop yesterday! and came away with twp prizes in the draws Janina did. Thank you Janina. Not so many people as usual, guess people are off on their holidays, anyway it meant there was lots of room to spread out LOL.

3 Layouts completed, although they are all hybrid, first was totally digi and just mounted onto cardtock. It is square in real life LOL.

This one was mostly digi but with photo and a few other bits cut out and added.

and this one I designed on PC but then printed each piece out separately and cut out and carried on as you would a paper LOl. Rubbish photo's as per usual

Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday is scrap day!

I love Friday's and it's worth having to rush around all week doing boring chores to free up one day to scrap, chat and chill!

I have a long list of layouts I want/need to do before next op so have opted to them hybrid which is a mixture of digi and normal scrapping and so much quicker for me.

These two record the day when we finally managed to get the photo we need to launch the publicity for the coast to coast walk and the t-shirts that we had specially designed.

Papers and embellishments are from a free kit called Bike Boy.

Ruby had her two check up Tuesday and vet was pleased with her, so carry on as we are. She had a bad night with the heat and humidity Wednesday but other than that has been quite perky and looks adorable in her new collar.

Bramford crop tomorrow yay!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Mum's 70th Birthday BBQ

Today Mum is 70 and to celebrate there was a family BBQ yesterday. We all had a great time and it was super catching up with extended family that we don't see so often. I expect there will be lots of photo's to scrap! This one is of me the birthday girl and my cousin Sandra, nice hat Sandra LOL...

Mum asked for donations for the walk rather than presents and that has brought the final total for coast to coast walk in aid of greyhound gaps kennel fund to £2,545!!!!!!!!! next year's adventure is already being planned.

I made Mum a little digi album, which she loved!

Ruby is still and off to vets tomorrow for 2 week check up.