Sunday, 14 August 2011


Been a busy old week making up birthday cards for the rest of the year and also making Christmas cards, yup I did say Christmas cards! No choice really as next op in September will put a stop to all things creative for quite a while, so being the organised little thing that I am I've designed, written and adressed all of the cards. All the cards are very simple digi ones and not what I would have preferred to do but hey better than nothing LOl. 

Alfie Bear's blind has been a worry all week with white gunky stuff coming out, we have to be extra careful with the eye as the socket is so sunken, suspect a grass seed got in but seems better now!

Ruby has had a good week, we seem to have stopped the weight loss for now and she's a happy girl, even chased a cat this week.

No scrapping on Friday as Dawn is away, so I've made a start on a few Christmas presents and now have to start designing and making Vikki's wedding invites.

Looking forward to Otley crop next week, as I don't have a date for the op in September yet every crop is becoming precious as I doubt I'll be able to go to any after it for a while.


Sue said...

Hope you will heal up quicker than expected after your next op and be back to crafting in no time.

Glad Alfie's eye seems to be improving. Also glad Ruby is not shedding weight now.

I know you'll enjoy the crop.

Take care.

Gem's Crafts said...

Gosh you are organised making Christmas Cards already! Hope Alfie & Ruby feel better soon, and you have a lovely time at your crop :)