Sunday, 28 August 2011

Oh dear naughty blogger

Good excuse as usual though been a poorly poppet! anyway after two weeks I'm finally feeling better.

Ruby had a very bad few days and we thought it was time to let her go but then remembered a friend and told us to try steroids so we did AND boy have they made a difference, she can breath much easier and is full of beans. Of course the vets can't say how long it will last and we have now exhausted all options so when she begins to go down again sadly we will have no choice but to let her pass. Each day is becoming a wonderful bonus and we catch glimpses of the dog she should be if not suffering from so many tumours in her chest. Far from being a sad time we are all making the most of each day she has.

Jim also had a few off days where he could barely walk but has slowly recovered and the two spend lots of time together. It's a great comfort to us knowing Ruby has a special friend in Jim.

So having finished all the birthday cards and Christmas cards, I've pressed on and made all the wedding invites etc for DD wedding in May, so when I finally get a date for the op next month i won't be worrying about not having done stuff.


hotpotato said...

Hi Sue, glad to see you back blogging.

Sue said...

Glad you are feeling much better.

Also lovely to see ruby and Jim doing well and being such good buddies.

Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Sue lovely pictures of Ruby and Jim XX

Winnie said...

Lots of love to Ruby and Jim.

From Winnie xx