Tuesday, 25 March 2008

MarcH week UKS Challenge

This weeks challenge has been set by Ready steady scrap and is as follows

As it is Easter Monday ~ the use of ovals on your lo to represent easter eggs
As it was the spring equinox on the 21st ~ use pastel colours
As it is spring ~ use flowers
B&W photo
add a bit of sparkle

So the challenge is as follows
Use ovals on your lo
use pastel colours
Use flowery pp or blooms
Use only B&W photos
Add a bit of bling to your lo

and this is what I came up with

I've used peel off's stuck onto transparency and coloured in with permanent marker pens as is the border around the photo. lots of floral gems and bling!!! photo is of me and Sandy on the first day she came to live with us in October 2004.

Friday, 21 March 2008

UKS Weekly team challenge

Decided to take part in my first UKS Weekly team challenge today. Here is the challenge set by the Glitterarty Team.

The 17th March is a significant day in history for the following reasons:

• St Patrick’s Day

• In 1845 the rubber band was patented

• In 1973 it saw the release of Pink Floyd’s concept album Dark Side of the Moon

Therefore for your challenge we would like you to include:

• to represent the 3 leaves of the shamrock for St Patrick’s day then have 3 of any kind of embellishment -
• To commerate the patoning of the rubber band then make your title stretch across the whole page -
• To celebrate the anniversary of the Dark Side of the Moon release then have either your patterned paper or photo cut into a circle -

• Spring or Easter colours -

I actually found it really hard. Photo of LO is awful as in real life the colours are really vibrant, have used scenic route paper "Ashville", floral gems are creative charms and the title was done on the craft robo. Had a great day doing this with Dawn and my sousin here, plenty of chatting and scrapping LOL.

I think I'll have to take another photo of it when the light improves.

Little man is still poorly so won't be coming tomorrow but did see Vikki today when she popped over for Eric to fix the heater on her car.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

All change

No Vikki and Ben today as the little man has an upset tum! so as Dawn has to work Thursday instead of today we hastily arrange a scrap day today!!!

Managed to do this LO, it's a class kit from Ness of Papermaze's crop with a few changes due to some "creative mistakes" LOL

A new technique for me stamping through a paper doilie and then using a white journal pen to highlights some of it. Photo is of little Rulu taken several years ago now.

Also managed to do this months entry for the Design Collective CJ which is "indulge yourself" from Carol in Canada.

Sandy went back to the vets today after having four teeth out last week, not quite healed up so another course of antibiotics to stop infection and back again next week.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Team challenge

Took part in my new teams sketch challenge on UKS and came up with this. Had to take the photo's of Jim with his paws on the sofa as he has never attempted it before, he's quite happy laying on the floor which is lucky for us.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Saturday's crop

Dawn and I had a lovely day at Otley crop yesterday, managed to do a DLO which I love, probably because I got to use pink and bling. Scrapping the hounds and Ben I tend to favour, blues, browns and greens so when the opportunity comes to use PINK I go a tad overboard LOL...

And yes I know I've missed an "r" out of surprise, only noticed it after I took the photo. Has duly been amended LOL.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Yet more toofy peg horrors!

Poor Sandy woo is in the wars, had to have a GA yesterday to have a piece of tooth root extracted from her gum, it was from her last lots of extractions over a year ago. Apparently they usually just push out or the body absorbs the fragments but this became infected! and she had another 4 teeth out on the left side and had to have her gums stitched up. Poor little thing was awful last night and for the first time since she came here nearly 4 years she cried. Just heart breaking.

Lucky is busy chewing grass for England today and has refused food all day so not like her and me, well I've had a rotten week with the AB's making me really ill. Finished them yesterday but not convinced my infection has gone either.

Managed this LO today not one of my best but I was very distracted.

and yes I did hand stitch all around the edges took for ever! LOL

It's all about how Ben loves to sit and the stool and plays with his police cars, as I pass each one to him i count, he repeats one, two ??? then looks up with a wry smile and instead of three four goes back to one two. I'm convinced he's doing it on purpose now LOL.

Crop on Saturday so hope I'm feeling better by then.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


Went to the dentists yesterday for a routine filling but after the dentist had spent ages drilling it out he decided it was beyond repair and had to come out. Tooth splintered and took so long taking each tiny piece out the injections started to wear off so more injections. One hour 20 mins later I escaped but also have antibiotic's as there was an infection so at least that explained why the RA has flared up.

Decided to go ahead and have my usual scrap day today with Dawn despite feeling yucky, figured it would take my mind off it and stop me feeling woe is me LOL.

This LO is based on a class from the Design Collective by Karen Leahy, Fiona Beckham, Ali McGovern, Jane Dean and Debbie Nicholas to use multiple photo's. Photo's were taken last month of Ben marching up and down in his Grandad's slippers. Had to change the photo's to B/W as Ben's top and my kitchen clashed so bad, then brought back some colour to his face and jumper. Used scenic route paper, hand cut the frame and arrow, covered the chipboard G & S in paper and finished off with american thickers for title and a few brads. Oh and my new 7 gypsy stamp which finally arrived!!!!

Monday, 3 March 2008

What a surprise

My Mother's Day started off with a beautiful pink china mug with Mum on it from Vikki with the biggest card I've ever received and a handmade card from Ben after I'd opened my goodies Eric asked what my plans for the day were, so I explained I was going over to see Mum and Dad and meeting up with Vikki and Ben,then just chilling out. So he said don't worry about tea Marc has invited us around and is going to cook you a Mother's Day meal, lovely I thought. So at 5.45pm I brushed my hair slapped on a bit of make up and announce I was ready, bit surprised Eric had got changed and picked up the camera, bit more surprised when he said he needed to take a detour to look at something in Needham market. So when he turned up this tiny lane I thought what is he doing (stupid man) then he parked the car behind The limes hotel and got out, so finally the penny dropped and I thought SH*T I can't go in there dressed in my tatty jeans but it got worse when I walked in Mum and Dad, Vikki and Ben and Marc all sat there with huge grins on their faces of course they were all dressed up LOL.

Anyway had a fantastic time despite looking so scruffy but as we had a room to ourselves it didn't really matter. Ben was on top form and was really good.

What a lovely way to spend Mother's day with all my family.

Mum loved her littl mini book I made with my BIA of all her grandchildren and as I was leaving I made the mistake of saying to Ben I'm going home now to see Grandad so of course he had to come back and have lunch as well to see his Grandad.

Best Mother's Day I've had ever !!!!