Thursday, 6 March 2008


Went to the dentists yesterday for a routine filling but after the dentist had spent ages drilling it out he decided it was beyond repair and had to come out. Tooth splintered and took so long taking each tiny piece out the injections started to wear off so more injections. One hour 20 mins later I escaped but also have antibiotic's as there was an infection so at least that explained why the RA has flared up.

Decided to go ahead and have my usual scrap day today with Dawn despite feeling yucky, figured it would take my mind off it and stop me feeling woe is me LOL.

This LO is based on a class from the Design Collective by Karen Leahy, Fiona Beckham, Ali McGovern, Jane Dean and Debbie Nicholas to use multiple photo's. Photo's were taken last month of Ben marching up and down in his Grandad's slippers. Had to change the photo's to B/W as Ben's top and my kitchen clashed so bad, then brought back some colour to his face and jumper. Used scenic route paper, hand cut the frame and arrow, covered the chipboard G & S in paper and finished off with american thickers for title and a few brads. Oh and my new 7 gypsy stamp which finally arrived!!!!

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