Thursday, 13 March 2008

Yet more toofy peg horrors!

Poor Sandy woo is in the wars, had to have a GA yesterday to have a piece of tooth root extracted from her gum, it was from her last lots of extractions over a year ago. Apparently they usually just push out or the body absorbs the fragments but this became infected! and she had another 4 teeth out on the left side and had to have her gums stitched up. Poor little thing was awful last night and for the first time since she came here nearly 4 years she cried. Just heart breaking.

Lucky is busy chewing grass for England today and has refused food all day so not like her and me, well I've had a rotten week with the AB's making me really ill. Finished them yesterday but not convinced my infection has gone either.

Managed this LO today not one of my best but I was very distracted.

and yes I did hand stitch all around the edges took for ever! LOL

It's all about how Ben loves to sit and the stool and plays with his police cars, as I pass each one to him i count, he repeats one, two ??? then looks up with a wry smile and instead of three four goes back to one two. I'm convinced he's doing it on purpose now LOL.

Crop on Saturday so hope I'm feeling better by then.

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