Monday, 3 March 2008

What a surprise

My Mother's Day started off with a beautiful pink china mug with Mum on it from Vikki with the biggest card I've ever received and a handmade card from Ben after I'd opened my goodies Eric asked what my plans for the day were, so I explained I was going over to see Mum and Dad and meeting up with Vikki and Ben,then just chilling out. So he said don't worry about tea Marc has invited us around and is going to cook you a Mother's Day meal, lovely I thought. So at 5.45pm I brushed my hair slapped on a bit of make up and announce I was ready, bit surprised Eric had got changed and picked up the camera, bit more surprised when he said he needed to take a detour to look at something in Needham market. So when he turned up this tiny lane I thought what is he doing (stupid man) then he parked the car behind The limes hotel and got out, so finally the penny dropped and I thought SH*T I can't go in there dressed in my tatty jeans but it got worse when I walked in Mum and Dad, Vikki and Ben and Marc all sat there with huge grins on their faces of course they were all dressed up LOL.

Anyway had a fantastic time despite looking so scruffy but as we had a room to ourselves it didn't really matter. Ben was on top form and was really good.

What a lovely way to spend Mother's day with all my family.

Mum loved her littl mini book I made with my BIA of all her grandchildren and as I was leaving I made the mistake of saying to Ben I'm going home now to see Grandad so of course he had to come back and have lunch as well to see his Grandad.

Best Mother's Day I've had ever !!!!


Jane said...

Glad you had such a good time Sue, it's nice to be spoilt!!

Karen said...

What a lovely surprise, you all look like you're having a fabulous time. :D