Friday, 27 February 2009

First page of an album I'm starting all about Vikki. It's the class kit designed by Vanessa for Otley crop with a few touches of my own.

Photo opens out to reveal some hidden journaling about the birth and how I felt.

The girls from Bramford crop kindly invited Dawn and I to join them in April on a trip to Ally Pally but unfortunately Dawn has something arranged so we can't go but hope to go with them in September. I've never been to any of the big craft shows and would love to go. Will have to make do with the Craft Extravaganza in Needham next weekend.

No further progress on the hen front !!!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

At last

the weather turned mild and the sun came out on Saturday and the hounds all made the most of it with some long overdue sunbathing! I was at Otley crop so Eric took photo's for me to see them all lounging around outside.

I've decided to start some new projects this year. I will as always do a yearly album of things that we do etc in 2009 and continue with the hounds and Ben's albums but have decided to do an album each of the kids and a book of me.

So here is my first layout for my album. The paper came from a kit from Ang and I cut it to make a frame which I mounted on foam but from there went off on my own tangent.


I think I've made progress as I spotted on Eric's PC screen plans for a hen house hehehe, so I said shall I email the Little Hen Rescue site well you've got to try haven't you anyway Eric said to wait until he had time to make the hen house! definite progress though.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Where the heck

Did this week go?

The weeks are just rushing by and I never seem to accomplish half of what I set out to do LOL.

Sunday I actually drove my car to Ipswich to see Vikki's new house and pop in on Mum and Dad, it felt so good to get out on my own again. Eric has put a knob on the steering wheel which means I can drive using just my right hand but to be honest that is pretty bad as well at the moment. I worry about not being able to craft as the hands are getting pretty bad now, perhaps I'll have to take up digi scrapping LOL.

Monday night Dawn and I went out to a Stampin up party hosted by Ang, Tuesday I went to see Dawn's little grandson and Wednesday had my hair trimmed, that has to be a record for me going out on 4 consecutive days, I could easily become a hermit.

Do I have any hens yet NO !!!! but I think I'm wearing him down.

Dawn and I scrapped yesterday and whilst Dawn created a beautiful layout I didn't LOL just couldn't get this to work. Have faffed around with it for ages and this is about as good as it's going to get. How disappointing when you have such high hopes and they don't come to be. The photo is my Dad celebrating his 7oth Birthday and I've used Boxer papers from Basic Grey.

The hounds have actually been outside this morning sunbathing!!!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

My halo is going to strangle me

because today I've made two cards, bread, two Irish tea loaves and a well hard sponge cake okay it was supposed to be light and fluffy but it isn't LOL. And I've done some paperwork and filed 2008 receipts (shoved them in a cupboard), now I'm way too tired to worry about the kitchen I've trashed or the house the dogs have trashed whilst I was busy. Actually the Piggy's no scrub that I mean the girlie's stayed in the kitchen hoping for fallout whilst the boys trashed the house LOL.

Had a lovely day scrapping with Dawn yesterday and did this class kit from Bramford crop that Ang designed. I love her kits always so beautiful and yet she leaves room for us to add our own touches.

Photo is of Vikki, Ben and Matthew. Matthew is the new man in Vikki's life and is such a lovely man, wonderfully good to Vikki and fantastic with Ben.

Oh and I made Eric's favourite for tea Mushroom and chickpea pie, not that I'm trying to win brownie points for any reason no siree I'm not that shallow and it has nothing to do with some battery hens I want to rescue no siree.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bad light

Well that's my excuse for not taking a photo of this layout sooner. I did it at crop on Saturday but it was heavily prepared before hand as it's a well known fact I don't get much done in between chatting, munching and stash shopping LOL.

Photo's are of Ben's 3rd birthday and I've used papers from Prima Marketing Dude collection. I'm actually quite pleased with it.

Anyway this is a short and sweet post as my PC is playing up and driving me nuts.

My layout for the sketch collection in SI mag is finish and has been accepted just have to post it off tomorrow. Eric asked if I was excited but in truth it's more relieved that it's done and dusted.

Friday, 6 February 2009

More snow!

What a week we're having, started snowing again this morning and despite it being so water logged everywhere actually laid.

9.30am this morning

Dawn and I scrapped yesterday and I did this layout of Gangley and Alfie Bear all snuggled up, don't they look angelic BUT don't be fooled they spend all day chasing and play fighting with each other and eventually burn themselves out and snuggle up. I've used Basic Grey sugared papers that I got half prise and the heart is cut out of acetate and stamped which has made it look quite lacy.

I've just packed my bags ready for crop at Bramford tomorrow and have actually prepared a layout. If I don't have something half sorted I spend ages chatting then stash browsing and before you know it it's lunchtime and I haven't started anything LOL.

I'm trying to have a tidy up on my desk as I've had the email from Shimelle with the details of the sketch challenge. Needless to say my mind has gone completely blank and it has to be done by the 16th Feb, I'm beginning to question my sanity in saying I'll do it as I hate following other people's sketches LOL. So I'm trying not to panic and hope a clear and tidy desk will open the floodgate's TO SOME INSPIRATION lol.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The day after all the snow

The stampin up party was cancelled last night but the heavy snow forecast for late afternoon actually arrived as sleet, so now most of the snow has gone and what remains is frozen solid and the paths are very very icy. Camera batteries finally finished charging up last night, although Mr T did inform me I could have used them at any time arrgh! so I've taken a photo of the day after all the snow LOL.

Finally got round to finishing this layout off yesterday. It's a kit from Otley crop by Vanessa. I've decided that this year I really have to make an effort to scan all my pre digital photo's and start using them. This photo isn't great but is a whole lot better than the original LOL.

Alfie loved the snow yesterday and spent most of the day out playing in it, just coming in to dry off for a few minutes, Gangley quite likes it as well but gets cold very quickly. The greyhounds are not amused at all but Lucky did venture out and have a little play with Alfie. Sandy declined her early morning walk for the 2nd morning running, she really struggles to walk over the icy ground and it hurts her paws so she stayed indoors snuggled up indoors. Smart dog!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Blog candy

Take a look at this gorgeous blog and be in with a chance to win some beautiful blog candy.

We have woke up to 2-3 inches of snow this morning with heavier snow forecast this afternoon. Dawn and I are supposed to be going to a Stampin up party tonight in Ipswich so hoping it doesn't get too bad.

Alfie has been in the garden playing around, he loves the snow unlike the greyhounds who just say no siree not for us, so thinking there was some potential scrapping shots I ventured outside with my camera only to discover the batteries have died. Hope they charge up before the snow disappears!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tag you're it week 43

So Carol has persuaded me to take part in this weeks challenge over on Tag you're it. Michele from Purple Onion Stamps has set the challenge and kindly donated a set of beautiful stamps to the lucky winner.

I have to say these girls are very talented and my entry is very basic in comparison LOL so here it is

I enjoyed making it and ended up making several, so now I have a batch of cards and tags made up for future use. What have you started me on Carol LOL.